W(hy)TF is This So Easy!?

Or, “In Which Therm takes on the Sha of Fear (and Doesn’t Die Horribly),” or, “That One LFR Where Thermalix Didn’t Die Once.  Yay!”

Lemme Line Up My Shot HereI'm sad you can only punt him once.

Lemme Line Up My Shot Here
I’m sad you can only punt him once.

In my limited experience thus far, Mogushan Vaults was full of death because of trolls.  The Dread Advance Approach was full of death because OMGWTF BUGS WITH TORNADOS.  So when I finally got up to the Terrace of Endless Spring, I was ready to get ground into the dirt because this sheeyit just does not go well for me but I never learn.

Imagine my surprise when not only did nothing bad happen, but the dang place turned out to be easy.  There was no going into the spirit realm to kill random invisible dancing trolls because it seemed like the thing to do, no bad blobs of bug poison to avoid while running around in circles trying to find out which end is the front end of Garalon and which damn leg are we shooting now, no exploding amber monstrosities (or turning into a gooey puddle of will-challenged amber), and DEFINITELY no fancypants avoid-the-tornados-or-die mechanic.

In fact, what to do was pretty obvious.  The only thing that was confusing was when the water spirit would hide until we went away, which we never did, but she’d come back to get busted up more anyway.  Am I supposed to try to shoot things when the spirit hides?  Or not get hit by something (which means I must be doing something right because I didn’t)?  I guess I’ll just run around aimlessly until it shows up again.

I Don't Have A Good Shot of the FightBut I got this.

I Don’t Have A Good Shot of the Fight
But I got this.

I did have my derp moments, such as when the water spirit pushes you back.  I thought I had wedged myself pretty firmly into some piece of decorative architecture, but alas, I went over the waterfall and had to swim back around.  (Good thing I wasn’t the only one, meaning I had somebody to follow.  My sense of direction can be extremely poor.)

Anyway, let’s talk about the Sha of Fear.

I Like That PlanSeems doable.

I Like That Plan
Seems doable.

Why does he get to be all red and stuff when all the rest are just black and white?  And, as the pinnacle boss of this joint, shouldn’t he be all SUPER TOUGH OH MY GAWD?  The worst thing he did to me was Fear me, ohnoes.  I did get teleported away once and had to shoot a Golden Lotus panda to get back, but that wasn’t bad either.  (Actually, TELEPORT ME AGAIN!   I wanna do that part some more!)

Efficiency is an AdvantageOk, so this wasn't really true in the end.  But I like to believe it is.

Efficiency is an Advantage
Ok, so this wasn’t really true in the end. But I like to believe it is.

Shoot the Sha, kill the adds, run back if you get feared or kill the panda if you get teleported away.  I was expecting TERROR and UNSPEAKABLE DARKNESS, but the place was pretty and the guy himself just didn’t deliver.  There wasn’t anything like getting dumped off Deathwing’s back.  No losing your sanity and killing all your teammates a la Yogg-Saron, even.  If this guy is the Sha of Fear, he’s like the Sha of little fears, such as that hesitant feeling you get when you’re descending a slippery staircase in the dark while wearing socks.  It was so easy … I clearly am doing something wrong.

Now that I think about it, though, he’s probably got some better, cooler move in regular or Heroic mode.  This makes me think maybe I should just stick to LFR.  I like NOT wiping ninety million times.

Now There's Nothing To FearExcept normal mode.  That scares the sheeyit outta me.

Now There’s Nothing To Fear
Except normal mode. That scares the sheeyit outta me.

I was shocked to actually get a hat token.  Unfortunately, because I was automatically assuming “oh good, 28g again,” I had reflexively rolled with my last Charm of Good Fortune before I realized I got the hat token, and I amazingly landed … another hat token.  Should you do the same, it vendors for 50g!



This brings me to my thoughts on the Yuangol Slayer set, which is what we huntards get to wear as the epic outfit of hunterness for this expansion.  I get why people like skulls as images – death is powerful and to take on its characteristics can make you badass.  Horns are cool too – they offer potent, animalistic energy.

But Gawd, do I look like a moron in both.

UrghIf I met me in a dark alley while I was wearing this hat, I'd have a heart attack and die.

If I met me in a dark alley while I was wearing this hat, I’d have a heart attack and die.


8 thoughts on “W(hy)TF is This So Easy!?

    1. Leit

      Anticlimax bosses seem to be the thing for Blizz this cycle. Last night we got Elegon norm down after weeks of being stuck on him… and then beat Will of the Emperor in three pulls. Dafuq.

      Helms being half the character model is… bluuuuh why

      If you get feared on Sha then you’re not standing in the conveniently hilighted “DPS stand here” wedge of the platform. As melee I spend that fight running out to kill the adds and then madly dashing in to avoid breaths. Lots more fun.

      Hate that water elemental fight. Hate hate hate hate. When the boss hides you’re supposed to spam AoE and look for the splashes that the invisible boss makes, then spam AoE wherever the splashes are. After being hit enough times the boss reappears. As a ret pally, I have exactly zero spammable nontargettable AoEs, and of the two nonspammable nontargetted AoEs I do have, one requires 3 holy power per use and the other is a talent that’s a DPS loss on any single target fight. And also less satisfying than Execution Sentence.

      Your tanks probably knew what they were doing. The only wipes I’ve ever seen in Terrace were on Lei Shi and happened because the tanks didn’t realise they had to switch after X stacks of Spray, didn’t realise that Spray is an AoE cone and faced it into the raid, or mistimed the taunt on Protectors so the active tank got stacked to 1-shot before the shield went down. That last one happens often and repeatedly.

      1. Prinnie Dood Post author

        I may or may not have been a bit too busy trying to take screenshots where it looked like I was standing under the fear gas/breath/stuff in order to prove how short I am.

        It’s a little too late now, but I’d like to thank the tanks for not exposing me to death and dismemberment. 😀

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author


      Maybe all he really wanted to do was be a milliner. But he never could get over his fear of making ugly hats, so he turned to manipulating bugs and killing people instead.

      Unfortunately, he still makes ugly hats.


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