Fiyah is Powah (And That’s the Prinnie Destro Way)

I haven’t had much success in getting a warlock off the ground, though I’ve tried three or four times so far, and Ebixxie was following the same old trend.  She just wasn’t getting very far in my latest attempt.  For Gawd’s sake, I couldn’t even get up the momentum to hit level 10!

Maybe I’m just not evil?  Perhaps my subconscious fear of fire poses a problem?  Actually, much as I love my goblins and their warped sense of humor, I’m just really sick of Kezan and the Lost Isles.  Yeah, insurance fraud and pirate party crashers and plenty of rockets are all well and good, but hot damn, how I’d love to leave that zone behind before level 11/12, 100+ quests and a couple of achieves.

Also, how I’d love to transmog that Voidheart Robe.  CURSES.

So, I determined that my next go at warlockery must meet the following conditions:

  • Must not start on a freaking island.
  • Must be taller than my minion.
  • Must be able to transmog shoes.
  • Can’t be a blood elf.
A Warlock Who WinsBefore ...

A Warlock Who Wins
Before …

And the result is Ogahla the Orc.  I was expecting her to fail hard too, which is partially why she is named after the Ogallala Aquifer.  I wanted something orc-ish and yet rather ironic because her chances of actually seeing the day where she picked a spec seemed slim.  If warlocks get fire, then isn’t naming her after water funny?  No?  Oh.  Well, too late now.

So far, I’m setting all this sheeyit on fire.

Those tree hugging night elf hippie ecoterrorists in Azshara?  On fire.  Lord Godfrey?  He annoys me, so he’s on fire.  That bunny rabbit?  On fire.  Mmm, rabbit.

I’m told that minions definitely grow in proportion as one levels.  Otherwise, they’ll be on fire too.  Well, except for Hathgron, the booberry Voidwalker.  Hathie, as he is called, does his job damn well even if he is a cranky sonuvagun who doesn’t seem much pleased to be anywhere he actually is.  Maybe he’s earned his crankiness, though.  I start casting FIYAH at my maximum 40 yard range, making the poor thing hoof it all the way over to the mob, even though he doesn’t have any feet.

Warlock vs. Mage?  So far, I feel more survivable than I do as a mage (GO FORTH MY MINION, AND SLAP THAT THING), so despite being a clothie, I’m fairly independent.  Yeah sure, Centina’s got a water elemental when she’s in Frost mode, but that guy’s not really DESIGNED to act as a tank.  He’s more pew pew pew to add to the pew pew pew for MOAR PEW PEW PEW.  The one issue I have is my single AoE at the moment (Rain of Fire).  That thing is STUPID EXPENSIVE.  I have about 800 mana.  It costs 200+ to cast and then another 100+ to keep going every second thereafter.  It’s like, I cast, then I blink and I’m outta mana.  SIGH.  What can a girl do when she needs more fire from the sky?

Warlock vs. Shadow Priest?  Maybe people compare warlocks and shadow priests together because they are both EBIL and both can fear crap, cast DoT spells and so on, but to me, they’re definitely a Ye Olde Apples and Oranges sort of thing.  My modus operandi with Ailabeth is to shield myself if necessary and then melt minds with my purple laser beams, preferably while cackling with glee.  Ogahla just sets crap on fire.  In my world, melting minds does not equal setting crap on fire.  They are both FUN – but they are not the same.

Since she’s now safely past the goblin starting zone levels, I’m debating race changing her … but first, I must come up with a great name.  Actually, hold on.

You Didn'tOh yes.  Yes I did.

You Didn’t
Oh yes. Yes I did.

A Warlock Who Wins (At Being Shorter)And after.  Ok, so the first shot was much "cooler."  I'm not going to Shadowfang Keep at 6 a.m. just for another version of it!

A Warlock Who Wins (At Being Shorter)
… and after. Ok, so the first shot was much “cooler,”  but I’m not going to Shadowfang Keep at 6 a.m. just for another version of it!

Ignitine!  That’s better.


10 thoughts on “Fiyah is Powah (And That’s the Prinnie Destro Way)

  1. Beetlezombie

    Yay for Warlocks, the big brothers of Shadow Priests. Oh right apples oranges … :p

    Why didn’t you roll on EU Ghostlands 😦 I’ve got an Orc Warlock waiting to gain some levels. I find them a bit slowish at the early level stage. Tried to level 2 locks in the old days, never got past 30 … my lack of perseverance is disturbing ….

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      The shadow priest enjoys mind control and manipulation. The warlock is much more direct and just sets the brain on fire. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

      I could ask you the same thing! Why won’t you roll on US WRA? 😛

          1. Beetlezombie

            So a Manipulative Misery Inducing Priest eh? Sounds way better than just Shadow Priest, that’s for sure 🙂

            “What class do you play?”
            “Oh I play a M.M.I.P”

      1. Prinnie Dood Post author

        For me, it’s shamans. They get to 50 or so and then hang there indefinitely … it’s where Majig got deleted in a fit of totem rage, and where Mechbeth is semi-permanently stuck.

        We’ll see if warlockery gets me past that 50s barrier.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Unless you’re actually some sort of mage natural, they are just so damn squishy. I suck at playing a mage, because I wanna stand in one spot and nuke things in the face, dammit. That’s why Centina is a delicate flower who never levels alone.


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