“In Cold Blood” Set

"In Cold Blood" Set

“In Cold Blood” Set

“In Cold Blood” Set

Class: Death Knight

H: Not shown | S: Coldrock Pauldrons | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Chestplate of Titanic Fury | Wa: Veteran’s Plate Belt | L: Deadly Gladiator’s Dreadplate Legguards
G: Warlord’s Iron-Gauntlets |Wr: Not shown | B: Halgrind Greaves


Thoughts: In addition to goblin ears making DK helmets much less intimidating, I often have yet another problem with mogging where Mech is concerned.  She’s got weapon attachment disorder.  It makes it really hard to figure out what instrument of death I am mogging, and in turn where the hell I am going for that one darn piece of gear.  Being the practical sort, Mech never really forms a bond to any particular brain basher or stomach slicer.  She picks up whatever is an improvement for her current spec, and she actually switches between her two specs on a fairly regular basis (unlike, say, Ailabeth, who is SHADOW FOREVERRRR).  For Unholy, one two-handed anything works, for Frost, it’s two one-handed anythings.  So what is she wielding today?  Is it an axe?  Is it a mace?  Is it a sword?  What if Mech has one sword and one axe one day, but winds up with two swords the next?  What if she changes her mind and gets two axes after that?  But what if she goes Unholy and switches back to two-handers!?  WHAT AM I MOGGING!?  So I just skipped looking for weapons for this set and grabbed something from the AH, because my brain hurts.

Confession: Because I was friendly with the tank, I forced a party to run Temple of the Jade Serpent six or seven times in a row for a pair of boots I wound up not using because the gray was just a shade too dark.  DERP.


Gasp! WTF!

Mech had a unique issue for about a week while I was finishing this up.  She was constantly afflicted with that “poof” cloud you get when you are using Zen Flight or during that one second when someone casts Levitate on you.  The GM response to my ticket recommended doing a full UI reset, which involved moving my addons elsewhere so they wouldn’t be deleted, clearing out the wonderfully named WTF folder and doing one other thing which I have already forgotten.  Given the level of pain-in-the-assness of the possible solution compared to the level of pain-in-the-assness of the problem, I decided to let Mech be like that dirty, dusty kid from Peanuts.

Maybe No One Will NoticeIt's not THAT obnoxious.  Right?  Right?  Right.

Maybe No One Will Notice
It’s not THAT obnoxious. Right? Right? Right.

I tried other things, to be sure.  I changed her armurz, but the poofy cloud remained.  I asked someone to re-Levitate me hoping that would reset the effect somehow, but the poofy cloud remained.  I quested and took damage (because damage totally stops you from Levitating, right?), but the poofy cloud remained.  I went on an Ulduar 10-man raid and facerolled everywhere, but the poofy cloud remained.  Later, when I was questing in Kun-Lai and staring at the Sha of Anger, I had an idea.  There was one thing I had not done since the poofy cloud problem started – Mech hadn’t died.  Oh, she’d come close, sure, but with Death Strike and Death Siphon (and a little bit of luck with my Rune of the Fallen Crusader, no doubt), she stayed standing.

There's Only One Way to End ThisAnd that's in a blaze of useless glory that no one else will see.

There’s Only One Way to End This
And that’s in a blaze of useless glory that no one else will see.

Mech charged in, got one attack off and died almost instantly.  I’m not sure if it was actually the Sha – the angry monkeys might’ve gotten her first, since there were quite a few Hozen about and she ran like hell through them all.  Upon retrieving her broken and badly mauled corpse, she discovered that at last, the poofy cloud was gone!  So as it turns out, death IS the ultimate solution.  Well, for poofy cloud problems, anyway.

As a side note, I’m pretty sure the Sha of Anger would be less angry if he started hanging out in better places.  He chills with Hozen or by the Yak Wash nine times out of ten.  Much as I think the yaks are adorable, I’d probably get pissed off too after awhile.

12 thoughts on ““In Cold Blood” Set

  1. Leit

    Oh gods, never play a Fury warrior. “Am I mogging one handed somethings? Two handed somethings? Maybe a single two-hander and go Arms? Oh god why can’t I just get weapons that match bluuuuuuuuh~”

    That’s a really nice chestpiece. Also wouldn’t worry about not being able to mog helms properly, gobbos end up looking like they’re in Morph Ball mode with most helms.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Oh Gawd, Esplodine (formerly known as Thingie) is a Fury Warrior. 😀 In her case I am somewhat helped by two factors: 1.) You get Titan’s Grip now at 38, so why bother with one handers, and 2.) her alt spec is still Protection, which I never use any more since I quit warrior tanking somewhere in the level 20s/30s.

      I almost never mog plate helms, partially because of the ear thing but also because goblins have some of the cutest freaking hairstyles in the game.

      I love the spine detail on the back of the chest piece.

      1. Leit

        Bother with 1-handers because they look cool and you’re only rolling against two less-common tank specs and the frostlol dks for them. As opposed to rolling against the most popular tank spec and every single plate dps spec for 2h.

        Yeah, the detail work looks great. Personally I almost never get to see what my chests look like apart from the arms or necks… tabard fetishist ahoy! (or maybe it’s just that the pants on belves look painfully tight in the crotchal area.)

        1. Prinnie Dood Post author

          Bah!! Just when I had justified needing on 2 handers only to save my bank some space, you come up and ruin all my logic.

          I for one don’t mind blood elf men in super tight pants, but I also believe that (if stripped down) they’d make a satisfactory incubus. So maybe you oughta get one of those plate skirts.

            1. Leit

              …had to google jeggings. Ew.

              I play pallies! Lots of plate skirts. Thank heaven for ‘mog. A belf in a skirt just looks too much like an upended Lindt box.

  2. Beetlezombie

    You had a permanent fluffy cloud and you didn’t like it? I’d pay a million (feathers) for that any day. Or I can just recast it every time on myself, but that’s besides the point.

    Pft some people have all the luck

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      It WAS awesome … at first.

      But then I started feeling self conscious about it, and also possibly crazy. Was I the only one who could see it? Did it really exist? Was my raid staring at me? What if they thought OMG HAXXORS or something?

      I thought I could take it. But THEN I wanted to take transmog pictures, but you couldn’t see my frigging bottom half because of the poofy cloud. That was the point at which I broke down and wanted the poofy cloud to go away.

  3. Geeni

    I had a similar problem! I was stuck aiming an invisible gun for DAYS….on a druid, who can’t even *equip* guns! Casting, sitting, mounting, shapeshifting, hearthing, taking a taxi, nothing fixed it. (Yes, my boomkin looked ridiculous Wrathing while squinting through her green leafy hands. And no, bat form apparently does not have an “aim” animation.)

    Finally I got annoyed by it, and happily my GM *did* suggest dying. Clearing your full settings, /shudder.


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