Bird Murder

What I Want, and What I Got The two things are not the same.

What I Want, and What I Got
The two things are not the same.

After I complained one too many times about not seeing any live albatrosses on the Timeless Isle, Cav finally showed me where short, awareness-challenged people like me can find and successfully aggro an actual flappity bird on the Timeless Isle.  That is, if I wait long enough for one to show up.

I Don't See How This Works I'd say sorry about the horns, but, I'm not.

I Don’t See How This Works
I’d say sorry about the horns, but, I’m not.

I can’t help but think that whoever came up with this whole albatross idea is a member of the “Flight is Detrimental to Game Enjoyment and Involvement” camp.  This sadistic designer is obviously using the poor avian as a way to force me to punish myself for my convenience-loving sins.  It’s like, “Oh, you want flying, eh?  Sure!  HERE, HAVE AN INCREDIBLY SLOW-ASS BIRD THAT ONLY FLIES IN A CIRCLE!  ALL THE BETTER TO APPRECIATE THE GAME ENVIRONMENT WITH AMIRITE.  Oh, you want down now, do you?  You’re gonna have to be a bird killer.  Yeah yeah, so now you can’t use it to fly again and jumping from this cliff would mean certain death, but don’t worry!  There will be another albatross going around in five minutes.”

I feel like I’m killing Orville from “The Rescuers” or something.

But maybe that’s ok, because if you disconnect while albatrossing, you’ll almost certainly die (unless you’re a mage or a priest, or possibly a Bouncy panda).  You’ll log in, still in midair, but birdless and with a swiftly approaching problem.

Really?  I Mean, REALLY? Nobody saw this coming?  Not a soul?  Nobody wanted to give a poor, now birdless player a parachute?

Really? I Mean, REALLY?
Nobody saw this coming? Not a soul? Nobody wanted to give a poor, now birdless player a parachute?


12 thoughts on “Bird Murder

  1. cheap_boss_attack

    Albatross can go fuck the devil in hell. I play on two high pop servers and I’m lucky if I can pick one up, let alone actually make it 5 feet before the trolls kill it and I give up. I have, however, started having my 90’s brought over to other low-pop realms through Real ID friends and it’s working like a charm.

  2. Wilhelm Arcturus

    Heh, I just did the albatross thing the other night over on Azuremyst in a cross-realm group. I have the screen shot of my pally hanging out of his mouth.

    I was able to get down from the lake by jumping from ledge to ledge. I made it okay, though the pile of player bones at the bottom of the cliff was not encouraging.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Yeah, I usually survive jumping from the lake by clambering over to the waterfall and jumping into the water below. It’s the other high places without water that I got a problem with … that, and when I forget that I put Water Walking on. Oops!

      1. Leit

        Hand of Protection works. Haven’t worked out how not to get splattered as a warrior, though. Leap only works about half the time.

        If you’re willing to spend a little time working out the trajectory, you can actually fly in from outside of the interdiction zone and hit the auto-dismount in such a way as to land at the top. Best to have Slow Fall, HoP or similar to handle the landing, though.

        Sadly, even considering the time to waterwalk out to flight o’clock, this is much faster than the seagull method. Despise those birds.

  3. Beetle

    Low population servers, it’s a blessing 😉

    The waiting for the birds reminds me of old time Star Wars Galaxies, where if you wanted to travel to another planet, you had a 10 minute wait time for shuttles if you were unlucky.

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