“Ironscale Beast” Set

"Ironscale Beast" Set

“Ironscale Beast” Set

Class: Hunter (with crossbow), Shaman

H: Mok’Nathal Beast-Mask | S: Retcher’s Shoulderpads | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Mail of the Geyser | Wa: Windchill Binding | L: Ironscale Leggings
G: Yak Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Greaves of the Earthbinder

Crossbow: Horrifying Horn Arbalest*

Status: Finished

Thoughts: A second take on the Mok’Nathal Beast-Mask (with the first being the “Wolf in the Mists” set), this one is even BETTER for hiding mud and blending in!  Speaking of blending in, Moonfang (formerly known as The Lone Hunter) started off as my active pet for this getup, since he coordinates quite well.  Before you ask, the answer is yes, actually, I often try to match my pets to my transmog.  I just as often fail because I tame things like hot pink snakes and monkeys in fezzes.  Getting back to the pet and transmog at hand, I DID discover a slight problem with the combo – Moonfang also coordinates extremely well with the environment and overall atmosphere of the Isle of Thunder.

I know he's around here somewhere ...He's just so dang hard to find sometimes.

I know he’s around here somewhere …
He’s just so dang hard to find sometimes.

I can’t see him unless he is RIGHT in front of my face.  As a ghost, he blends in so well, it’s like he was never even there.  I lose sight of him the moment I glance away at anything else.  If it weren’t for his little portrait hanging out below mine like always, I’d just assume he gave up on the afterlife on the spot and faded away.  (Sometimes, I feel the same.  I have HOW MANY dailies left on this one damn island?  Cruel world!  I’m just going to give up and Feign Death right here.  JUST LEAVE ME TO DIIIIEEEE!  /sob … No wait, on second thought, don’t.  COME BACK!)

So, even though he matches like a pro, the poor puppy gets switched out when I visit the new Isle of Dailies Daily Queen that place.  I bring out Valentine or Peep, simply because they are SO BRIGHT it’s pretty darn obvious where they are at all times, even if they’re tanking something at a distance from me.  Also, if Valentine can tank the Lich King, I don’t think he’ll have much of an issue with some guy who can only control thunder.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, this outfit would not work for a male character, since it relies on the fact that the top loses almost all of the pale gray-blue color scheme of the Sanctified Frostwitch set it actually belongs to and magically turns mostly brown IF you happen to have bewbs.  The gem/clasp/thing at the throat is all that remains of the original primary hue, and it’s so small it’s hardly noticeable.  Also, while guys do get the color, they don’t get to show the cleavage.  Sorry, guys.  I know some of you want to put your moobs out there, but this outfit will not do it for you.

* I almost tossed this when Pandaland came along.  But I realized that this bow is totally from Dragonsoul, and what are the chances that I’m going to waltz through that joint by myself anytime soon?

I picture it like this …

Hey Zonozz, nice to see ya again, old buddy.  You see this ultra-mega-super-gun with an item level of ninety billion?  No, Zon, nine thousand was so five patches ago.  And yeah, you dead now.  Ultralixion!  Wow, it’s been so long!  We’re really nine expansions in now, totally trufax.  And I know, I look way different!  I racechanged to the new race, the Raptorians.  They got this nice racial.  So anyway, lemme tell you about this gun I picked up in the alternate reality of Pandaland in space on a Sha-ship … you’ll get a better view if I show it to you.  Stand there.  Yeah, that’s good.

… but I totally don’t see it HAPPENING.

8 thoughts on ““Ironscale Beast” Set

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      And yet the mogu can aggro me from anywhere! ANYWHERE!

      Thermalix needs to invent goblin camo.

      Actually, that might not work, because I’m positive goblin camo would have a pattern of explosions on it.

  1. Banhammer

    When Blizzard announced the Transmog system I was over joyed. There was only one armour set I wanted for my Dreanei Paladin and that was the Knight Lieutenant set or as I call it the C3P0 cosplay set. I had already bought the set with gold when they removed the need for a PvP rank to wear it, I had even soloed some old content wearing it for giggles. Come the big day of the patch I was not “eligible” to transmog the set! I couldn’t believe it, I had read so much about transmogging and listed limitations and there was no listed reason. To the forums I went, already I was late for the war that was erupting there between the “Could” and “Could nots”. It turns out that because I had not chosen to spend every waking hour (and/or account share) to make sure I had the PvP rank to wear the armour and had (it seems) foolishly spent my time PvEing I was now to be denied the chance to do the one thing I ever want to do with the transmog system (yes I am still bitter) and that was make my Paladin look like a regal C3P0. Al because Blizzard decided those that did account share, did do nothing else but PvP are now better than those that chose, questing, rolling alts, levelling, instance and raiding!
    The thing is I would not begrudge any PvP’er the right to access purchased old raiding tier sets, if they want to PvP in Tier 3/4/5 etc then let them (and they can) I however have been firmly kept from my goal of looking like C3P0 to the point where I do not transmog anything these days!
    Yours not quite over it,

  2. Leit

    I can do ya one better than Feign Death! ACTUAL DEATH.

    My rogue found a rare called Ra’Sha (no rly) on the isle, and after soloing his pansy ass, got Ra’Sha’s Sacrificial Dagger. Go look it up on wowhead, read the flavour text, and tell me that thing isn’t the very definition of schmuck bait.

    It’s also handy for exploring bits of the island that haven’t unlocked yet! You can just walk through the doors as a ghost and rez on the other side.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I’m waiting for the troll twins named Ja’rly and O’rly.

      I’m totally ahead of you on looking that thing up – and as it happens, an acquaintance got one of those daggers the other day. He remains surprised that all it does is kill you. I say it’s perfect the way it is!

      I’ve totally done some unintentional exploring lately, but I’m not sure if it’s kosher to actually say WHAT.

      1. Leit

        Does it involve a slope into a tunnel up the back of a certain island? Because the area you can get into there has the most AWESOME rampaging dinosaur event that you can trigger. 😀

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          No, it was further down in the earth, probably on a different island, and I also managed to trigger some architectural destruction by accident in the process. But now I am kinda tempted to go look for rampaging dinosaur event …


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