“Main” Is a Foreign Concept

I was thinking out loud the other day when I mentioned that Vi is, at long last, about halfway to being able to afford the fastest flight skill.  Cal made a point that if I hadn’t abandoned a “certain Shadow Priest” awhile back and could pick ONE darn main, I wouldn’t have this problem with being broke!  Background here:  Ailabeth was the first character I made upon restarting WoW in 2011, and the one I chose to level to 80 when I came back to the game in 2012 after an extended absence, buuuuuut I then deleted her in a fit of “I DON’T WANT TO LEARN HOW TO HEAL AGAIN!” This was stupid, since I just recreated, releveled and reproffed (yes, that is now a word) her from scratch – twice.

I will sometimes play a particular character for large chunks of time (particularly if I have a transmog goal that requires leveling), but no one class has ever really been THE CLASS for me.  Yeah, there are some I enjoy more than others, but I never completely sync with any specific rotation (there are too many other buttons to press!), general style or even armor type.

Most DPS classes appeal to my independence and are useful for those hours I play when no one happens to be online, but I never feel particularly effective as a DPS when in groups.  This is problematic because I always want to be helpful, especially when I’m playing with friends and/or we’re stuck on a boss in a raid, because people are always thinking the problem is me.  But I often suspect that improving my DPS further is a somewhat hopeless cause as I also like try the other roles out, and thus can’t pick a button order to memorize main to save my freaking life.

You also can’t forget the eternity a DPS will most surely spend in the LFD/LFR queue (it’d be edifying if you could not only see your played time, but also see how much of that was spent in a queue).  Speaking of pugs, the fact that pretty much no one cares what you do as long as you don’t get everybody killed is sad, though it IS nice to be able to coast when you want.  Also, I really don’t care for the DPS numbers game.  STOP QUOTING RECOUNT AND JUST KILL ALL THE THINGS, GAWD.

Tanking appeals to my “take charge and charge the hell ahead” nature, as well as that sort of fatalistic sense I’ve got that the only way to get things done right is to just do it yourself and get it over with.  I find plate hard to mog and goblin ears usually look moronic with helmets.

Though I haven’t tried tanking on a DK yet, Mechalis is putting together a tanking set that is approaching the LFR gearscore barrier, and heroics are certainly within the realm of possibility.  Still, putting myself in front of such a large (and snarky) group is about as appealing as stuffing cheese in my ears. There are also those times when you just want to log on and mindlessly follow the leader, but that’s a little hard to do when you ARE the leader.

Healing appeals to my moral side, since I do enjoy “accidentally” letting karma take effect if I feel somebody Seriously Need a Lesson, but healing seriously effs with my inner performance perfectionist when people die and I didn’t want them to.  Otherwise, if something doesn’t chow down on me, thereby aggravating my Sense of Futility, it’ll be awhile before I can kill it in revenge, which aggravates my Sense of Impatience.

About the only thing I have a clear and definite preference for is the goblin race.

So how DO you pick a main?  If I pick one, I then lean towards another.  If I spend a lot of time burning up all the things as a warlock, then I will inevitably see another hunter with an awesome pet and decide that I must tame it, or that I could tank better than THAT, for Gawd’s sake.  If I tank a lot, I go through phases and eventually dissolve into an ooey gooey puddle of person that is only capable of button-mash style DPSing for a period of time.  If I go by gearscore, I end up confronted with the fact that EL OH EL YOU HAVE NO LUCK AND WILL NEVER HAVE A SHINY WEAPON and DAILIES FOREVER, which is depressing.  Maybe I CAN’T play just one.

Just so this isn’t a totally media-less post, when I think of mains, I think of this video:


15 thoughts on ““Main” Is a Foreign Concept

      1. repgrind

        Wow, I forgot all about Happy Place. That totally made my day (and made me want to roll an undead rogue ….wait. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I already have 3 baby undead to level I don’t need moar!!!!!!!!!)

  1. Leit

    As it turns out, “main” is also a four letter word.

    I’ve off-tanked in LFR a couple of times when groups ended up waiting for a second tank. Most of the time the tank with initial aggro does most of the actual tanking, and the second tank gets the easiest job in the raid – “taunt off at 3 stacks”, “stay in front of Garalon”, “pick up the boss while the other tank is an amber monstrosity/zoned out into totem-world/cackled/etc”.

    Throne is a little more complex for tanks than MSV and HoF, but up to that point you can pretty much derp in tank mode if you need to. Especially helps that overgeared players are running MSV and HoF just for the valour and because the drops are better than dungeons, so you’ll probably have a lot of room to /flail.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I’m having a vision …

      Me: You can be the main tank.
      Other tank: What? Maybe I don’t wanna be the main tank. You can be the main tank.
      Me: But I don’t know what I’m doing.
      Other tank: So what? Trust me, I’ll yell at you when you need to do something.
      Me: I don’t like this plan.
      Everybody else: OMFG GO NOOB

      1. Leit

        I’ve yet to meet a tank that doesn’t immediately go for the throat on aggro in LFR. ‘Sides, you can tell that this is a fantasy scenario, because it involves actually communicating in LFR. 😀

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          True, in reality it’d probably be something like …

          Other tank: RAWRRRRRRRR KILL ::throws self at boss:

          1. Leit

            Could be worse. Do you read WoW Insider? There’s an article on what warriors might want for the future. One of the requests could literally involve throwing *you* at the boss instead. 😀

            1. Prinnie Powah Post author

              Pfffffffft. /waves hand dismissively

              That’s old hat by now. What, do they think goblins haven’t been thrown at bosses before? Do they think *I* haven’t tossed myself or committed the most glorious of unintended facepulls?

              I’m an engineer. I’m prepared for this.


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