“Warning of the Bloodtusk” Set

"Warning of the Bloodtusk" Set

“Warning of the Bloodtusk” Set

Class: Monk, Druid, Rogue (without staff/polearm and/or waist)

H: Not shown | S: Bloodtusk Shoulderpads | Cl: Phantasmal Drape
Ch: Feral Harness | Wa: Red Belt of Unspoken Warning | L: Oilskin Leggings
G: Loramus’ Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Blighted Leather Footpads

Polearm: Grizzly Glaive

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Because trolls, mon!  Cal found these lovely (if you appreciate skulls) shoulders on the Isle of Thunder and sent them to me, so of course I had to make an outfit inspired by them.  It’s somewhat ironic, because I’m terrified to actually GO to Dailyland on Alexalis.  Her gear score is only 440-something!  SHE IS GONNA DIIIEEE.

Alexa last used the Feral Harness about, oh, maybe fifty or sixty levels ago, so I was surprised when I discovered it still sitting in the bank.  I was somewhat startled to find it at all – I must’ve blacked out all the memories of her wearing it, because those definitely are buckles on her bewbs and I normally don’t choose uncomfortable things like that.  I landed the pants on some long ago Uldaman run and promptly dumped them into the bank, where they remained until this Long Awaited Day™.  The shoes confused me by dropping on my first Halls of Reflection run for them, and the gloves merely required questing.  What was tough was the weapon … possibly made worse by the fact that OMG I can transmog staves and polearms together now yayayayayayay.  I actually had to go and make up my MIND!

First, I went with Flame Wrath, which I have never used but have been holding onto since the 50s.  Unfortunately, because monks position staves and polearms upside down on their backs, it looked like the weapon was about to set her butt on fire.  No good.  I don’t think Alexa would’ve been perturbed – just sew a new one on or something – but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how AWKWARD that would be.

So then I tried the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon, thinking the bronzey accents might go.  It wasn’t BAD, exactly, but it wasn’t great either.

Next, I thought “TERROK’S QUILL!  That’s it!”  Then I remembered it had black on it, which wouldn’t be echoed anywhere else in the outfit.  Also, I discovered that I had already done the quest for it and gone with the mask reward instead.

After that, the Staff of the Plague Beast was clearly the answer, since it had red wrapping on a pointy handle.  Turned out the dragon’s head was too bright and distracting (LOLZ ORANGE).

At some point, Fel pointed out the Grizzly Glaive to me, and we rejoiced at finding something that 1.) had the red and the bronze from the shoulders, 2.) wasn’t TOO troll-like because we are talking Forsaken here, and 3.) didn’t look totally dumb upside down.  We mourned almost immediately, though, since we realized it was a random world drop.  My luck with that sort of thing is historically bad.

That said, I randomly chose to visit the AH one early morning and found it there for 50g, a real steal (especially when considering transmog prices on WRA these days).  DONE.

2 thoughts on ““Warning of the Bloodtusk” Set

  1. Poncey

    This is a real problem with Monks. Most polearms and staves look absolutely ridiculous. Very few look decent. Have you tried getting Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned out of Ulduar? It has the red and bronze as well, and doesn’t look absurd on monks. I’m currently using Hoperender (a re-color of the same item) with the white version of the quest reward set from the low level quests in the vanilla area introduced in Cata.


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