I’m a Barbie Girl! In a blood elf woooorld!

Is It Just MeOr is trying to kick people getting a little ridiculous?

Is It Just Me
Or is trying to kick people getting a little hard?

“I need another platewearer,” I said.  “One who is ridiculous and revels in it.”  It couldn’t be a DK, due to Blizzard refusing to let you have more than one per server.  It couldn’t be a warrior, because I like Charge and am pretty much bored with everything else.  That left paladerp, and my eternal conundrum of Tauren fingers and no hairdos vs. the “oh God what have I done it’s a blood elf” feelings.

Dreddies mentioned wanting to make a warlock, and he always makes blood elf men since they have superfab hair.  I figured if I was going to do this, now would be the time, right?  I can get a pal to help me endure the mellow, unchanging starting zone music!  Hence, Violaryn came into being after some failed attempts and discussions on how blood elf names need to have a certain amount of self-satisfaction and ridonkulousness. (Dreddies became Resenthic, since he made me come up with a name for his new char too.)  Oh Gawd, what have I done?  It’s a blood elf!

"RAWR" is good.A really strained kinda shouted statement is not.

“RAWR” is good for a /roar.
A really strained kinda shouted statement is not.

I don’t know how long Vi will last, so she doesn’t even get a Category lest she fall under the long list of “The Alts Who Didn’t Make It.”  So far, she lives under several restrictions:

  1. She is not allowed to emote except under extreme duress, such as a bad hair day, which blood elves never have.  (Otherwise, I fear I will delete her in a fit of annoyance.)
  2. She must have the most ridiculous and fabulous hair possible.  Screw realistic!  Forget functional!  (Because that’s what blood elves are for, right?)
  3. She cannot be Retribution at any time because I am not interested in attempting to recreate Niremere’s action bars.  (Oh yeah, and she can’t use Niremere’s hairstyle EVER.)
  4. When she wipes, she has to play /violin.  (Alas, there is no /viola …)

Because I care SO MUCH (actually, it’s not so much laziness/cheapness as it is a desire for super quick, relatively painless EXP and a total lack of surplus JP), she is wearing the random castoff heirlooms from everybody else.  There’s the agility mail helm and mail legs … the intelligence mail shoulders and chest that were originally for, you know, a shaman … and dat sword with parry from when I had a short lived cowtank.  With this gear setup, she’s clearly destined for healing.  YEAH!


See, on the one hand, I hate responsibility in game.  The nice thing about being DPS is that you are generally only responsible for your own incompetent self.  On the other, I also care very much about my own personal convenience, so being DPS totally sucks because tanks and healers got the queue GOOD.  Tanks, of course, have the queue the best, so maybe I should tank and claim that all that agility gear is for dodge.  Yeah.  LIKE A BEAR.

I healed one dungeon and then switched to Protection because waiting twenty minutes for a tank who wasn’t even level 20 seemed kinda stupid.  This led to a string of parties where I was never able to successfully kick the huntard (and it was ALWAYS a huntard) who insisted on 1.) pulling, 2.) not turning Growl off, and 3.) leaving his pet dead, which, I guess, was probably for the best anyway.  I don’t remember huntard having such a high learning curve at level 20, but what do I know?

Since I couldn’t kick them, I made friends with the healer and we let them die instead.  Best death witnessed was in Wailing Caverns.  Huntard pulled a boss (Verdan the Everliving), and I didn’t take the aggro because I asked several times quite politely to stop doing that.  Of course, the healer wasn’t healing him either, so he started doing the standard hunter thing of backing the boat up while shooting.  Only thing was, he backed up off the edge of the cliff, took severe fall damage, ran into another mob down at the bottom and died.



12 thoughts on “I’m a Barbie Girl! In a blood elf woooorld!

      1. Neri

        Love, love, love them! I am a massive sucker for trashy transmogs. It’s probably half the reason why most of my characters are Blood Elves.

        1. Prinnie Dood Post author

          I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, fun! On the other, one of the search terms that’s started popping up in my blog stats surprisingly frequently in the past week or so has been “jerking off to platekini,” and that’s just disturbing.

      2. Leit

        …huh. That not-saltstone ‘mog is really good. Like, consider raceshifting something to belf to steal it good. Warrior’s got some of those pieces, but she’s Forsaken, and the very idea is horrifying.

        Listening to my brother and a guildie levelling their ‘locks on Mumble last week, it seems ‘locks also have a predispensation toward pulling. “No no not brb I have Fury up fsck this I’m pulling” etc.

        Agi doesn’t give dodge for str classes anymore, just crit. That’s why we got the parry buff from Str. This changed during Cata, when blizz was unhappy with some of the BiS plate tanking trinkets being agi/mastery and intended for deeps.

        1. Prinnie Dood Post author

          I know that agility is pretty much useless (I typed lessless first …), I was just being silly. If bear tanks can have agility gear, why can’t I!? /justifies the craploom collection

          Actually what I wound up doing is locating the plate tanking heirlooms that Niremere once used a long long time ago, and decking Miss Vi out in that. So she looks kinda respectable now, save for the intellect shield she was sporting for awhile. (Hey, it was a green! It was better than the white one I was using!)

          I love the not-saltstone one the most, in part because you can get the lookalike legs via a quest and in part because it’s totally my kind of jewel-toned, purpleish/reddish color scheme. It just looks dumb as hell if you’re short and green, though. True but depressing.

          1. Leit

            Meh, like gear matters at that level… and besides, why haven’t we got an heirloom shield yet? There’s even fists available from the brawlers! /pout

            Is that the saltstone chest? I ask mainly because I vaguely remember the set being much more revealing. That chest reminds me a little of a quest reward from Netherstorm, which had my male belf running around with his belly out for a change.

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