Excuse me while I start wimping out here

Futility, LFR style.

Futility, LFR style.

I’ve been avoiding playing Thermalix lately.

This is in no small part due to how the Isle of Thunder both annoys the bejeesus out of me while depressing the snot out of me.  It’s nothing but dailies on a gray, angry little island where pretty much everything ever hates your guts.  Players hate you.  Mobs hate you so much, they can magically aggro from wherever they please.  I’m pretty sure the island itself hates you.

Pet ProblemsOne moment he's here, the next ...

Pet Problems
One moment he’s here, the next …

I can be on a different platform.  I can be around a building.  I can be a mere bystander yards away when someone runs by, but somehow, the mobs they’re training will choose to attack me or my pet rather than jog back to where they came from.

Pet ProblemsI find him a bazillion yards from me, around a corner, on a different platform behind a pillar.  LOGIC.

Pet Problems
I find him a bazillion yards from me, around a corner, on a different platform behind a pillar. LOGIC.

So I’m declining the dailies there on daily basis.

Rep grinds in general make me think of how it feels when you get your fingers caught in that crack between the door jamb and the door itself at that exact moment when someone starts to close the damn thing on your tender digits.  This is a problem because rep grinds are the only way I can predictably improve gear, since anything that involves a roll is probably not going to end well.

For Gawd’s sake, I just want a freaking weapon from LFR.  I’m fixated on it now.  I finished that stupid legendary gem quest a long time ago, but I can’t repgrind for a weapon.  I can’t make one that’s better than what I got.  I think that one bow that drops in heroics is practically a myth because I have NEVER seen anyone wearing it.  LFR is the only place I can go where I’ve got a chance in hell of an upgrade.  So I wanna know: how many times do you have to run LFR for a weapon before you can honestly complain that your luck sucks?

There are, at present, four bosses (including Raigonn) that drop ranged weapons.

  • I’ve smashed the Will of the Emperor 11 times
  • I’ve regretted every single second of Hide while fighting Lei Shi, 8 times
  • I’ve kicked the turtles and Tortos himself 2 times

And that doesn’t count the extra rolls, of course.  So am I legit in complaining yet, or am I just wimping out?

The thing I like about leveling alts is the feeling that I’m “getting somewhere.”  But best of all, if I put in effort, I can actually GET that next level.  I can put in all the effort I darn well please and still not see a ranged weapon in LFR.  Rep grinds somehow manage to be twice as tedious as leveling while having much less surprise factor than LFR.   It takes longer to get from point A to point B.  Possibly worse, I can’t sit down and truck my way through a huge chunk of it when I feel like it – you’re stuck with doing little bits every day.  I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING NOWHERE FOREVER.

Challenges - My bad luck is neverending.

Challenges – My bad luck is neverending.

I think I’m just wimping out.  BUT IT ISN’T STOPPING.  Nor are the people who keep on linking all the damn crap they get in LFR to me, which makes me /sadface.  Look, I get that ya’ll are happy since you got your fancy new shiny gear.  You get a couple gloats in for free.  I’ll even congratulate you, because those shoulders/cloak/sword/whatever is awesome!  But after the third time (or the third freaking item, or that new piece of gear on your third freaking alt, or getting more gear on your third freaking run of the joint), just shut up.  SHUT UP.  I’m serious!  I’m sick and tired already of your luck and your shinyass gear, and rubbing it in isn’t funny anymore.

16 thoughts on “Excuse me while I start wimping out here

  1. Spencer Nozell

    I feel your pain with the weapon problem. I’ve been running raids and raid finder and I still have not found a range caster staff that would replace the staff I won in heroic jade temple.

  2. Leit

    Bleh, been there with the “OMG JUST SHUT UP” when people link stuff.

    Then again, it took me over 30 rolls – including extra rolls, but yeah – to see my legs. And that little bitch Lei Shi still hasn’t dropped shoulders. There is something desperately wrong with its drop chance in LFR.

    Not just for me – wifelet ran Lei Shi as long as I did Un’Sok just to get her staff, my rogue is racking up the kills unable to get a damn trinket, guild has a hunter who’s still trying to get his shoulders off her a patch later, another one who got random drop epic shoulders in a scenario bag before he saw the ones off her… yeah. Failboss is fail.

  3. Leit

    Whoops, got a bit carried away there. Original point was going to be: painful as it sounds, try converting your JP to honour and farming the Domination Point rares for their delicious badges. PvP weapons aren’t the goodness and wonder that a Sha-touched or ToT weapon would be, but they are better… and the game’s built-in perversity engine will probably cause it to drop a PvE weapon just after you finish.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      When I read the word honor, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “BUT THINK OF THE TRANSMOG YOU COULD GET!” Is that wrong?

      But you’re right, there is definitely a built in perversity engine.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      asd;fkjs;ldfkjas;lkfj it’s like, guys. You ran past me maybe thirty seconds ago and I’m now all the way over here – you really didn’t have to come find me. REALLY.

      1. Leit

        Worst this xpac were those mobs over at Dominance that’ll aggro all the way from the beach up to the graveyard. Because you attacked a nelf panther all the way up there, and that apparently justifies the entire map aggroing in. WTF AGGRO RADIUS KTHX

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          The big difference for me was that at least:

          1.) I saw them coming, and/or
          2.) Knew I’d have to run and had a freaking continent to run away on, while
          3.) They preferred to aggro me specifically, so I knew where my pet was at all times

          On Isle of Thunder I’ll just notice Ohai My Pet’s Gone and I’m simultaneously being LIGHTNINGGGGED by a Mogu who is ninety million feet away and where the bleep is my pet oshit!

          1. Leit

            Something quite irritating about those Mogu: I can wander anywhere else on the island with relative impunity while stealthed, but for some reason if I wander through and there’s someone fighting a lightning-caster anywhere within a hundred meters, the mogu will start targetting me with lightning pools and unstealth me somehow without doing any apparent damage.


  4. wowstorylines

    I’m sorry for laughing – at least I’m not the only “aggro magnet” over there on the Isle – any character I take over there seems to have a built in target on their heads where things seem to aggro from the other side of the island just to stomp.

    I have actually gone over in a group – yep, pet suddenly has decided that he’s taking a shortcut to Dalaran via the Isle and whomp!! Dead hunter du jour.Even putting the pet on passive seems to help a bit, although, they will sometimes take a short cut that didn’t show up on “my” map and brings me prezzies.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Yeah, if I go I leave my pet on Passive, and I never, ever “jump” from one level to another, even if it’s more like a hop … maybe the pet will follow, but more likely he’ll go to the stairs over there, around the edge and back, pulling everything in the process.

      I’ve been debating gearing up my monk and doing the rep grind with her, since she obviously wouldn’t have to deal with her little helper making sheeyit worse.

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