Pour A Little Healin’ On Me Baby

I didn’t have a healer Hordeside, since my Shadow Priest only uses her Disc offspec if and only if a very good friend asks for backup on a transmog run.  So I started up a shaman (YES AGAIN WTF) since I have plentiful mail heirlooms and no surviving pre-existing shaman of either faction.  (Also, goblins can’t be druids yet.)  So far, I’ve come to the conclusion shaman healing reminds me of throwing buckets of water on people … in slow mo.

MY JOB IS ORLYYour job is to shut up, stop pulling crap and start nuking sheeyit better.

Your job is to shut up, stop pulling crap and start nuking sheeyit better.

I’m told that level 22 is too early to decide that I hate shaman healing.  I’m told that it gets better.  There’s AoEs, there’s Earth Shield, you get haste so casting sheeyit doesn’t take so long …

But I don’t have any AoEs yet.  Earth Shield doesn’t show up until level 26.  Aaaaand I have pretty much zero haste of course, so my spells take a Very.  Long.  Time.  (And if I try to quest by myself, killing things also takes a Very.  Long.  Time.)  To me, this doesn’t make sense.  Why would you make something suck at first?  This isn’t raiding here!  We don’t need to weed out the weak before we’ve even seen Gnomeregan!

Because the only other character I’ve done a lot of healing on recently is Daschela (my druid), I associate Riptide with Rejuvenation.  They’ve both got an instant cast, provide a bit of heal at first and more healing over time, and make another healing spell more effective.  You get it at a low level and it’s pretty much a standard thing to use when you are a nooblet, so they’re totally similar, amirite?  Actually, this comparison only contributes to my frustration, for Riptide has a stupid cooldown that Regrowth does not.  It basically means I can’t hit Riptide two or three times in a row like I can with Rejuvenation to get the squishy babytank out of the red bad danger zone.   (But six seconds isn’t much, you say.  Well, when you have a tank with a few hundred HP, those six seconds can mean death.)

At this point, I have two healing spells, both of which feel like they’re taking FOREVER when I NEED them RIGHT NOW.  When in combat, I’ll start casting one of these before the squishy babytank needs a heal, but it’s not uncommon for the squishy babytank to die RIGHT before I get the heal off.  If I hesitate, or if there’s a sudden swell of damage after I already started casting the less powerful healing spell, the babytank is pretty much effed.

This usually results in the entire party dying, because I’ll get flustered (I WAS SO CLOSE OMFG), go a;lsfdkjas;ldfkjas;lfkja;slfdkjasl;fdj, and proceed to heal the wrong person.


On the other hand, sometimes I get a nonsquishy babytank who might even pop a Word of Glory in here or there, and I can actually eat dinner with one hand while healing with the other.

I’m told I need to learn how to blame the tank for bad gear and the DPS for not killing stuff faster.  (Secret: I only look at the tank’s gear if there’s something Obviously Wrong, like the time that one DK showed up in part leather with Resurrection Sickness*.)  Ok, sure, I’ll work on my blaming others skill.  Still, the true test of my endurance will be to see if this shaman lasts past the 50s.  This is traditionally when my shamans kick the bucket.

On a lighter note …

Physics, Don't Question ThemBecause the moment I do, their failure will fail.

Physics, Don’t Question Them
Because the moment I do, their failure will fail.

*Makes you wonder WTF that DK was doing.

19 thoughts on “Pour A Little Healin’ On Me Baby

  1. wowstorylines

    I have druids and shaman that I struggle with but I’m hanging in there and trying to get it to work the way that it should – I’m sure it has to get better. Good Luck with your crew there.

  2. Beetlezombie

    i find that after healing on a Druid every other healer feels like healing in slow motion.

    Shaman healing is sucky at lower levels because of the slow big heals and lack of decent aoe healing. You have to anticipate bad peoples behavior a lot :-). And people are right, at high (max) level Shaman healing is way way more fun. But it’s still not comparable to Druid healing.

    Why don’t you try keeping earth shield up and spamming the crap out of lesser heal? Just keeping dumping it on the tank, don’t mind the overhealing. I rarely used that big healing wave on my Shaman.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Oh, I have Earth Shield as of last night. Didn’t have it before then.

      There are a couple problems with druids Hordeside for me, namely troll toes, Tauren fingers and a severe lack of customization options for Tauren. HORNS DO NOT COUNT.

          1. Leit

            …which will never get the signatures that the Blood Elf druid petition has. I mean, they’re elves! Okay, heavily industrialised junkie elves, but elves!

              1. Leit

                You’re bound and determined to strap volatile devices to wildlife everywhere since seeing Horridon, aren’t you.

                Nope, no question mark, it wasn’t even a question. 😀

                    1. Leit

                      Grummles made it to the yak market first. You gotta be *innovative* in this economy, or you ain’t gonna make it.

                      That’s why I recommend yetis.

                    2. Prinnie Powah Post author

                      I AM innovating. Grummles haven’t put rockets on yaks yet!

                      Based on solid (questing) research, I’d say that a yeti on kafa is a close equivalent, so YOU’RE not innovating.

                      SO THERE.

                    3. Leit

                      If you’re gonna call that thing a mount then ya may as well start looking around Zul’Drak for giants in cages! ‘Sides, their model’s still in early development, only gets like 100 hozen to the bean-bag.

                      Either *someone’s* put rockets on yaks, or that tuft of yak fur contained something entirely too marketable.

                    4. Prinnie Powah Post author

                      I’ll call a mount whatever I darn well want to call a mount! See that bucket over there? That’s a mount now. Those extra netherweave bags can be mounts too. Put one on each foot and magically float (propulsion systems not included).

      1. Leit

        Hmm… when I levelled my shammy, low level healing was more or less constant healing waves on the tank, no breaks, surge on heavy damage. Keep earth shield up. Riptide on cooldown when you get it. (didn’t used to be lvl 10) Keep HST up.

        Come to think of it, none of that really changed until Utgarde Keep. Before then I don’t think I cast a chain heal in anger. Mostly because it’s ridiculously expensive, and with the constant HST you could just wait out/RT party damage.

        The nice thing about shammy heals levelling is the spells all feel different. RT, HST, chain heal, rain when you get it, and of course your basic waves… all of them have identity, so it feels like you have a toolbox rather than a single adjustable (but very heavy) wrench.


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