Daschela’s Just Confused

Help Me Help You
So Daschela did some lowbie LFD runs as a healer, which proved to be a thoroughly confusing experience.  The first few parties were neither here nor there, and had a mostly run of the mill, “Hey hunter, here’s how to turn off your pet’s taunt” type feeling to them.  Unfortunately, Daschela then leveled up enough to enter Scarlet Monastery.  The new Scarlet Monastery is a dog-eat-dog-and-Scarlet-and-player world for a nooblet heals, especially if you zone in to a party that’s already started where the previous healer, for reasons unknown (though soon to become clear), jumped ship.

I’m sure you are familiar with that part where you grab an enormous archery target and proceed to run towards a huge pack of archers, led by what is arguably a miniboss/midboss/guy who failed to get promoted.  One must avoid the ever present threat of dying in a fire until you get within a certain range, whereupon you are swarmed and must down ’em all.  Well, that didn’t go so well for Daschela.

Folks couldn’t avoid the fire.  That happens, and Daschela had to toss off a few heals to keep said folks up.  That also happens, but the archers got pissed off at Daschela for doing that, and they swarmed her instead of the tank.  This happens too sometimes, and Daschela’s kind of squishy, so she had to spamheal herself while running after the tank.  Simultaneously, the rogue’s health started dropping FAST.  Wait, why the hell is Daschela running after the tank?

I’m cool with meeting in the middle, but the paladerp seemed to be content to stay on the far side of the field where we had started, ignoring poor Daschela’s seesawing HP.  Unfortunately, the moment spent trying to keep the rogue alive was a moment spent not keeping herself alive, and Daschela went down.  The inevitable wipe then occurred, and recriminations passed around.  The paladerp’s logic in running away and not pulling mobs off the healer was something like this: since he wasn’t getting any heals, he decided to pull some of the packs away.  To what?  For what?  Why not pull away some of the mobs tearing Daschela a new one?  The world will never know.

Help Me Help YouWhen people say pull the mobs away from the healer, they generally don't mean it like that.

Help Me Help You
When people say pull the mobs away from the healer, they generally don’t mean it like that.

Dear paladerp: ignoring the fact that you can heal yourself and others in times of necessity but apparently chose not to, let’s strike a bargain here – pull the crap off me and I’ll heal you.  Deal?   As you can see, another night elf DPS apparently had had it long before with the tank, but rather than initiating a vote kick, he decided to yell in all caps at him for awhile.  This is, of course, because tanks are hard to come by in comparison to everybody else.

Daschela felt really bad for the poor night elf rogue in the party, who kept dropping like a fly despite Daschela’s best attempts to keep her up.  She felt less bad about the tank, who died again when he pulled everything in the last room before the final boss (and then accused her of attacking and therefore shirking her healing duties, even though she only casts Moonfire or Faerie Fire which are kind of obvious and instant, and only when things are going well enough for her to select something other than the tank, which they weren’t).

“Maybe this is it for me,” Daschela thought.  “Perhaps I have reached the pinnacle of my healination skills.”  So she joined the next party as DPS.  Eff that healing business!  Apparently she can’t keep up anyway.

Or Can She?

Then, as luck would have it, the tank, the healer and one additional DPS wanted to continue and complete the rest of the Maraudon joint after killing Lord Vyletongue.  It seemed, however, that the healer and one of the deeps had underestimated just how dang long the place actually is, and so they disappeared after a few minutes.  Daschela, resisting the instinct to /facepalm, offered to heal while simultanteously apologizing ahead of time for the fail she felt would almost certainly happen.

A mage, a druid and a warrior walk into a bar ...

A mage, a druid and a warrior walk into a bar …

One underleveled warrior, one mage, and one seriously baffled druid then proceeded to three-man All Teh Things, including the bosses – with NO deaths.  None.  We lived through it all.  While Daschela’s got int leather heirlooms up the wazoo, the tank and sole DPS most certainly did not have heirlooms of any type.  Yet despite that, there were only a couple of hairy moments where things got a little scary.

If I suck at healing as much as the Scarlet Monastery fiasco led me to believe – how the hell did we live?


Dual Spec Personality
Having achieved level 30 and a dual spec, my summary of Boomkin is: OH MY GOD WHAT THE HENRY CLAY FRICK AM I DOING JEEBUS CRIPES!

First off, as a druid, I already feel like I have too many toolbars.  So then you add eclipses.  One general “Eclipse” category would’ve been good enough for me, but oh no – we’re BALANCE, right?  So we gotta have lunar AND solar sheeyit!  First the scale goes one way!  Then the scale goes the other!  What the hale am I doing?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  Apparently I gotta work it up one way or the other to get to shiny ignition and we have liftoff, but all I wanted to do was go pew pew pew!

NEED MOAR PEW PEW PEW, less shiny interface moon/sun thingies popping up on my screen kthx.

Pew Pew Pew

9 thoughts on “Daschela’s Just Confused

  1. Leit

    Here’s the trick… the guys who want to go on to further parts of the dungeon are generally a) experienced and b) playing because they enjoy it. That paladink was likely just playing a tank to say “oh but i tank this and its easy” to the poor bastards in LFG, and doesn’t even know what active mitigation *means*.

    That said, certain dungeons are just harder. Have fun in Stratholme.

  2. Lorelei

    I love to heal, but if you’re unlucky and end up with a tank who doesn’t know what s/he is doing healing can be a real pain in the behind. Same goes for when you get DPS who insist on standing in stuff and getting tons of dmg.

    Best way around “problem tanks” is to find your self friend who’s a good tank and likes to do instances with you. If I didn’t have my pocket tank I’d go crazy.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Alas, though my one friend plays a Prot Warrior, he’s level 90 and Horde. I’ll just have to get used to bad tanks, or get lucky and make a random friend.

      While my other friend Fel likes to tank, his Alliance alt is a mage, and a magetank is not quite what Daschela’s looking for. She’s looking for somebody a bit … sturdier.

  3. Beetlezombie

    Great story 🙂 Loved reading it.

    Don’t let the wannabee tanks get you down, although you need a very very thick skin to deal with it.

    I’ve been healing for what seems like forever, and I have a pretty good knowledge of all the dungeons (but don’t ask thing like my own phone number, I actually have to hurt my brain to come up with it), so I know when there is big healz necessary etc.

    As a rule, and you really have to do this, is NOT feel responsible when a DPS dies. Heck, sometimes you don’t even have to feel responsible when the tanks dies. Most LFD tanks these days don’t even use tank cooldowns like Leit said.

    A healers job is not to heal people standing in da bad stuff, once okay, twice perhaps if I’m in a good mood. But three strikes and by god you better have some bandages in your bags.

    Scripted events like Scarlet Mon. are a great way to see if people have a clue or not.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author


      I don’t think the night elf rogue was standing in a lot of bad – maybe she was attacking the wrong mob, and Mr. Protank didn’t know or care to get aggro back? It just seemed like every time I turned around, she was dead on the floor somehow.

  4. Beetlezombie

    And a little addendum on my last sentence … that is not intended to be a prima-donna jerk in the group.

    I had a pleasant convo the other day in a random LFD (I do it daily for the valor). The Rogue whispered me saying ‘Sorry if I die a lot but this is my first time here and I’m not really sure what to do and what not’.

    That was a pleasant surprise. So I healed that dude (dudette?) like a pro. He never died once. Granted he took a lot of avoidable damage, but it was nice to actually see someone take personal responsibility and whisper me in advance saying he was new and it was all very intimidating.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Haven’t met a person like that yet, but with 50 some levels left to go before maxxing out, it’s only a matter of time.

      You know what I should do? I should totally make some macros. I will have to think on this, because part of me wants to be clever and another wants to make one that’s pretty straightforward, like, “BAD BAD BAD BAD YOU’RE STANDING IN BAD BAD OMG WTF BAD MOVE OUT OF THE BAD”

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