All The Alts: Thermalix

The way problems interact can be most interesting.  For example, it’s clear I’m an altoholic.  Yet my addiction to heirlooms (I CAN’T LEVEL WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE) confines me largely to WRA, so my altoholism is limited by the number of available character slots.  At the moment, the roster seems to have stabilized at five goblins, two Forsaken and a blood elf (WTB goblin paladin), one human and one night elf.

That leaves one slot open – so far, it’s been a revolving door through which potential contenders come and go.  A shaman!  LIGHTNING BzzzzzzZZZZT.  Wait, what the hell am I doing?  Delete.  ANOTHER HUNTARD!  Wait, we’re getting more stable slots?  Delete.  TANKING MONK!  Wait, I hear it’s kinda complex and you can’t just go around Spinning Crane Kicking all the things.  Delete.  I know, a shaman!  Wait, I’m never going to get to 90 and certainly never going to run heroic raids for that outfit.  Delete.  DRUIDS!  I don’t have one Hordeside.  Wait, troll toes.  Delete.  More panda huntards, for taming things!  Wait, didn’t I just … eh, maybe it’s better not to think too hard about this.

All The Pretty ColorsWho knew LFR could be so ... Lisa Frank?

All The Pretty Colors
Who knew LFR could be so … Lisa Frank?

Despite being the best geared and “the main,” Therm is STILL broke, as she is forced to fund all the flying skills ever for all my Hordeside cast in addition to purchasing additional guild bank tabs (because no one else can afford to).  She wants to build a Depleted Kyparium Rocket too, but because of Expensive Mat Requirements, she hasn’t gotten much farther than her (admittedly impressive) kyparite collection.  That transmog addiction she’s got doesn’t help her wallet, either.  GET AWAY FROM THE AH.  IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

The Good Things

  • Met a bunch of new folks and made some good buddies (Not Therm specific, but since she’s the main, she gets the credit)
  • Started this blog (also not Therm specific, but again, a goblin has no issues with getting more than she bargained for)
  • Hit level 90 and pretended to be awesome for a little bit
  • Made friends with the Golden Lotus Threw the Golden Lotus under the bus once I got what I wanted out of them
  • Tamed a monkey in a fez
  • World of Harvest Mooncraft (because the only kind of game I love more than a time waster is a farming sim that is just that)

The Bad Things

  • Guild drama
  • Dailies (I say we ditch dailies and instead have weeklies, or maybe monthlies …)
  • Isle of Thunder (because getting thrown off the Wall by a pot of boiling oil wasn’t good enough, Blizzard had to crush my soul under the feet of thousands of mogu)

Therm plans to …

  • Tame All Teh Things (Please Gawd, make the 50 stable slot thing true.  Please.  I’ll stop trying to take the Temple Rats out of Zul’Gurub if you make it true.)
  • Build that accursed Depleted Kyparium Rocket
  • Find a way to make oogly mail armor attractive again
  • Try to find The Happies

Speaking of the future, Therm’s (probably forever unrealizable) dream is to some day run into the fabulous Fabulor*.  It’ll be like a movie, see!  He’ll accidentally trip over her because she’s so short, but she’ll forgive him because she’s dazzled by his shining locks and dashing grin.  After LFR hijinks, they’ll go on a picnic at some ridiculous and scenic location, and she’ll give him some random loot she picked up as a token of her affection, and and and and … well, a girl can dream.  It’s hard to find a date who isn’t cheap as hell when you’re short, green and not a frog.

March of the Mammoths?Ok, so there were a couple of elekks in there.

March of the Mammoths?
Ok, so there were a couple of elekks in there.

* Finally, someone playing a blood elf male the way I would!  Why did no one tell me about this blog sooner?  At one point, a former guildmate and I discussed making a blood elf male named Fabuloth, but it didn’t happen – and now it doesn’t need to.  I totally debated making a female fan/Fabulor wannabe (Fabulisse?  Fabulala?), but in the end, I decided that’d be pointless.  As we all know, there can be only one.

11 thoughts on “All The Alts: Thermalix

  1. Fel

    Yeah the 50 slot thing is for sure now 😛
    Ive also come to terms that I’ll never build that damn rocket till another inflation in the economy :/

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I can’t let myself believe in it until it’s actually live. What if I believe in it and then they TAKE IT AWAY? What will I DOOOOOOO?

      I basically just need to level all my alts and pay for all their flying skills so there just isn’t anything else to pay for. Then I can save more! Of course, by the time this happens, more inflation will have already taken place.

  2. wowstorylines

    ROTFLMAO! Well, I have multiple accounts and yes, they are all on WRA too. It’s like potato chips, you can’t have just one – you have to have whole families, cousins – distant relatives and even a few scoundrels that may be part of the family that no one talks about. You must write backstories for all of them and then bore all of your friends to death with posting blogs every single time you mind shifts into the creative vein. I LOVE IT!! It’s not beneath me to chase people down the road going RP – you know you want to RP!!

    Nope, not gonna change a thing and I have few crazy goblins running amuck and more than just a few hunters – can level those suckers with BOA gear so fast. Oh yeah, still a couple of Druids that are wondering when they will get a turn – bored with that – Okay, let’s add a few DKs and get them out of the starting zone this time.

    Love your blog and thanks for sharing.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Thanks! I haven’t gotten to the point of multiple accounts, mostly because I keep thinking “WELL I NEED TO MAKE THE MAX NUMBER OF CHARACTERS PER ACCOUNT TO GET MY MONEY’S WORTH YEAH,” and I’m nowhere near max for the account as a whole.

      It’s probably only a matter of time. o_o

      1. wowstorylines

        Hehe – this will happen in time – my thing was that I wanted all of my characters to be able to interact together if needed. Not to mention the BOA sharing is a lot easier too.

        Tried the idea of rolling on different realms where I didn’t have any “conveniences” or know anyone and decided that I wasn’t into self-torture. So, over time, special deals that Blizzard would put out – my accounts grew.


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