Project Platekini Part 1: “Dark Embrace” Set

"Dark Embrace" Set

“Dark Embrace” Set

Class: Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight

H: Not shown | S: Pauldrons of Zul’Farrak | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Warrior’s Embrace | Wa: Winterfall Belt | L: Legguards of Stratholme
G: Diemetradon Plate Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Crustacean Stompers

Shield: Crest of Retribution
1h Sword: Crystal Sword

Thoughts: While platekini wouldn’t be realistically functional, it occurred to me that I was ignoring a whole area of transmog possibilities by not using any at all.  The matching metal bra/panties/stockings look by itself doesn’t do much for me, as I like a bit more complexity (or floofy accessories, whichever) to my armor these days.  So here’s the first set in Project Platekini, which is an attempt to find ways to make platekini pieces attractive to me by working them into more elaborate transmog sets.

A lot of ideas I had for this just didn’t look as great on someone who happens to be two feet tall and dark green, mostly due to the way the proportions of boots and gloves change.  I really couldn’t envision Niremere wearing these either, given her genesis in the human starting zones (WTF GOLDSHIRE WTB MANA BOMB) and subsequent personality development away from them.  She’s ever the practical type – and you’ll never convince me that anybody would WANT to wear platekini in, say, Northrend.  Putting aside the zombie infestation issue for a moment, can we say, “hello, hypothermia?”

Violaryn, as a blood elf, looks good in most things (so there IS a benefit to weighing five pounds!), and practicality is not part of the picture, since she was born to wear platekini.  She will SUFFER for her fashion, thank you.

p.s., I still maintain that platekini in general is fine, as long as men can wear platekini too … which Blizzard has been sadly delinquent on!  C’mon Blizz, need more skimpy outfits for teh menz.

p.p.s., ever notice how few gnomes and pandas you see in platekini?


10 thoughts on “Project Platekini Part 1: “Dark Embrace” Set

  1. kamaliaetalia

    An ambitious project, for sure!
    I wouldn’t have thought to pair the black platekini with the pewter silver/blues of the Pauldrons of Zul’Farrak (one of my favorite low-level plate shoulder styles) and the matching pants, but it looks great!
    I am reminded that there is a blue platekini quest reward in Blade’s Edge Mountains that my Taunka Ice Princess DK needs to pick up before she leaves Outland. 😉

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Questing and/or dungeon drops (with some PvP thrown in, unfortunately) is more or less how I intend to obtain the platekini for this. I’m too damn poor to afford the prices the stuff typically commands on the WRA AH. O_O

      The Legguards of Stratholme are (is?) one of my favorite pieces in the game. I wish there were other color variations of ’em.

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