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Virtually every level 90 alt I have is working on the legendary questline from Wrathion!  Sorta.  About 90% of them are still collecting sigils, because alts.  (Did you know that the internet has made “because x” a legit form of speech?)  Originally, I wasn’t too thrilled about the whole cloak concept and dawdled a good deal.  But ever since I learned that the legendary cloak gave you weird shiny wings, Bombelina’s been mostly serious about courting “Wrathie,” as she likes to call him (when she’s pretty sure he’s not listening).

Think Happy Thoughts Which are not "why didn't he let ME use the forge, Gawd!"

Think Happy Thoughts
Which are not “why didn’t he let ME use the forge, Gawd!”

She finally derped around enough on the Isle of Thunder to get to Exalted status, and Wrathie-poo said that it was time to use the fancy Thunderforge!  Hooray for progress!  Bombelina almost complained because she was just there saving some scouts who were hanging around in their underwear, but she thought better of it and went with the flow.  Her only major issue with this part was the fact that Wrathies insisted on working the forge himself.  She wanted to do that, dang it, but I guess you can’t have it all when a dragon of dubious motives is involved.  Afterwards, she sat herself down by Nalak in hopes of finding a group of fellow late quest-doers.

But it’s a cold, cold world on the Isle of Thunder in patch 5.4, since it’s old content and all.  So after waiting for two minutes forever, she was (of course) still the only person standing around. It seemed her goal of weird shiny wings would be stymied by her patch procrastination, but lo!  All was not lost, for a guildmate volunteered to help her out.  This guildmate had a plan for Nalak.  It was a very good plan, mostly, except for the high probability of death.

See, the plan was something like this:

  1. Bombelina will hurl the spear at Nalak
  2. Noble Tankytype Guildmate will taunt him
  3. Bombelina should run for her life, because there will be an add
  4. This add is lonely, but it should never be hugged or comforted in any way – make the add die of unbearable loneliness
  5. Oh also, try not to die or we do it all over again
  6. Guildmate will try not to die too, even though Nalak is biting him
  7. Ta-da, spear get

It worked, but …

WELP MY WORK HERE IS DONE My guildmate's too, by the look of it.

My guildmate’s too, by the look of it.

Oops.  This in turn led to a new header image, with Reggies portraying my long lost/ignored conscience.  You know, that thing with the morals that you sometimes listen to?  Yeah, that.


Then came the Titan Runestones.  I still run ToT LFR out of habit and on multiple alts, so I’m accustomed to hearing people moan constantly about the drop rate.  Me?  Well, yeah, they don’t drop as often as I’d like, but you gotta keep in mind, I’d like a 100% drop rate.  And anyway, I was so freaking far behind that getting the drops sooner vs. later really didn’t matter to me.

Wrathieboo is supposed to tell you about Important Plot Points after each one you pick up, but I only saw him pipe up a couple of times.  This is probably because when he DOES say something, it’s during that IMMEDIATE post boss phase when everybody is either complaining about getting all gold or ditching the LFR.  This causes chat spam of course, which in turn makes it seem like these Runestones are just another quest requirement thing and not much more.  SIGH.  We’re going to have to work on his timing.

Post-Fight Reality Wrathie-baby, you can't talk through things like this.

Post-Fight Reality
Wrathie-baby, you can’t talk through things like this.

Speaking of poor timing (mine): Iron Qon probably thought I had it in for him last week, as I ended up killing him a total of FOUR TIMES in three days.  The first time, I’d totally forgotten about the server restart, and, well, the thing restarted after we offed him.  The second time, the queue to get in took too long, so after I killed him I wound up leaving for the guild flex run immediately after.  The THIRD time I went through and murdered him was the trip where I got my last Runestones.  And then Wrathion wanted me to go back for Lei Sheeyit’s crusty old heart (that’s three sizes too small), so I was forced to knock him off a fourth time!

Next step: Celestials, Celestials, and more Celestials.  Bombelina initially planned on doing Yu’lon’s ranged DPS challenge, since her DPS set has the higher gearscore, and really – how hard can shooting a blindfolded guy in the back really be?  Well, hard enough.  She ended up stomping off in a tizzy for two reasons:

  1. She would get Wrathion down to 1% and then die either a second before him or at the same time because adds, but “close enough” apparently doesn’t count as a victory, and as a result she had to wait for all her cooldowns to reset (oh p.s., here, have some durability damage) AGAIN
Cooldowns ... or Weapons of Mass Destruction? Possibly both.

Cooldowns … or Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Possibly both.

Shut up, Yu’lon.  Seriously.  Shut.  It.  Up.  All the various platitudes and pearls of wisdom ya got are fine and dandy to listen to during/after the first wipe, but when you keep repeating them while I’m in the midst of the third or fourth attempt?  Yes, DO tell me about paying attention to my surroundings in that high-minded, vaguely distracted tone you got.  SCREW YOU.  I OUGHTA FINISH THE JADE FOREST QUEST LINE AND BLOW UP YOUR STATUE.  HOW’S THAT, HUH?!  You wanna talk about the wisdom of knowing when to do freaking nothing, but you don’t seem to understand how this translates into, you know, NOT TALKING AND BEING ANNOYING.

So Bombelina ragequit packed up and went to her other least favorite Celestial, Chi-ji.  (Anything that hopefully mentions the hopeiness of hope tends to get her inner cynic up in arms.)  She wound up one-shotting the healing challenge there because lolz fate likes irony, and it wanted to point out that she really should’ve started here first.  (My protip on which challenge to do: if you can heal LFR on a Sunday, you can do the healing challenge EASY.)  She did have to help Wrathiepoo DPS his opponent, either because he is ungemmed and unenchanted or because he is just plain slow.  Based on how hard he hit her when she didn’t get out of the way at the Jade Temple, it was somewhat surprising to see him be so dang wimpy in Krasarangarang.

Freaking Slimes Slimes, do not want. Stop.  No touchy.

Freaking Slimes
Slimes, do not want. Stop. No touchy.

After THAT, it was time to take on the Celestials at the Timeless Isle.  As it turns out, it’s really freaking hard to get a Celestials group if you’re there on Thursday.  Or Friday.  Or Saturday.  Or Sunday.  Or Monday.  SIGH.  Unfortunately, because each Celestial DOES have to die to fulfill the quest requirements, there could be no sacrifice of guildmates a la Nalak.

But you don’t tell a goblin no.  BEHOLD!

I'M LEGENDERPY Check it!  YOUR GODLY GOBLIN OVERLORD HAS ARRIVED. ... and then other people got cloaks.

… and then other people got cloaks.

Yes, I picked the one with the prettiest wings.  It’s important.

Priorities They may be warped, but I have them.

They may be warped, but I have them.

p.s., happy holidays for those of you who do Thanksgiving!

“Darksong” Set

"Darksong" Set

“Darksong” Set

Class: Druid

H: Crown of Malorne | S: Conqueror’s Nightsong Spaulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Don Rodrigo’s Poncho | Wa: Sash of Musing | L: Brutal Gladiator’s Kodohide Legguards
Darkbrand Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Not shown trollolol

Staff: Bleak Scythe

Status: Finished

Thoughts: This would be my first attempt at creating a more darker, more deathly druid, one who has an outlook focused less on regrowth and more on the decay that often precedes it.

This outfit was only doable thanks to the assistance of guildmates and friends.  Because I can’t chicken (or cat), I had to ask for help getting through Kara and Hyjal in a timely fashion for the helm and chest.  Even if I could chicken, I still would have had to ask for their help when it came to the shoulders, since those are purchased with a token that only drops from Yoggies 25 man.  Clearly, when it comes to mogging, I always pick the easiest items to obtain.  /facepalm

Next up for Betheki, the druid fashionista – a dark green, trollish set.  The Zandalari may be old news, mon, but voodoo never goes out of style.

“Golden Harmony” Set

"Golden Harmony" Set

“Golden Harmony” Set

Class: Shaman

H: Not shown | S: Shoulderwraps of Celestial Harmony (flex) | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Golden Links of Restoration | Wa: Belt of the Ardent Marksman | L: Leggings of the Tireless Sentry
Rock-Giant’s Pinky Cover | Wr: Not shown | B: Amberpine Greaves

Dagger: Blood Weeper
Shield: Gizlock’s Hypertech Buckler

Status: Finished

Thoughts:  According to my scientific research, if armor sparkles, glows or moves, the coolness factor is increased exponentially.  I love this shaman tier.  Ok, so maybe not quite as much as I ❤ the Firebird set from Vaults/HoF, but I still love it – the shoulders in particular.  They remind me of sparkly gyroscopes, and what could be better for a goblin!?  I dug out one of my favorite shields as well, Gizlock’s Hypertech Buckler.  Engineers can make a similar shield, I believe, but this one drops from Maraudon for those of us who can’t.  It rotates too!

Full disclosure: I should note that farming anything from Maraudon is kinda a pain in the tush due to the distance you must travel to get in/out of the instance.  I actually picked up this shield back when I was leveling.

Red Like My Raeg

My problems with rogue are pretty simple and also pretty much unfixable.  Mostly, I just suck at it, and what I personally consider to be a good rogue rotation (stealth, pickpocket, open box gleefully, rinse, repeat) is not something the greater rogue community or WoW designers agree with.  They seem to want me to engage in combat and crap, but I JUST WANT THE GOLD, GAWD.

SCREW YOUR STANDARDS I jump how high I want!

I jump how high I want!

Cav and Goa have both leveled rogues and have tried to help me in the past, but rogue is not really their true calling.  Cav is the Eternal Warrior, for although he might play other classes from time to time, he always, always comes back to his one true love.  Goa would be the same, if he didn’t have that alt-itis problem.  Even so, he rocks Warrior.  Beating crap up is what they DO.


So yeah, they wore me down.  Cav promised to make a rogue to level with me (seems ironic, somehow), but refused to go goblin (too short), so we settled on the only race we both like: Forsaken.  My warrior is Arms, even though the DPS queue will take forever.

This Look Is Tragic MOG ME NOW, PLEASE

This Look Is Tragic

Oh, c’mon now, it’s not that bad.  The looms are “classic!”  Stop hiding your face.

Well, I Guess Uh, on second thought ...

Well, I Guess
Uh, on second thought …

Oh.  Well.  Y’know, since he’s not exactly leveling the rogue and a guildmate wants to make a goblin, I think I’m going to make a goblin too …

PIXELBY PRESENT YEAH I like how the goblin /flex is like, three times longer than anybody else's.

I like how the goblin /flex is like, three times longer than anybody else’s.


Cav Does What He Wants Screw your concept of warrior tanks!

Cav Does What He Wants
Screw your concept of warrior tanks!

Anyway, I’ve heard people say that things are kinda stinky for warriors, and that people think warrior tanks are kinda stinky too.  I can’t speak about warrior end game or raiding, so here’s my theory as to why there might not be many low level warrior tanks: it really sucks at low levels.  So you DPS instead, and then after awhile, that’s exactly what you get used to.

I had a suspicion that lowbie warrior tanking would be a big bad pile of awful, because I did a bit of it back in Cata.  I hoped that maybe it changed with all the patches since, but no – I did one dungeon (Deadmines), and I ran screaming.

Some of it was old hat sorta stuff, the kind I just didn’t feel like dealing with for 90 levels.  The hunter was pulling some of the things.  The healer was pulling the rest of the things!  There was no point to telling them to stop, since I’d never see them again and the next party would just be more of the same.

But those old hat problems contributed to the lowbie warrior tank problems.  I could not Charge any of the things once they got pulled because THEY WERE TOO CLOSE, and if I tried to charge before they got pulled by other (ranged) people, THEY WERE TOO FAR.  Charge has a cooldown too, of course.

Perhaps worse, you don’t have any sort of AoE when you start, so you end up with mobs all over the damn place, and I couldn’t get them back.  Warrior tanks don’t get their first multiple-target thing (Thunder Clap) until level 20, by which time you’ve already felt like shooting yourself in the face for taking this up.  (WTB Avenger’s Shield, which hits three targets and which Protection Paladins get at level 10.  SUPER UNFAIR.)

Tab targeting in Deadmines is a crapshoot because you’ll often tab target totally useless explosive barrels halfway down the hall.  (Actually, tab targeting in general is a crapshoot because you’ll often select the mob standing a bazillion feet away that hasn’t aggroed instead of the mob that happens to be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, trying to kill you.)  As a result, trying to switch targets to Taunt was totally futile because by the time I selected the RIGHT target attacking the healer, the thing was already dead.  After while I stopped bothering, under the “you yank it, you tank it” philosophy.  HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING INTO.

What also made it difficult as a noob was how I couldn’t freely use what skills I had.  Not only did I have to deal with cooldowns, I had to deal with generating Rage first instead of consuming something already available like mana, which is a New Thing for me as a tank.  (p.s., not Charging means 20 less Rage right off the bat!)  Rage regeneration in Defensive stance felt too slow to keep up with all the chaos of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.  Screw that.  Seriously, man, I’m not touching that with a 20 foot pole that’s got a skunk tied to the end of it.  Maybe in the future, tank-type warriors can start off with full rage or something.  You know, like they’re always angry, and the only way to make them less rage-faced is to let them beat the crap outta something.

NOBODY DESERVES GNOMEREGAN Remember, friends don't Gnomeregan friends.

Remember, friends don’t Gnomeregan friends.

p.s., So deleting the rogue enabled me to rename Electrika to use the rogue’s much cuter name (Bombelina).   Sure, my blog tags and categories are confused as hell with all the renaming, but eh, who actually reads all the old crap anyway?

“Surestrike Secret” Set

"Surestrike Secret" Set

“Surestrike Secret” Set

Class: Hunter (Engineer required for goggles)

H: Surestrike Goggles v2.0 | S: Shoulderpads of the Secret Arts | Cl: Not shown
Ruthless Gladiator’s Chain Armor | Wa: Ruthless Gladiator’s Links of Cruelty | L: Leggings of the Insatiable
Gossamer-Stained Grips | Wr: Not shown | B: Njord Boots

Bow: Brutal Gladiator’s Longbow

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Thermalix definitely needed a new getup.  Something in black, maybe, something kinda ninja-y but with a bit of “pow” to it – not the plain ol’ Dark Ranger look.  It needed to be a bit goblinish, and most importantly, it needed to be pretty dang easy to get.  She could make the goggles and already had the shoulders, pants and boots.  Thermalix traded her Justice in for Honor, which is a splendid arrangement because 1.) I suck at PvP, and 2.) ogod all the Justice why do I have so much of it?

But let us pause here to consider an often overlooked promised update for Warlords of Derpnor:

“Hunters were using transmog to avoid hearing gun sounds. […] Hunters will be getting updated weapon sounds in WoD.”

Whoa, dude, how did they KNOW that I did that?  Wait just a second, other people do it too!?  I’M NOT ALONE!?

Guess it’s a good thing I saved those cool guns, then!  I just can’t use ’em yet because sounds.

Fly Me To the Moon

Flying and Seeing the World! Well, I AM seeing something.

Flying and Seeing the World!
Well, I AM seeing something.

So I read “World of Warcraft Flying Mounts and Warlords of Draenor,” and it got me thinking about why I LOVE FLYING.  This post contains the reasons why I would get kinda cranky with another 100% flightless island!

1. Death Prevention
For a variety of reasons, I am not always able to attend to the game while logged on, and must occasionally AFK here and there.  In old content that my character vastly outlevels, this is usually not an issue.  In current content that my character must actually expend effort to survive in, stepping away from the computer for a couple minutes means that while I might save what’s in the oven, I run a very good chance of coming back to a corpse.

In most zones, safe places to stop for a breather are either far from your current questing location, or separated from you by a large number of mobs that you do not have time to fight through.  Going AFK where you stand on the ground is probably a bad idea, even if you are in a corner or hiding in some bushes – mobs don’t give a crap about that, and any pat that gets within range will come smack you down before you get back.  Flying offers a quick solution to this dilemma by enabling you to ascend to the skies (that is, if there aren’t MORE mobs up there, like at Lion’s Landing) while you attend to matters in the physical realm.

Although Blizzard (supposedly) plans on doing away with repair costs in Warlords of Draenor, that time has not yet come.  So by preventing one’s death, one also saves gold!  You also save time, since you don’t have to run back to your body from wherever the closest graveyard is (which may not be all that close or convenient).

Finally, if you are someone like me, you have both Alliance and Horde alts and sometimes find yourself going to the wrong Shrine or the wrong outpost in some zone.  Being on a flying mount is your only chance of getting the hell out of Dodge before ninety million NPCs and possibly players squish you into itty bitty pieces for your mistake.

2. Freaking Mountains
They’re everywhere, and a non-fatal route from one zone into another through them is not always immediately apparent.  I’ve tried running on foot from Stormwind to Hillsbrad before, since I wanted to tame a pet in that zone.  Alas!  I couldn’t use a flight path, since the alt in question had not been anywhere near that zone before.  Though many of my other characters have, Blizzard does not allow the flight path “knowledge” to go from one to the other these days.  The Cataclysm made passing between some zones impossible (hello giant abyss of doom), and going around is not an option thanks to More Freaking Mountains.  To get from Loch Modan to the Wetlands, I literally wound up jumping to my death down the busted up dam/dried up waterfall.

My Other Options Were Limited Severely so, actually.

My Other Options Were Limited
Severely so, actually.

I was determined to do it, and not particularly pissed off one way or the other about the whole thing – but this is not what I would call an enjoyable travel experience, nor one I’d want to repeat regularly because flying mounts were prohibited.

3. Flight Path Inefficiency
Do you ever feel like flight paths are inspired by airlines, or some sort of connect-the-dot game drawn by a madman?

WTB Direct Flight Flight paths, the airlines of Azeroth.

WTB Direct Flight
Flight paths, the airlines of Azeroth.

Seriously, even with the guild buff, I don’t have time for that crap.

4. Annoyance Prevention
People on ground mounts in flightless zones annoy me.  In their desire to turn in this quest or that one, or get to a place where they won’t be killed by a mob that just happens to spawn while they are AFK, they train a kajillion things behind them.  In the past, it seemed like mobs would always reset, ignoring people who circumstance placed nearby.  Unfortunately, in recent locations like the Isle of Thunder … well, they don’t reset so much as they pick another convenient target who just happened to be there, and it freaking sucks to be that target.

I like people more when they don’t have to do that in order to get from Point A to Point B.

I also like it more when I don’t have to do that in order to turn in.  I may have fought my way to the completion of the quest, yes, but I have almost no intention of fighting all the way back out to the quest giver again.  It takes too much time.

I would accept no flight if and only if we had something like that awesome saurok getup, which made the mobs friendly to you and which JUMPED LIKE MAGIC.

5. Annoyance is NOT a Sufficient Motivator for Many, and “Exploration” Doesn’t Mean You’ll Find What You Need
I don’t know about you, but if the cost of something is more than I perceive its worth to be, I am quite likely to just not do it.  If it’s too annoying to get to somewhere, I’m not going to begrudgingly go there and then decide I like it – I’m just going to not go there in the first place.

When it comes to exploration not helping you find what you need, take my shaman as an example.  She is not the first or even one of the first of my nine alts who have leveled through Pandaria.  She’s a jewelcrafter, but I didn’t even know the fancy jewelcrafting trainer in Jade Forest existed, much less that I needed to visit her in order to learn special recipes.  How did I find out?  It certainly wasn’t exploration or questing!  (Note: I do have Loremaster of Pandaria under my belt, so it’s not like I totally skipped the zone.)  No, Mr. Robot told me I needed to make specific type of gem for my gear, but I didn’t know how to cut it.  I queried my guildmates, who told me I could learn it at a trainer.  I went to the trainer I had always visited (in Orgrimmar), and discovered no such recipe there.  I then proceeded to Google the cut in question, at which point I finally learned there was a panda out in the middle of relative nowhere in the Jade Forest who had it.

Guess what?  I flew there.

6. Flying is a Reward I’ve Earned by Leveling and Paid For With Precious, Precious Gold
So stop taking it away from me, dammit.

For me, fast flying is a necessity.  I derp around the world for a variety of reasons, sometimes mining to pass the time while I am in a queue, and sometimes to procure mats for an alt’s low profession.  Quite often I’m flying to an old school dungeon or raid run for transmog purposes.  While I very rarely have the gold available to train the higher levels of flying at the moment an alt is first able to learn them, I will hoard my gold until I can finally get one level of flying, with maybe 100g left over for repairs.

I don’t always do dailies, and sometimes I go for days without doing quests on the same character, content leveling some other alt.  I don’t play the Auction House at all, and I usually save the mats I acquire for my own use instead of selling them.  While I can’t avoid repairs, I will stop buying what I consider “vanity” items, like minor glyphs or green quality armor I think would look good on an alt.  Sometimes I have stopped buying health/mana potions altogether, instead only using what I can make.  Generally, it will take about two weeks (sometimes a little more, rarely a little less these days) before I can afford one of the 4k flying skills.

Ignoring the the time and effort required to level any alt, let’s take a look at the costs involved in learning how to fly as fast as possible anywhere you possibly can.  Once I have finally maxed out flying on a character, I have spent (assuming I have the reputation discount) the following:

Basic Flying: 200g
(Level 60, enables you to fly in the first place, but is 100% useless without the Flight Master’s License)

Flight Master’s License: 250g
(Requires Level 60, allows you to fly in most zones, meaning it’s pretty much required)

Cold Weather Flying: 400g
(Allows you to fly in Northrend only)

Artisan Riding: 4,000g
(Requires Level 70, which makes you slightly less slow)

Fancypants Superfast Master Flying: 4,000g
(Requires Level 80, and currently the fastest flying speed)

Wisdom of the Four Winds: 2,000g
(Requires Level 90, allows flight in Pandaria)

That’s a sum of 10,850g!

Considering that:

  1. None of my characters qualifies as “rich,”
  2. I have 9 level 90s, a mix of Horde and Alliance
  3. I have, over time, paid for max flying on all nine,
  4. I already have the Explorer achievement,
  5. I am about 100 quests shy of “the Seeker” achievement,
  6. I already travel to multiple continents/worlds/expacs in search of transmog, and thus could be said to be exploring the world regularly,

… anybody telling me I should mother trucking ride a ground mount to see the world can, quite frankly, go chew on toothpicks.  FLYING MOUNTS FOREVER!!

What Happens When It Rots? Then again, that's probably how they get it down from there.

What Happens When It Rots?
Then again, that’s probably how they get it down from there.

The 9th 90 and Thoughts on Druid Healing


Almost a year ago to the day, a friend of mine actually listened to me talking up WRA and made a tank alt.  He asked me to make a healer to level with him, so I did, just like a good responsible “you should switch servers”-talking friend should.  There was, however, a small problem: he rolled a DK, so I was fifty-sixish freaking levels behind from the get-go!  As a result, my poor druid never did catch up to him, and that, I thought, was that.

But then Goa got another case of alt-itis.  I’m sympathetic to this problem because I know alt-itis well.  I’ve had it on many an occasion, and some might even say that I show the symptoms of a chronic case.  Around level 70, Goa mentioned wanting a leveling buddy … and wouldn’t ya know it, I just so happened to have a stalled druid sitting at that exact point!  Thus began the odd leveling partnership between one evil soul-stealing goblin warlock and one shoeless treehugging troll hippie.  (It was weird.  No, not the whole warlock and druid combo – the whole me not being the goblin thing.)

Once we got past Utgarde Keep and I re-familiarized myself with something that wasn’t a shaman, things went pretty well.  In fact, they went freaking great except for those couple of times when I got smacked by things and fell daeeeed to the ground.  Overall, I was shocked.  I had no idea this druid thing was so EASY.  I didn’t have to do much more than Rejuvenate until I got into the 60s, and even after that point, most situations felt laid back.  Rejuvenate and chill, yo.  Whooshy sounds!  Maybe put that green circle thingie down.  Nice lookin’, isn’t it?  I like the little leaf thingies that float up, those are neat.  Oh, I guess I should cast a heal or something, earn my keep.  Nah, we’re lookin’ good, I’ll just Rejuv + that other HoT thingie that stacks.  What was that one called, anyway?  Lifebloom, that’s it!

And on it went.  Wrath dungeons?  Druid healing was totally easy.  Cata dungeons?  Druid healing was very easy.  Stormstout Brewery?  Druid healing was STILL easy.  Temple of the Jade Serpent?  Druid healing was mostly easy, unless the tank decided to pull the whole Courtyard full of Sha when I wasn’t even in LoS yet.  Siege of Niuzao?  OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE THIS IS CATASTROPHIC I REGRET EVERYTHING HOLY CRACKBASKETS

Always Shoot for the Stars Blah Blah Blah And if you miss, land face first.

Always Shoot for the Stars Blah Blah Blah
And if you miss, land face first.

My druid’s first Siege of Niuzao run turned out to be The Moment in which I realized I’m Doing It Wrong.  To be sure, it wasn’t the first time I’ve observed some randomass things in LFD and have subsequently wondered what I’m doing with my whole existence, like that one time a feral druid showed up and tanked the whole Siege of Niuzao in cat form.  I told him he was the skinniest bear I’d ever seen!  Still, underweight grizzly or no, he overgeared the whole thing and that was that.

But when I was an at-level druid faced with healing an at-level paladin tank clad from head to toe in PvP healing gear, my lack of true druid comprehension bloomed into a freaking nightmare.  No longer could I rely on a simple, trustworthy combo of Rejuvenation when needed, Wild Mushroom + Efflorescence (OMFG HOW IS THIS FREE), Wild Growth and a bit of Lifebloom to touch up on things, only tossing in one big heal here and there when necessary.  Rejuvenation had been my primary healing spell ever since I got it at level 4!  DPS got smacked by shit before the tank got aggro back?  Rejuv.  Tank taking more damage than Lifebloom can handle?  Rejuv. All the adds on me?  Rejuv.  And prior to that awful Siege of Niuzao, it WORKED.  It healed what I needed by the time I needed it (a.k.a. before the target died), and I always had more than enough mana to spare.

But during that Siege of Niuzao and after, I hit a skill wall where not only did Rejuvenation NOT compensate for the damage a target just took, enough people were taking MORE damage for LONGER, causing me to use Rejuvenation even more frequently, which of course ended in me being OOM or nearly so long before the fights were actually over.  And just think, that was five people.  Now that I’m trying to heal 25-man LFRs on a druid, I’ve had to abandon Rejuvenation as a staple almost completely.  If that trucker’s up on more than like, three people, I got a problem.

I Was Doing So Well And then End Game hit me in the face.

I Was Doing So Well
And then End Game hit me in the face.

I also realized that (at least right now) as a druid, I overheal ALL THE TIME because I feel like I can’t efficiently respond to sudden or drastic downturns (which, of course, contributes to my persistent mana issues).  I don’t know if fate has it in for me or what, but if I don’t keep people topped off, SUDDENLY SHEEYIT HAPPENS AND IF SHEEYIT HAPPENS WE ARE DOOMED HOLY CRAP.  Somewhere around 50% HP, tanks will inexplicably start taking a ton of damage that I just can’t overcome by spamming what I think is my Big Guns single target heal intended for said situation, Healing Touch – that is, if I haven’t already gone OOM.

People make druid healing seem so effortless.  It seemed so effortless, once.  Now it seems like I just can’t do it Right, or like the Right way made an abrupt turn at level 87 or so and forgot to tell me.  We’re gonna have to work on this.

Welp That's Not What I Intended It started off so well and somehow ended up like this.

Welp That’s Not What I Intended
It started off so well and somehow ended up like this.

The “False Dusk” Set

"False Dusk" Set

“False Dusk” Set

Class: Priest (with helm), Mage, Warlock

H: Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm | S: Duskhallow Mantle | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Tormented Demonsoul Robes | Wa: Belt of False Dignity | L: Not shown
G: Amaranthine Handwraps | Wr: Not shown | B: Sorcerer Slippers

Status: Finished

Thoughts: The original idea behind this set was an “elaborate alchemist.”  Not necessarily the typical Forsaken alchemist in uniform or even in direct service, but rather someone with an alchemical background who has been around the world once or twice.  Someone who has had time to pick up fancypants more elegant tastes.  But then …




The set originally called for the Eye of Flame, which is very appropriate for the theme even if it doesn’t stand out very much.  But then I mogged the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm on a whim, despite the “scales” behind the head not 100% matching when not in Shadowform.  That was it.  I could not go back.  I felt they were so awesome, I had to keep them.  Maybe it’s because I can’t indulge in my love of evil-looking horns as a goblin – somehow, being short and prone to explosionating makes the same horns look more silly than sinister.

And yes, I know.  I took mog screenshots while in LFR.  Priorities, yeah?

I don’t really have any specific weapons chosen for this getup, mostly because Ailabeth seems to change weapon type every other week or so.  First it was a dagger, then it was a 1h mace, then back again … and now that she can get into LFR, I have a suspicion that it’ll be a staff next.  As soon as her weapon situation settles down, I’ll probably pick something and/or be on to the next mog.