Guilds guilds guilds guilds

I started writing this entry back at the beginning of March.  Even though WordPress kindly tells me when I made revisions to it (49 days ago!), I could probably tell when even without the assistance, mostly because of stuff like this:

It hasn’t been long since I made the little guild for myself, my alts and the alts of friends, and it’s nice seeing a guild “progress” in non-raid ways.  Since I’ve always been in almost max-leveled or completely maxed out guilds before, it’s almost like participating in some formerly forgotten tradition that’s been recently revived.  I like seeing the little guild experience bar actually going somewhere.  So far, we’ve made it almost to level 3, and I managed to create a tabard that nobody really hates for “Everybody Needs a Logo.”  This was harder than it sounds – a lot of logos don’t look so good on characters who have bewbs (or exposed spines, for that matter).

Now, a month later, little Termina is level 11, thanks to friends dumping leveling alts in it.  Mass Resurrection may still be a distant hope, but dude, we have mobile banking!  Hotness!  In addition, I’ve successfully resisted the temptation to change the tabard to hot pink with a funny symbol, and we’ve gotten up to five bank tabs, which are of course not enough space given the amount of crap we collect.  (I mean, come on!  What if we NEED all three of those Ebonhold belts for a guild RP uniform or something?  THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE, JEEZE.)  I also haven’t been able to give in to my renaming itch, mostly because I want to call it “Wrath of the Burning Pandaclysm,” which is too long.  WoBP just doesn’t have the same feeling.

While most members of Termina have invite capabilities, I’m usually the only person doing the inviting.  I only invite good friends who have been around me for awhile (we’re comfortable in each other’s company and there’s no drama), who are generally all around awesomeness and don’t mind donating low level alts to feed the guild experience monster.  It really is a purely social guild comprised solely of people I know and appreciate.

Unfortunately, given real life and other assorted WoW obligations, it can be quite quiet at times.  I like having a close circle of friends, but I also like having an “intermediate” or larger circle with a shared cause but who aren’t as close – and that ring seemed absent.

I also wanted to be able to pull off transmog runs in the old-school-but-can-still-kill-you raids that Termina just doesn’t – and probably won’t – have the bodies for.  There’s no doubt that when it comes to transmog runs, we can become very focused and can take on a lot of sheeyit by ourselves.  Buuuuut sometimes, you just need an off tank.  Unfortunately, the other one you know is totally raiding right now!  Or you need more DPS, but s/he’s doing LFR with the other guild, or may simply be offline.  Or you need a healer who doesn’t run around spazzing because OMFG WHERE DID ALL THESE ADDS COME FROM WE’RE DYING OGOD and/or JEEBUS TAP DANCING CRIPES THAT DEBUFF OH YOU’RE DEAD THAT’S BAD HELP MEEEEEE OH WAIT YOU’RE DEAD.  I’d tell myself, “That’s why you heal all the things faster,” but we wiped so now it’s kinda pointless.  Can you two man Patchwerk on Naxx 25?  Not if I’m healing!

With all that said, I sent Thermalix to a new guild at the beginning of the week.  I figured she’d be the easiest to move, as she’s 90 and sorta geared by today’s standards at 490.  (It would also give me a reason to play Therm more.)  I did make a point of choosing a larger guild in the hopes that it would be more active and have more souls interested in getting roasted alive in Firelands.  I did, however, REALLY want to put in an app for this one even though it only had six members:

Because science is awesome.

Because science is awesome.

I’m positive whoever runs For Science on WRA doesn’t read this blog, but whoever you are, you are awesome.  I love you.  I hereby declare my next Disengage off a high place to be FOR SCIENCE!  Speaking of science …

We Cured Ebola! Check one pandemic off the list!

We Cured Ebola!
Check one off the list!

Therm happened to join her new guild on a day when they were doing transmog runs.  Good sign, yes/yes?


12 thoughts on “Guilds guilds guilds guilds

  1. Neri

    It’s amazing how a new guild can completely transform your play time. My husband left our guild some time ago to go play with Navimie, and it rejuvenated his enjoyment of the game. He went from being on the brink of quitting WoW entirely to spending most of his time in game.

    I often think about just throwing in the towel on my guild, or at least giving my alts that are in different guilds some more love, but then I feel guilty. Now I just don’t log on at all :/

    I’m glad to hear that things are going better for you! Should I log on in the near future, I might bug you for an invite and sully your guild with a panda 😛

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I have a friend who recently started reviving his guild with newly recruited members, and I debated trying to “make something” of Termina. For better or worse, I decided that I was not up to the task … limited time, limited energy, extremely preferential invite habits, etc., not being conducive to it.

      The first guild I was ever in lost its first leader and a majority of its “original” core set around the same time. I quit not too long after that because I didn’t want to leave the guild, and yet I couldn’t stand logging on to silence. I guess it entered a period of stasis where it existed but didn’t develop much. When I returned, guild leadership had been handed over to new folks and there were some new dynamic invites who drove guild activity. The vanished “originals,” if you will, never came back – but it remains a fairly sizable and active guild today.

      A leader not logging on doesn’t cause a guild to die, exactly, but the leader is a focal point of guild energy, so it isn’t exactly healthy for the guild either. You might feel guilty about that, or possibly think you could be doing a better job. But when you know that you “could” be doing a better job but in reality can’t (energy not there, heart not present, other obligations, etc.), you’ll probably feel better acknowledging that. “Could be doing a better job” but not actually isn’t failure. Priorities shift. People move on, and that includes guild leaders.

      I can guarantee you that making a decision and acting on it will relieve some of the pressure. Just letting it hang there in stasis – you are the guild leader, yet you aren’t, because you aren’t present – eats you up from the edges.

      /backseat guild leader

      You’re more than welcome to dump chars in Termina. I think we have a panda or two, now that I think about it …

      1. Neri

        I definitely know I am doing them a disservice, but I must be doing enough for them as only one person — my RL friend — has noticed that I haven’t been around as much. I’m still updating the website with kill shots, the mumble and guild website bills are still being paid (I’m working on a post about that, actually) and I even sorted out a back up Mumble for them when I got an email that maintenance on our usual one would be happening right in the middle of raid.

        I think part of me holds on because I was so paranoid that without me it would all just crumble. However, they are proving me wrong. Bosses are still dying and the last time I logged in there was a lot of chatter happening in guild. But, like you said, I don’t have the drive or time anymore to continue to build it up.

        I’m having an officer meeting on Sunday, so I guess it’s time to hand over the reigns.

        As a side note, being selective with your members is a good thing! It makes recruitment harder in a sense that you aren’t inviting 50 people in a day, but the quality of that recruit is just so much better. The Alliance guild I’m in probably gets one new recruit every few months, but they are all amazing people who fit right in. However, admitting that you are not up for the time and energy commitments is a good thing. Ironically that Alliance guild has a GM who logs in even less than I do, and I can be quite critical of that. Hypocrite much?

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          I think people notice the general balance of things, to be honest, but most will not say a word as long as the status quo continues. They don’t know you personally in real life, and they have a bazillion distractions placed before them.

          Guilds that have a core group of dynamic players can build off the momentum they generate. As it stands, Termina would not be able to get off the ground even if I could commit, because the core group (my friends) are still members of the old guild as well. Their attention and energy are divided by necessity. I have zero desire to force them to choose between one or the other.

          I think you can log on sporadically and still be critical of a guild master who does the same. You have an ideal in mind, and while you may not be living up to it, he/she isn’t either! Still, any vocal comments in guild or to other guild members would have to be taken with a grain of salt. /wink

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Thanks. “Hasty Hearth” (at level 8) was quite possibly one of the most thrilling things ever. You forget how long a half hour cooldown can be until you actually have to wait because that’s totally your only way to get back without getting yourself killed.

  2. wowstorylines

    Great job with your alt guild – yes, you will eventually get to Level 25. I’ve done the same thing with my characters although I do have three or four in a more active guild than mine. It’s still fun and I enjoy watching that guild climb up – SafeHaven is at Level 19, almost 20, and SafehaveII is at Level 8. Since I’ve done most of the work solo, it’s taken a bit of time, however, it’s still fun.

      1. wowstorylines

        No doubt in my mind – it’s bad when you have to keep a “roster” of your alts so you know what level and who they are – plus, roll the dice each day to see who is going to get out of the starting gate 😀


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