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Not Dead YET

So like, I’ve been busy.  BUSY BEING AWESOME.

For example …

City of Giants Looking for Noms

City of Giants
Looking for Great Noms

Goa whispered me earlier this week, telling me that I had to get to Org RIGHT NOW because GODZILLA.  I happened to be in town already, so it was only a moment before I discovered that somehow or another, we had several large giant dinosaurs marauding about in the Valley of Honor.  It was only another moment before I realized that if I used Ai-li’s Skymirror, I could become a dino too!

I tried dancing first, but I could only wave my tail – nobody noticed when I tried spinning my teeny little arms.  Exhausted by that effort,  I went swimming.

City of Giants Dinome was actually drowning here.  Darn my tiny arms!

City of Giants
Dino-me was actually drowning here. Darn my tiny arms!

I had to stop relaxing and start terrorizing the local citizenry properly, though.  So I tried to go shopping.

City of Giants I tried to go shopping.  It didn't work.

City of Giants

I suppose I should clarify – I WAS able to get in.  Kinda.  Except like, you know, by destroying the ceiling.  Unable to partake in retail therapy, I then headed to the nearest liquor establishment to drown my sorrows.  That’s when this happened:

City of Giants Not sure how to explain this one.

City of Giants
Not sure how to explain this one.

Aside from my wing positioning problem, it was a moment of toothy glory.

Alts Everywhere like Whee

I’ve been superbusy, you see, not because of the holiday but because of the whole ability to mail heirlooms to different servers.  THANK GAWD FOR MORE TRANSMOG STORAGE SPA… I mean, uh, yay!  More leveling!  I’ll be damned if messing around on the character creation screen isn’t fun, so I’ve ended up with a sea of small-time alts that I may never actually do anything with.  Only one of ’em has achieved “having a spec” yet.

I’ve come up with good names for some of them, but mostly, it’s like I’ve rediscovered the joy of hitting the “Randomize” button.   Ideally, it comes up with a good name so I don’t have to think too hard, but it (perhaps unsurprisingly) delivers mixed results.  There have been some that I never would have gotten on WRA – seriously, I landed a name that was only THREE FREAKING LETTERS long on another server!  (Yes, that sort of thing is amazing to me.)  But some of the names the “Randomize” button came up with have just confused me, like this one:

How is This Even a Name Is Blizzard setting me up to be reported, maybe?

How is This Even a Name
Is Blizzard setting me up to be reported, maybe?

I swear to Gawd I did not shop that name in.


A Million Shamans

At this point, I’ve decided to “focus” on two of the alts, one Horde, one Alliance.  Splattini is a goblin disco priest, created with three goals in mind: learn how to dance Atonement heal, stalk Rep (since Rep moved some characters to that server, which isn’t PvP!), and maybe someday see her idol, Fabulor, in all his fab glory at the Shrine.  You know, someday, when she’s dressed to impress better and when she’s like … not level 13.

The other would be Yynsia, a draenei shaman who hasn’t picked specs yet.  One of them will definitely be resto, because I’ve been tempted to level another Alliance healy-type.  That way I can bring a different character to the Old Ladies Raiding Guild when whim strikes, and healers are always useful.  The big question for Yynsia is – enhancement or elemental?  On the one hand, I’d like to try enhancement, and I’ve got all the mail agility looms.  On the other hand, while you can mail heirlooms across servers now, the same cannot be said of money or, most importantly, bags!  I’m not sure if or when she’ll have the bag space to carry two sets of gear!

Lastly, when did I end up with two sets of leather agility heirlooms?  Well, you know what THAT means – TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER ALT.

You act like I got a problem.

Kinda Like Being the Antiheroi(c)ne

My guild finally achieved its most sought-after goal, the defeat of Garrosh Hellderpscream.  We beat him in flex, which I was present for:

Ding Dong Garrosh is De... wait

Ding Dong Garrosh is De… wait

And in normal, which I was not.  (I suspect this maaaay have something to do with why they succeeded!)  The raid team has now elected to start working through the heroic version of Siege, which is a goal that frankly scares the ever living sheeyit outta me.  I don’t mind heroic content when it’s “OLD old,” like heroic Mogu’shan Vaults or even heroic Dragonsoul.  After all, Bombelina’s outgeared that stuff to the point where her item level literally compensates for my ever present derp mechanisms.  (ToT is probably still scary, though.)

Maybe it’ll be kind of like normal raiding, where I eventually get used to the concept and manage to derp around decently.  Or maybe I’ll just freak out and drop dead the moment Immerseus the Heroic looks me in my tiny goblin eyes, because OMFG normal is hard enough, Jeebus Tapdancing Cripes.  Take the Klaxxi Paragons fight, for example.  Since the regular raiders are of course REGULAR at this, they got the Official Kill Order memorized.  Welp, I don’t.  It’s more of a “TELL ME WHICH THING TO SHOOT AND I’LL SHOOT IT” thing for me.  Or during the Garrosh fight, let’s say we need to go left at all times to avoid the Desecrated Weapon, EXCEPT WHEN x, y or z happens.  But because I haven’t really practiced going RIGHT when z happens, well … I go left, since left is habit I’m left-handed, which means left is OBVIOUSLY the better direction.

You Thought it Was the Lich King BUT NO A banana got me.

You Thought it Was the Lich King, BUT NO
A banana got me.

TL:DR summary: Basically, I think I need a lot of work before I’m remotely helpful in heroic.  Getting rid of my last pieces LFR gear would be nice, of course, but I’m thinking more along the lines of practice at doing things like “not dropping Siegecrafter Blackfuse’s sawblades into the group AND not standing in the damn sawblades once they land.”  Or running the same direction as everybody else instead of the opposite (I always do that because the opposite was closer).  When it comes down to it, I do die in normal, but sometimes I live too, and this gives me hope that maybe there could be more living.

I just don’t want them to have to carry my 100% useless corpse any more than they already do.

And the completionist in me is like, HENRY CLAY FRICK*, I haven’t killed normal Garrosh myself yet!  I want to do THAT!

* So, Henry Clay Frick was apparently a gigantic jerk in his day, and his name STILL makes for great cursing.  It’s like when your parents refer to you by your full name because you are in Serious Trouble, but BETTER, because you are going to CAUSE the trouble.  For everyone.

Can it really be “Random” if all you get is Blackrock?


And LFD Won’t Let Me Out!

In what must be some sort of karmic class reversal, I’m leveling a warrior while Cav’s leveling a shaman (or a “totemic warrior,” as he likes to call it).  I don’t know, man.  I’m the goblin and he’s an orc, though, so I guess there’s still some sense in this crazy world.  Pixelby has just hit level 60, which enables me to make various proclamations on the internets about how Warrioring for Noobs is going.

As I’ve been leveling Pixelby, I’ve been thinking that I got a general compatibility disorder with any class that doesn’t come to the party with 300k mana. It would explain my overall ineptitude with rogue, kitteh, and warlock!  See, once I get a resource built up, I have a tendency to either not to use it at all or to run out of it almost instantly by BUTTONMASHING EVERYTHING.

When it comes to warriorizing the local dungeons, I vacillate between not using Rage enough and RAEGINGINGL:SKJDLBERSERKERING all the things.  For although I like pressing buttons (well established fact),  I get paranoid about spending Rage because I might not have enough left for Execute in the very narrow time frame when something in a dungeon can be executed.  Execute glows when you can use it, which is a plus in my book.  But the glowing means nothing but torture if you have too little Rage!  Execute will just shine all happily there on your toolbar until the mob finally dies, taunting you with your lack of Rage and the fact that you’ll never be able to generate enough Rage for the skill in time.

I like having more wiggle room to spam skills gleefully screw up a rotation do what I want, just because.  Hence 300k mana being better than having to generate Rage, or combo points, or burning embers, or whatnot – taking into account cooldowns and whatnot, I’m able to happily spam crap for longer.

Chaaaaaaaaaarge! Of COURSE I bought the fire glyph.  HOW COULD I NOT?

Of COURSE I bought the fire glyph. HOW COULD I NOT?

I still like Charge.  It’s the best warrior thing ever, especially when the party has left me behind ’cause priests and mages and movement things, leaving me forever alone in the dust, trudging along as fast as my little legs can take me.  But lo, is that a critter I spy between here and there?  CHARGE!  Half the distance, gone in a second (and the critter too).  Am I ever going to get to the combat action?  CHARGE!  Awwww yeah, now I’m back in the game!  My relationship with Charge is kinda like this:

I covet all the Charges in a way that may not be entirely sane.  My ideas to improve Warrioring almost all revolve around Charge.  Lemme Charge more often, maybe.  Or increase the range of Charge to 40 yards.  Or let me Charge in the direction I’m facing (any objects that attempt to intercept me do so at their own risk).  Actually, let’s just make Charge free to use whenever wherever, with a one second cooldown and no distance limitations.  Because AWESOME.

The whole thing seems kinda like a yawn once the Charge euphoria wears off, though.  Or in those situations where I can’t Charge at all because I Charged too much and now it’s on cooldown, or when it’s too late to Charge because the mobs are already in my face.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m wimpy or underpowered or something.  I like big swords and I cannot lie and all that, and thanks to heirlooms, I’m usually towards the top in DPS.

It’s just that … OOH YES FINALLY THERE’S A GLOWY BUTTON PRESS IT now I wait for the next.

ALL OF THEM NEED MORE They glow in my dreams and nightmares.

They glow in my dreams and nightmares.

Up until about 50 or so, there were waaaaay too few glowy buttons for my tastes.  And Execute isn’t really executey enough for me.  When I execute sheeyit, weapons should FALL FROM THE SKY.  Bombs maybe, that’d be logical, but swords and axes and stuff would also be acceptable.  When I get Bloodsurge, I ought to cause some giant crazed blood beast of doom to rear up from the ground and smack my opponent along with me.  ORRRRR, maybe Bloodsurge could give me GLOWING BLOOD SWORDS.  (Sword-chucks maybe?)

Bird Murder

What I Want, and What I Got The two things are not the same.

What I Want, and What I Got
The two things are not the same.

After I complained one too many times about not seeing any live albatrosses on the Timeless Isle, Cav finally showed me where short, awareness-challenged people like me can find and successfully aggro an actual flappity bird on the Timeless Isle.  That is, if I wait long enough for one to show up.

I Don't See How This Works I'd say sorry about the horns, but, I'm not.

I Don’t See How This Works
I’d say sorry about the horns, but, I’m not.

I can’t help but think that whoever came up with this whole albatross idea is a member of the “Flight is Detrimental to Game Enjoyment and Involvement” camp.  This sadistic designer is obviously using the poor avian as a way to force me to punish myself for my convenience-loving sins.  It’s like, “Oh, you want flying, eh?  Sure!  HERE, HAVE AN INCREDIBLY SLOW-ASS BIRD THAT ONLY FLIES IN A CIRCLE!  ALL THE BETTER TO APPRECIATE THE GAME ENVIRONMENT WITH AMIRITE.  Oh, you want down now, do you?  You’re gonna have to be a bird killer.  Yeah yeah, so now you can’t use it to fly again and jumping from this cliff would mean certain death, but don’t worry!  There will be another albatross going around in five minutes.”

I feel like I’m killing Orville from “The Rescuers” or something.

But maybe that’s ok, because if you disconnect while albatrossing, you’ll almost certainly die (unless you’re a mage or a priest, or possibly a Bouncy panda).  You’ll log in, still in midair, but birdless and with a swiftly approaching problem.

Really?  I Mean, REALLY? Nobody saw this coming?  Not a soul?  Nobody wanted to give a poor, now birdless player a parachute?

Really? I Mean, REALLY?
Nobody saw this coming? Not a soul? Nobody wanted to give a poor, now birdless player a parachute?

“Eighty Reflections” Set

"Eighty Reflections" Set

“Eighty Reflections” Set

Class: Druid

H: Self-Reflecting Mask (LFR) | S: Malleable Steelweave Mantle | Cl: Dervish Cape
Ch: Robes of Eighty Lights | Wa: Thatch Eave Vines | L: Not shown
Ahn’kahar Handwraps | Wr: Not shown | B: Not shown trollolol

Staff: Staff of Athen’a

Status: Finished

Thoughts: I forgot to post this when she was actually wearing it.  The LFR coloration of the mask shows up gray in game, and reddish brown in the Armory.  Wat.