Hunter Appreciation Week: TAME ALL THE THINGS

Ah, hunters.

I Fear for the Ponies

I Fear for the Ponies

Once upon a time, after Deathwing got bored with destroying the world in general and took to hanging out in raids instead, a troll by the name of Versebelg came to be.  She had no heirlooms, no clue and no distinction of any sort.  Still, she understood mining and shooting things in the face, so all was well.

Versebelg actually did stuff like completing quest zones, since it took some time before she realized you didn’t actually have to finish one zone’s quest line in order to progress to the next.  She never used that thing called LFD until she was in the 80s and desperate to get out of Deepholm.  She was my first to ding 85, o proud day!

But once she discovered the magic of transmog, Versebelg felt deeply dissatisfied with the way her troll toes always hid her shoes.  Unhappily, she also realized the creepy similarity between her face and that of every other female troll she had ever met.  In this dark moment, A WILD THERMALIX APPEARED.  Named for the “therm” in things like thermometers, thermodynamics, thermonuclear radiation and so on, she stomped into the world intent on taming all the things in all the best outfits.


And crap happened.  Pets were tamed!  Derps were had!  There was much mogging!  Basically, the blog!

Cal is Long Suffering

Cal is Long Suffering

On the eve of patch 5.4, Thermalix Spendtrue is at ilevel 506 and stands as my second main, or primary alt if you will.  If I ever decide to go further with the Loremaster or Seeker titles, she’ll be my go-to-gal!  Not only does Therm have a huge head start on quests, but hunters are seriously THE BEST for soloing stuff.  They have a pocket tank that they can heal in addition to some crowd-controlling action for safety, and (of course) they can Feign Death if sheeyit gets outta hand. Ok, so she’s level 90 and the likelihood of things spiraling out of control in Mulgore is kinda low.  But she’s prepared JUST IN CASE!

Of course, hunters love their pets, so Therm was thrilled when Blizzard finally got over their “OMFG WOW IS NOT POKEMONZ” fears and increased stable space!  Therm’s tastes vary between the strange, the flamboyant and the downright adorable.

Think they’ll ever add tamable bunnies to the game?  Yes/no?

2 thoughts on “Hunter Appreciation Week: TAME ALL THE THINGS

  1. Anoukisse

    I’m a hard-core hordie I think. But I really want that Double Agent achievement, so I’m leveling a hunter on an alternate realm to keep my reputation intact (and because I can’t imagine killing fellow-realm-hordies in PvP), yet still get the achievement. So, I’m a hard-core hordie AND hypocrite. 😉

    Anyway, I think you’re totally right about the hunter being easy to level. Even with my ADD I can manage kill a ton of stuff while talking in vent and yet not die.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      What with the ninety million goblins I got running around, I have to say I’m for the Horde. Still, I’ve made Niremere and Daschela on the same server as my Hordies. This is mostly because now that I know what heirlooms are, I NEED MY LOOMS. They save me from having to be cranky about (most) ninja looting scenarios until the 80s. They give me Moar EXP (TM). Must. Have. Looms.

      What level is your hunter at? Daschela just hit the lower 60s (I HAD TO FLY, I COULDN’T TAKE RUNNING ANYMORE).


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