Plays Poorly With Others

You Are Bad And Should Feel Bad Poor pug.

You Are Bad And Should Feel Bad
Poor pug.

Okay, so, I have a question.  As a healer, how do you have a “reputable” performance when you’re grouped with either people who have fantastic gear, or the sort of people who like to be constantly healing whether it’s needed or not?

I was in part one of Mogu’shan Vaults the other week for valor and lolz.  Overall, it went something like this:

  1. Man, it didn’t seem like we were taking a whole lotta damage – time to help out with a couple Lightning Bolts!
  2. Zap!  Wait, that doesn’t make sense.  We MUST be taking damage.
  3. Oh, I see, Priests A and B are healing All The Things Ever.
  4. I should be helping with healing!  But HOW?
  5. If I cast Healing Rain or Chain Heal now, it’d just be wasted mana, as everybody’s practically at full.  Maybe I’ll Riptide some people.
  6. On the other hand, I don’t want them to think I’m doing NOTHING.
  7. /casts Healing Rain, puts out healing totem
  8. /feels pretty much useless

The more they heal, the less I have to.  As DPS, this sort of dynamic makes me go “GREAT!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!”  But as a healer and as someone who is perpetually concerned by mana consumption, I just wind up standing there looking kinda clueless.  My brain is occupied with wondering what the eff would be the most efficient thing to do, because while I inevitably feel that I should be doing SOMETHING, I am simultaneously unable to figure out how to rationalize useless mana expenditures.

The only thing I can figure is HEAL ALL THE THINGS MORE AND FASTER, by literally casting right out of the gate and never effing stopping, because if I let the other healers heal, I won’t have anything to heal.  Competitive healing!  This is the healing Olympics!  If you’re starting a second late, you might as well not start at all!  Go home, slowpoke, we don’t need you here.

I don’t know if I’m really cut out to be a master of LFR/raid healing.  Heroics, heroic scenarios, transmog runs and so on are all good.  Generally when I’m solo, I rise to the occasion.  But when I’m grouped up with other healers, I just get all puzzled as to how to make a difference.


14 thoughts on “Plays Poorly With Others

  1. Erinys

    Depending on my mood I either dps all things and let them heal or I get ultra competitive and try heal everything so they can’t. That said, I’m pretty sure my parents got told I didn’t play well with others when I was small (unless they had a toy I really really wanted to play with or a Mother who made awesome birthday cakes).

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Oh, I’ve always hated working with others in real life (which may be part of why I generally prefer to be left to my own devices in game?). When I was a wee tiny child, I got an award for “Improved Teamwork.” But that was a lie, I wasn’t really any better at working with people than I was before. No, it just meant that I finally snapped and took over, ruling the group with an iron fist, doling out tasks and doing the important work myself.

  2. socowow

    This is one great thing about Disc, I’m helping with dps but atonement is also a smart heal so I’m also healing all the things and usually quite far up the meter.
    So I look like I’m really on the ball when all I’m actually doing is smiting!

    1. Leit

      Smart heals ftw. Drop totems as resto, wild growth as druid, atonement as priest, Radiance as pally if you can afford it and shock snipe wherever you can. Most of these have a cooldown, though.

      I’ve actually quietly switched to ele before in LFR. Not like sha of fear requires a lot of healing. Just pray it doesn’t bug and cackle you as a healer, because then everyone’s hosed.

      1. Prinnie Powah Post author

        I’ve been debating deleting my 87 Horde pally and restarting her as a healer-type, mostly because I currently can’t do anything but Protection, and you can’t tank ALL the time. That, and when I set her alt spec to healing in the 80s, it was like, OMFG ALL THE SPELLS WHAT DO I DO HELP.

        1. Leit

          Paladin was a brilliant healing style back in Cata because it was so *active*. Pallies really mix up their toolbox, and their plethora of instants was a godsend when trying to, for instance, outsnipe disc. Or heal on the move, whatever.

          Haven’t pallied since then, but can imagine due to the mix-it-up philosophy it might result in some overload. 😛

          1. Prinnie Powah Post author

            It’d be like a sequel in which I continue my internal dialog of derp. “Heal? Or kill? Heal? Or kill? Healing is good. Killing things faster is good. ON SECOND THOUGHT I’M RUNNING OUT OF MANA.”

      1. Leit

        You have… uh… totems. And ancestral whatsit, which is kinda pathetic, and lazor heal which is technically smart but only after the first target.


  3. Neri

    I used to raid normals/heroics with two Paladins who were exactly as you described these Priests. Except it wasn’t faceroll LFR, it was progression content! In the end I just sat back doing my thing, letting them burn their mana in some Recount pissing contest, and then in the last few minutes — the ones where it really counts — I would just activate god mode and leave them in the dust.

    These days, I’m probably that healer who is at the bottom in LFR and I just…I don’t care anymore. I’m not sure when good healing became about how massive your numbers were in recount, but to say I hate that attitude is an understatement. If people are alive at the end of the encounter, your job has been done. Throw some lightning bolts and let those epeen folks get their jollies from numbers 🙂

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Speaking of progression, I just agreed to be backup heals/DPS for my guild (currently farming ToT, will be doing 5.4 when available). WHAT HAVE I DONE OGOD TERROR


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