Slowly Dominating the Offensive

He Rides Slowly So You Can SeeNobody's got a mog like him.

He Rides Slowly So You Can See
Nobody’s got a mog like him.

So I’ve been trying to do Dominance Offensive and Operation: Shieldwall simultaneously, since both Thermalix and Niremere are 90.  That hasn’t really worked out so far (it’s just so much easier to do with Thermalix, since her gear is at least twenty item levels better, and HALP IT’S THE RUINS OF OGUDEI OH GOOD GOD), so Therm’s farther ahead.  She actually hit a relevant plot point the other day!  Spoilers and such ahead!

Thermalix has no ill will towards Vol’jin or anything, and though she is not a small business owner (Thermalix Tour Industries being but a dream), she believes Garrosh has created a restrictive regulatory atmosphere that impedes the creation of new jobs!  Vol’jin would clearly be better for the economy, but that’d probably be true of anyone who didn’t seem quite as likely to Kor’kron you into the ground.  She remembers that Thrall dude pretty well, what with all the times she escorted him to Wyrmrest.  He was definitely more laissez-faire when it came to letting a huntard be a huntard, so when Vol’jin wanted her to find the guy – hell, sure, why not?

Vol’jin’s hearthstone took her to the Den (because actually going to the troll starting zone would be a little weird or something), a.k.a. the orc starting area, where Thrall and Aggra apparently now hang out because a hole in the desert is exactly where you’d want to go after saving the world.  Upon seeing Therm (or your adventurer of choice) show up with the thing, Thrall is immediately “OMGWTF we must check on the Darkspear ASAP.”  Ok, that’s fine and all, but here’s what I want to know: the Den is neither that far from Orgrimmar nor from the Darkspear Isles.  It’s also been in the same spot for years.  How the hell could Thrall – THRALL – have been 100% ignorant of how Garrosh was using the Kor’kron in general or on the Isles in particular?  And how did no one magically know where Thrall was, despite him being RIGHT FREAKING THERE ?  Even if you didn’t necessarily know who he was, it’d be easy to pick him out as different – he’s WAY better dressed than the average Den orc, not to mention far higher in levels!  How did Thrall manage to talk to only orc kids (and Aggra) about nothing current/post-Deathwing whatsoever?  (Note to self: those can’t ALL be his.  He’s not that kind of orc!)

Also, here’s another thing: why the hell has Thrall STILL not mastered riding ground mounts at 100% speed?  I mean cripes!  He saves the world, gets the girl and he still can’t ride faster than Therm can run.  I think it’d be safe for Blizzard to assume that at level 90, it’s almost 100% likely that the player character can ride ground mounts at full speed – so Thrall should too.  Besides, it’s not like a level 90 player’s going wander off going “Ooooo, there’s some Silverleaf over there I oughta pick,” anyway.  Nor would they take forever to deal with the level 6 scorpion who is probably not attacking them AT ALL.

So after riding all the way over to Darkspearland for reasons unknown (wouldn’t flying have been quicker?  Does Thrall not have a single flying mount?), Thrall is shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you – to discover that the Kor’kron are being used in this manner against the trolls.  Thrall is SO SHOCKED he doesn’t even bother helping you with the task of clearing the place out a little.  He just shows up afterward.  (I could’ve told you that Garrosh was gonna be psycho the day they gave him a unique model with enormous arms, derpy eyes and an itty-bitty head with enough space for a brain the size of a walnut – plus what look like ornamental scars, since tattoos don’t have that kind of raised definition from the skin like that – but Thrall was so enamored with his own new duds, he didn’t see it coming.)

Thrall.  We gotta talk.  We’ve done this “clear x number of enemies and return to me at blah blah blah location” before, but better.  You remember that time on the Lost Isles, when a goblin showed up on the ship where you were being held prisoner, and let you outta that joint?  You remember how you transformed said lowbie goblin into a FREAKING TORNADO OF DOOM and had her electrocute 50 Alliance WITH THE POWER OF STORMS?  Dude, why are you making me shoot these guys on foot here in Durotar?  And why only like 15 of them?  What’ve I done to be so uncool?

Maybe he’s trying to keep it the island’s liberation a secret or something.  Never mind the fact that 1.) I didn’t kill all of the Kor’kron, and 2.) it’s a habited area not far from Orgrimmar that’s been under martial law because of PARANOIA and you’d think that SOMEBODY somewhere’s going to be checking in soon.   Unless everybody – Kor’kron and troll – just happens to have a little bit of Thrall’s magical power of situational ignorance, this sorta sheeyit’s gonna get out sooner rather than later.  Thermalix is trying to convince Farmer Yoon to replace the old farmhouse with a blast-proof bunker.  Oh, no reason.  That farmhouse was just dinky, that’s all.

Anyway, after all that jazz, Chen proceeds to take Vol’jin to the Shado-pan Monastery to heal.  This seems like a pretty freaking bad idea to me, given that the place is infested by Sha and all the pandas there are crazy, but hey!  I’m just a player character in this, what do I know?

p.s., Nir just did the “A Little Patience” scenario, where Blizzard is trying pretty damn hard to set Varian Wrynn up as a Noble King and not just some berserking wolfman like they made him into during Cata.  He’s a very patient man – for the next eleven minutes.  Yes, this image rehabilitation is working real well.

p.p.s., Alas, I have no good screenshots of the whole island bit, because I was too busy thinking that they really ought to have made the troll/orc starting quests actually play into this whole drama, instead of just phasing it in at level 90/rep required.


4 thoughts on “Slowly Dominating the Offensive

  1. felenvy

    They could handle it like Theramore’s phasing in that all player’s who’ve had done the scenario will see the aftermath but will also have the option to switch back the phase whenever they pleased.

      1. Leit

        Alliance can speak to an NPC who temporarily reverts your phasing, or could during the tail end of Cata anyway. This was because Theramore was the major alliance questing hub in Dustwallow. Don’t think Horde ever had the option. Past Jaina remains unmolested for now.


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