Four Alarm Fire

When it comes to Isle of Thunder dailies, my mental conversation is usually something like this:

Positive Thinker: The server progression’s now past Point Whatever!
Stick-in-the-mud Cynic: … okay, but it still sounds about as fun as eating rocks.
Positive Thinker: Hey, you could get a dino mount!  You’re SO close to that one achieve!
Stick-in-the-mud Cynic: Rocks, I don’t want to chew them.
Positive Thinker: Howzabout another rep for Therm’s slowly growing collection?  There’s an achieve in it for you!
Stick-in-the-mud Cynic: Om nom nom rocks.  No.

Vincent VanNO Stop while you're ahead.  Grumpy Cat demands it.

Vincent VanNO
Stop while you’re ahead. Grumpy Cat demands it.

Now, there’s nothing like avoiding a problem you can’t solve!  I’ve been working on Ignitine, my wee little Warlock inscriptionist.  She just hit level 60 the other day, but has only ever used one spec the entire time (Destruction, of course).  I’ve noticed that I have a major usability problem with destro, and it’s my burning ember usage … you know, the whole point/method of the spec.

If I have …

One burning ember: I accidentally use it for Chaos Bolt before remembering I need that same ember for Shadowburn when the mob’s about dead

Two burning embers:  FIRE AND BRIMSTONE BABY!  Immolate!  MOAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!  Incinerate!  FIRE AND OH CRAP, I used up all the embers … [Editor’s note: Fire and Brimstone requires one burning ember to use.]

Three burning embers: See “Two burning embers,” above, with additional repetition

Four burning embers: “Don’t you wish you were hot like me?  OH YES I WENT THERE.”   /runs around in circles for the hell of it while hoarding all the precious, precious embers because I’m on FIRE [Editor’s note: Max burning embers means maximum fiyah.]

I guess I just like being on fire that much.  I get all sad when we’re out of combat and the priceless burning embers start to waste away, leaving me cold.

Yay Fire Ignitine likes being on fire at all the worst possible times.  Small, flammable canoe?  GREAT.

Yay Fire
Ignitine likes being on fire at all the worst possible times. Small, flammable canoe? GREAT.

I feel fairly certain that Chaos Bolt, though it looks neat, is more or less useless.  One, it eats up my burning embers and doesn’t help me build more of them in return, and two, it takes forever to cast.  (“Forever to cast” seems like my issue with a lot of spells in general, actually.  I need everything to be an instant cast, now now now now!)

Maybe I ought to look into Demonology.  Or Affliction.  Whichever spec is the one that does NOT get those floaty pink crystals, because those look silly and would have to be matched to my mog.  Green crystals seem at least a little more transmog friendly.

When it comes to appearances, though, what I REALLY want these days is a glyph that will turn my felhound into one of those firedogs from the Firelands/Ragefire Chasm.  Ignitine is an inscriptionist in the hopes that some day, this dream will come true (and also because I didn’t have one).  I’d settle for an Incubus glyph in the meantime.

14 thoughts on “Four Alarm Fire

  1. Lorelei

    Affliction is the spec with the shards over your head. It’s a nice one, specially at lower levels. Demonology has always been my favorite lock spec in the past, but i MoP I do prefer affliction up to around level 80. After that demo is my favorite again. 🙂

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I’d be more than happy to switch specs if they all were on fire, just in fire of different colors. As it stands, my desire to putz around has to overcome my desire to be a literal hot mess.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Do you remember that starter quest in Durotar where if you got exposed to enough of this one debuff from Burning Blade mobs, you transformed into the same demon (regardless of your class)? That might’ve satisfied my desire to be a demon …

      I kinda want horns though. But more than fire? I don’t know.

      1. Leit

        Demonology builds up a resource called demonic fury. As you get more of it, your appearance slowly shifts. By about 50% you’ve got glowing purple horns, 60-ish glowing claws, and at full capacity you’re a semi-demon at the center of a sort of tame purple felstorm. Not commonly seen because if you’re doing it “right” then you’re bleeding off fury at around 70 or so.

  2. kamaliaetalia

    My Lock is all about the fiyah! I haven’t done enough questing with her since 5.0 to really get the hang of the Burning Embers thing, though. As she’s a Blood Elf, I’m going to use the Glyph of Verdant Spheres for that Kael’thas-wannabe look 😛
    Oooh, I’d love a glyph like the one you describe — to change the appearance of the felhound into one of Shannox’s doggies — too!

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Yeah, no, I only do random battlegrounds for transmog purposes …

      Maybe I’d like the felpuppy more if it got a graphics update?

      I just think the poor thing is ugly as sin, and I don’t mean that in a way that’s good for warlocks who are bad as sin.


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