Pretty Fly for a Super Low Leveled Draenai?

Poor, poor Daschela.  At first the name was given to a night elf druid, who has since been faction-changed and renamed Betheki.  (It was the perfect pun on “Beth” and it sounded too troll-y to pass up.)  Then Violaryn, my blood elf paladin, was namechanged to Daschela, as I liked the name too much to lose.  (This, by the way, confused the bejeesus outta everyone, including me.)

And then I said, man, blood elves.  It’s just not … it’s not me.

For the record, I don’t mind that blood elves are Very Pretty People.  In fact, I make a point of flirting with all long-haired male blood elves I find in LFD/LFR, just to see what the Very Pretty People will do.  I don’t mind that blood elves are practically 3/4ths of the Horde when lorewise, they really ought to be but a fraction.  No, it’s the emotes.

Every time I laugh, I want to stab things.  Every time I /silly as a blood elf, I feel like I’ve poured acid onto my soul.  The female blood elf emotes make me think, “Sheesh, I really ought to go back and play more as a Forsaken.”  I just can’t stand the female blood elf emotes.  Their existence prevents me from ever really liking being a blood elf.  Even though Violaryn-turned-Daschela made it to level 87, I could NOT get past the meh.

See, normally, alts that have the “meh problem” die somewhere before I hit Burning Crusade.  Violaryn-turned-Daschela existed for one purpose only, and that was skimpy transmog – one set in particular.  Because Transmog Trumps All and the ONLY boots that would do required her to be level 85, she survived long past her expiration date.  Once the desired set was done, I still didn’t like her.  Hell, it was worse – I just didn’t CARE anymore.

She has been deleted so that I might try Holy paladerping from the ground up, as Daschela the Draenai Derpadin.

Hmmmm She's so full of the Light, she sees shadows everywhere.  Mysterious shadows ...

She’s so full of the Light, she sees shadows everywhere. Mysterious shadows …

9 thoughts on “Pretty Fly for a Super Low Leveled Draenai?

  1. tomeoftheancient

    I have never leveled a female Blood Elf past level 5. I just had the desire to run her into the biggest group of mobs I could find and leave her so I guess they just aren’t me either. And I grew frustrated with them as I kept trying to get them to eat a sandwich or something, put a few pounds on and they wouldn’t cooperate ever. I think one’s lying dead on some server somewhere never to be revived.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I admit to periodically attempting to level blood elves, because while I’m generally Horde, there’s a portion of my soul that WANTS to be “pretty” and “attractive.” But then the emotes just make the whole thing too far-fetched for me.

  2. myriade

    Aw, I kinda like my blood elves – I get to put my ‘YOU WISH YOU WERE THIS FAB’ hat on and be absolutely ridiculous. 😀

    I rolled both a blood elf and draenei paladin, and now I spend a significant amount of time wondering why they look EERILY similar.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I DO have a “YOU WISH YOU WERE THIS FAB” hat, but I can only work it when playing goblins. Or maybe it’s a “YOU WISH YOU COULD NUKE SHEEYIT LIKE ME” hat.

      Now that you mention the resemblance, I think I need to change my spacegoat’s hairdo.

  3. Neri

    One perk of playing with sounds off is that my army of Blood Elves look amaaaaaaazing and I’m not constantly reminded of Regina George from Mean Girls every time I emote something. Win/win!

  4. Erinys

    That’s one scary shadow which needs banishing. I’d be spamming turn evil at if I were you. My main was briefly Bloodelf and I have to admit she annoyed me on many levels, especially the fact that unlike mine her nail polish never chipped regardless of how much digging (archaeology) and killing she did. I struggle with Worgen for the opposite reasons.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      As far as I can tell, the shadow belongs to a quest-giving NPC who lies injured on the floor, up on the second story, directly above where the shadow is. I’m the only one who saw the shadow on the level below. It was weird. Dark things have taken place there in the past, but only Daschela can see the hidden evidence! DUN DUN DUNNNNN draenai detective.

      I struggle with worgen for two reasons: the female dance is horrendously stupid-looking, and the female faces (the eyes especially) remind me too much of anthropomorphic/anime styled fanart for comfort.

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