Looking For Reallyquietpeople

We Don't Need a VolunteerThey totally ignored me, so I decided not to do it.

We Don’t Need a Volunteer
They totally ignored me, so I decided not to do it.

Having now been through all the different pieces of Pandaland raids, I think there shouldn’t be a set order in which to progress through them.  Fools and smartasses alike should be randomly deposited in a raid that is not a prereq for others.  The way things stand, there’s an inverse relationship between how sucky and hard the raid SHOULD be and where it stands in the order of things.  The beginning ones like Mogushan turn out to be far more of a pain in the ass than they really ought to be because all the folks who haven’t done this before and/or who are derping hard that day wind up mixing with all the folks who are trying to be smart on the internet and/or are cranky because GAWD THERE IS TOO MUCH DERP HERE.  In addition, its highly likely a Mogushan Vaults group will land an extra troll or two since there’s only a gear requirement.

It’s this combination of people, really, who make 28g such an utterly insufficient reward.  If I could magically do LFR alone, 28g per boss would be great.  But when I get all mah buddies from the internetz together, a guaranteed 28g that buys me nothing I want/need with a little itty bitty once a week chance at the gear drop I want/need is like scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of motivators.

I have a theory (which has probably been put forth before by many other people) that LFR’s stinkiness is composed of the toxic interactions between two major groups.  Perhaps evening out the balance between them will improve the LFR experience.

The People Who Are a “Certain Kind of Special”
Yes, there are the people who always die, and usually to something stupid and/or avoidable.  But remember, without derp, we’d have a hard time judging what competence is!  Individually, these souls aren’t a problem, but if you get enough momentum in idiocy, everybody gets swept up in it.  These guys may never talk and they might get locked out because they aren’t paying attention, but that’s probably for the best.*

Centina is Both Special and SuperiorAnd also not in a raid, but that's beside the point.

Centina is Both Special and Superior
And also not in a raid, but that’s beside the point.

The People Who Are Smart on the Internetz
At least one half to four fifths of the raid (read: nearly all DPS and some healers, probably because the tanks are too busy to type) will be composed of people who believe themselves to be a Better Player than the above mentioned sort.  They are anything but a noob and have played since Vanilla and @%$# you &^$*# learn how to play your class.  The issue here is how they see all everybody else did wrong while simultaneously feeling compelled (for whatever reason) to lol at the wrongdoer(s) in raid chat.  There’s some sort of reward for being exceptionally sarcastic and witty as they insinuate or tell everybody outright just how bad the poor noob fails.  Unfortunately, this bunch never quite achieves the height of brilliance they believe themselves to possess.

Since Team Special is, invariably, going to do something stupid (Ben Franklin said something like the only certain things in life are death and taxes, but he forgot stupid), Team LOLZUNOOB will have ample opportunity to show off their superiority and cutting sense of humor.  It’s just that they’re using dull knives, and oh my GAWD raid chat kills me because of it.  Sometimes it takes a surprising amount of willpower to ignore it all instead of shouting, YES.  THE IDIOTS ARE DUMB.  YOU ARE NOT!  YAY FOR YOU!  ALSO, WHILE WE’RE ON THE TOPIC, THE SKY IS BLUE, GRAVITY WORKS AND SNOT COMES OUT OF NOSES.

I hate to ignore all the things ever because sometimes people do say useful bits of information, and sometimes you run into people who are awesome.  How will you know that they’re awesome if you’re ignoring them?  But in choosing to pay attention to everybody, 28g becomes a pittance, and the repair bill makes it even less than that!

I suppose my solution would force Team LOLZUNOOB to suffer more in the long run, but this may not be a bad thing.  You see, I hope that they will eventually become so bitter and jaded, they either hush up or post on the forums in a tizzy fit and quit like people care.  Everybody’s a winner then!  Team Special can continue being special, because that’s never going to change, while Team LOLZUNOOB can go play something else they find more rewarding and I can not have to /facepalm.

* Not mentioned here but certainly not forgotten: the person with the macro that seems clever or meaningful until it’s repeated ninety million times.


5 thoughts on “Looking For Reallyquietpeople

  1. felenvy

    My first Mogu’shan was a mental scarring o_o

    I’m sure there are a good bunch in every raid who want to make the best of it and maybe have a good time together but unfortunately they’re usually shutout by the vast majority who do not care at all about being social and just want to get the fights over with :/

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I have a suspicion that there are lots of folks who aren’t intentionally dumb, but show up without DBM, as they make the assumption that they should be able to pick up the mechanics without having an addon tell them when something’s going to happen. The inevitability of death for this group runs face-first into the goals of those who just want to get this sheeyit over with.

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  3. Leit

    Would’ve gone with Einstein rather than Franklin; “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I think Mr. Franklin popped into my mind because of the part about death. But hey, I could’ve also gone with the diamond industry. “Stupidity is forever.”


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