“Alliance Archer” Set

"Alliance Archer" Set

“Alliance Archer” Set

Class: Hunter (with crossbow), Shaman

H: Not shown | S: Pauldrons of the Promise | Cl: Not shown
Double Link Tunic | Wa: Pillager’s Girdle | L: Agamaggan-Blessed Greaves
Renegade Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Renegade Boots

Crossbow: Arugoo’s Crossbow of Destruction

Status: Finished

Thoughts: By the time Daschela hit level 20 as a derpadin, I began having doubts.  Is it weird to have two Alliance characters who are both paladins?  What will I do with my offspec, since I don’t want to be a Responsible Party Member all the time, but can’t really do Ret?  But what if I DO go Ret?  I could shout “Nobody expects the Draenish Inquisition!” and be punny!  But wait, melee.  Or I could pretend to be a shockadin …

It was thus quite easy for Ty to convince me that I really ought to level something else – say, a hunter – with him.  I also thought to myself that a huntard would have a better chance of “going somewhere,” which usually means past Outland or to 90.  After all, hunters are great for soloing (which I wind up doing a lot of when Alliance)!  There’s also that whole “preference for ranged” thing I seem to have discovered lately.

So suddenly, hunter.  Level 40.  Bang!

I put this together because I can’t stand the look of the agility mail heirlooms.  Between the big, bulky shoulder with the chunky triangle-claws and the biker shorts covered in scales, it just doesn’t do a thing for me.  Worse, all the drops you get for the other slots (hands, feet, waist) never seem to match.  So the sooner I can mog up, the better.

On the sad side, there are SO FEW attractive (let alone INTERESTING) bows at this level.  LE SIGH – it’ll be awhile before Daschela can aim for the pages of Pretty Fly for a Draenei.

On the happy side, the nice thing about being a tall drink of water is that pants with thigh details/focus (of which there are a lot) don’t look like total crap/make the character look fat/just look weird.  Hooray!

4 thoughts on ““Alliance Archer” Set

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Yup, that’s exactly what I’ve done here. (I vaguely remember mailing the heirooms automatically removing the mog for me, but that may just be the lack of caffeine talking.) The only challenge is: you can only mog mail looms with mail armor, even though the looms show/act as leather if you’re a huntard under 40. Unfortunately, if you’re a huntard under 40, you can’t wear mail, and since you have to be able to wear what you mog … this would be why I rushed her to 40, because ogod need to look better asap.

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          Thanks! I can’t afford WRA prices for the BoE drops (especially the Double Link Tunic, which is especially pricey because it’s black), so you should’ve seen me needing like whoa when they dropped in LFD parties.

          The warrior tank won the tunic first, but then was like, “I don’t need this. Anybody want it?” ME. ME. OGOD ME. PICK ME.

          With the belt, somebody was like, “but you don’t even wear mail …” YET, my dungeon running friend. I don’t wear mail YET.


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