Flying baby pandas yay!  (Until the Forsaken DK kills them all because Forsaken DKs are generally cranky.)

Flying baby pandas yay!
(Until the Forsaken DK kills them all because Forsaken DKs are generally cranky.)

Putting aside Thermalix and Niremere for the moment (since they count as the mains for their respective factions), now that I think about it, I have four alts in Pandaland.  FOUR.  What am I doing!?  I need to pick one and level her to 90.  You know, “choosing,” that act of making a decision and following through on it?  Yeah, that thing.

Mechalis, the Level 88 Derp Death Knight

Pros: How do you fail at a Death Knight?  (AND you can totally control the ghost pandas in the Shado-pan Monastery!)  I like being the equivalent of a death knight rogue, kinda.  I prowl around the edges of a quest area, pretending I’m not wearing plate.  Then, when the target mob has made the foolish mistake of separating from the others, DEATH GRIP.  After totally killing whatever it is, I then meld back into the shadows, sort of.  It’s more like using a goblin’s natural height to hide behind her surroundings.

Cons: Because she dumped Inscription/herbing a long time ago and only recently picked up mining and blacksmithing, girlfriend can’t mine in Pandaland yet.  Questing past all those cursed Ghost Iron nodes is driving me NUTS.  Otherwise, I have a completely unproven, unfounded suspicion that in Pandaland, the more armor you wear, the harder crap hits you – because it can.  Therefore, I do not look forward to Townlong Steppes or the Dread Wastes.

Ailabeth, the Level 88 Shadow Priest

Pros: Her Shadow routine is something like this:  1.) Summon a mindsquid and have it terrorize anything small and helpless in the vicinity, like critters.  2.) Realize critters don’t give EXP.  3.) Identify a better victim.  4.) Cast Power Word: Shield.  5.) Nuke its brains out while laughing because it totally can’t do any darn thing about it.  Additionally, smirk at any nearby Sha and insult nearby Mogu just because.  6.) Repeat as desired.  How is that not awesome?

Cons: When mobs hit me, it ruins my Levitate.  I actually have to RECAST it!  /whatsupwiththat

Centina, the level 87 Arcane Mage

Pros: Portal hotness.  Actually, have I told you how much I love Crittermorphing all the butterflies in Valley of the Four Winds?  FLYING BABY PANDAS YAY!

Cons: I am a wimpy lazy pansy mage.  You’ll probably find Centina cowering in a hole somewhere, whimpering about how all the things hurt.  Unfortunately for me, standing in one spot and nuking the face off things only works when you’re in dungeons, and the DPS queue is, of course, slow.  (As a side note, I recently learned that I can’t actually say “Slow as molasses in January” anymore, because molasses in January actually moves at 35 MPH and WILL KILL YOU.  The more you know!)

Alexalis, the level 86 Windwakerwalker Monk

Pros: Super survivor, Pandaland style.  Independent and able to quest on her own without cowering in a hole somewhere, whimpering about how all the things hurt. Wields hugeass swords.  Touch of Death.  Rolling.  See that mob way over there?  Flying Serpent Kick TO THE FACE.

Cons:  Alexalis’ only profession is Skinning, mostly to supplement Bombelina’s leatherworking.  You see, once upon a time, I planned on Bombelina hitting 85 long before I even got around to making a monk.  But as it’s turned out, monk is fun and I am a really incompetent rogue, which makes rogue-ing less fun.  (Also, spending a the whole PUG pickpocketing or skinning things is not socially acceptable, which sucks.)  End result: Bombelina is still in the mid 70s and just hit the cusp of Cata leatherworking.  She’ll actually have to level to get further at some point.  Oops.  So basically, WTF DO I DO WITH ALL THIS EXOTIC LEATHER  ALEXALIS IS SENDING OMG NO BANK SPACE.

At this point, I’m leaning towards Ailabeth or Alexalis, because I enjoy playing those classes in a manner that actually approaches the approved rotation.  (My favorite part of mage-ing – running around in circles while casting Arcane Explosion – doesn’t do so well for the DPS.)  Ailabeth has an advantage in that she’s already 88 and hearthed at the Shrine in the Vale.  But swords, guys.  They tempt me.

12 thoughts on “Decisionating

  1. kamaliaetalia

    “Additionally, smirk at any nearby Sha and insult nearby Mogu just because. ”

    With about that many alts in Pandaria myself, I feel your pain! But yeah, Alexalis or Aliabeth sound like the best choices because they sound like you’ll have the most fun with them 🙂

    1. Anoukisse

      Aww! My mistake deleted my comment. Or some other such glitch in the matrix. Please disregard last comment.. And really, I’d written that I like the new header you put on the top (unless I had just missed it before) with the undead with her hands somewhat above her head and something that looks like an explosion behind her. 😉

      1. Prinnie Powah Post author

        Thanks! I’ve got it set to random, so it switches between several that I’ve uploaded. That one was Ailabeth /dancing during the introductory questline to Pandaland. 😀

  2. Anoukisse

    Oh, oh! Somehow I hit back and found my original comment!

    Does Navi know about your innocent critter killing fetish ô.O? All those adorable, helpless little level one critters… /sadface. Evil DK.

    On a different subject, I have to tell you how much I laughed when I saw the new header image for your site. (The undead with her hands above her head, and something that looks like it exploded behind her… 😉

    Sorry for the confusion! :/

      1. Anoukisse

        LoL. You know, I was doing the Kirin segment of that quest chain in Jade Forest where each NPC (Kirin, Rikko, etc) tells his story? And all of a sudden a raccoon moves from behind a tree and I think “aww, so cute”. On mouseover, the exact info that should be in all those level-one critters tooltips appeared on his. I screenshot it just because this is what we talking about. 😉

  3. Neri

    I really need to sit down and do something similar to this. I’m just so lost in WoW at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s burnout or guild overload or what, but I mostly just flit from server to server listing Auctions and then alt tabbing to read amazing blogs like this one 😉

    I just finished leveling my Mage to 90, but I did it as frost instead of arcane. The mobs were always frozen in place and never got close enough to hit my pretty human face. Now that I’m at 90 and have switched back to Arcane, I find myself yawning whenever I play her. The rotation is such a snooze fest: 1,1,1,1,1,2,2,3,1,1,1,1,1…. *zzz*

    The internet needs more Monk ‘mogs. I endorse the leveling of Alexalis 😉

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author


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