“Surestrike Secret” Set

"Surestrike Secret" Set

“Surestrike Secret” Set

Class: Hunter (Engineer required for goggles)

H: Surestrike Goggles v2.0 | S: Shoulderpads of the Secret Arts | Cl: Not shown
Ruthless Gladiator’s Chain Armor | Wa: Ruthless Gladiator’s Links of Cruelty | L: Leggings of the Insatiable
Gossamer-Stained Grips | Wr: Not shown | B: Njord Boots

Bow: Brutal Gladiator’s Longbow

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Thermalix definitely needed a new getup.  Something in black, maybe, something kinda ninja-y but with a bit of “pow” to it – not the plain ol’ Dark Ranger look.  It needed to be a bit goblinish, and most importantly, it needed to be pretty dang easy to get.  She could make the goggles and already had the shoulders, pants and boots.  Thermalix traded her Justice in for Honor, which is a splendid arrangement because 1.) I suck at PvP, and 2.) ogod all the Justice why do I have so much of it?

But let us pause here to consider an often overlooked promised update for Warlords of Derpnor:

“Hunters were using transmog to avoid hearing gun sounds. […] Hunters will be getting updated weapon sounds in WoD.”

Whoa, dude, how did they KNOW that I did that?  Wait just a second, other people do it too!?  I’M NOT ALONE!?

Guess it’s a good thing I saved those cool guns, then!  I just can’t use ’em yet because sounds.

6 thoughts on ““Surestrike Secret” Set

  1. Erinys

    Guilty as charged. In the days prior to transmogrification, I’ve abandoned Hunters who I couldn’t get bows to drop for them and now there are so many awesome looking guns in-game it’s a shame. That said, how do we know that the new gun noise won’t be as irritating as the old one or worse?

  2. kamaliaetalia

    Armed and DANGEROUS! 😀

    Sometimes I put up with the gun sound just because I want to use an awesome looking gun for my Transmogrificaton kit (hello Dragon Blaster, hello Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle). But if my best weapon is a gun and I don’t have another gun that goes well with the rest of my Transmogrification kit? Then I mog it to a bow because I’d rather hear “swish” than “bang”.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I occasionally will mog a gun because It Works with the look, but generally, it’ll only last for a couple days before I change my mind and go back to a crossbow/regular bow.


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