Writer’s Block!? RUN AWAAAAAAY

It’s finally happened.  I’ve … I’ve become … boring.

I have to guess that’s the case, anyway.  I’ve found little inspiration in what I’ve been doing as of late, ’cause it’s like I’ve derped the same derps before and written about ’em twice.  Let me roll my three precious, precious tokens for more gold, again.  Let me run LFR to get an offhand I can’t use in one wing and gold on all four bosses in the next, again.  I need to mine more, dink dink dink, again.  It’s not that things are bad, it’s just that the funny parts seem to be missing.  There was this time this beartank in LFR pulled too much sheeyit specifically to kill us all and I … wait no, that wasn’t funny at all.

Y'know ... Niuzao totally sounds like a jerk.

Y’know …
Niuzao totally sounds like a jerk.

I’ve been boring before.  It’s kinda like a personal nightmare of mine, but it always ends eventually.  I usually just chill and sooner or later, something amusing takes place.  It’s just that I’ve never had a blog that people (other than family) actually read before, so now being boring feels kinda bad!  I must post.  I must write something funny.  I must be funny again.  But the more you intentionally look for funny, the less often it happens, or the more it happens in little chunks that don’t seem to be enough to sustain a blog post on their own.

Dr. Bombelina Just because she bought her credentials doesn't mean she's wrong!

Dr. Bombelina
Just because she bought her credentials doesn’t mean she’s wrong!

What to WRITE.

You're So Vain I Bet You Think This Hairdo's About You, Don't You

You’re So Vain
I Bet You Think This Hairdo’s About You, Don’t You


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Block!? RUN AWAAAAAAY

  1. repgrind

    I am confused. What about that makes Niuzao sound like a jerk to you? He is the unmovable mountain (aka your tank) who is bleeding so that you don’t bleed, keeping you safe from harm so you can pew pew to your heart’s content! Silly goblin.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      To me, it reads like all the pandas and mantid and players are DYING AND BLEEDING TO DEATH EVERYWHERE, and the mountain (a.k.a. Niuzao) DOESN’T GIVE A SHEEYIT.

  2. tomeoftheancient

    Yeah, I go through periods where I bore myself. It’s also possible that I’m boring everyone all the time but they are too polite to tell me, lol.
    You’re not boring me, even a small Goblin sound bite makes the day brighter.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author


      I generally gauge “boringness” by two things: can I think of a thing to write, and how many comments does the entry receive? The first is effort solely on my part. Unless it’s a hard subject (which I rarely if ever write about here), it shouldn’t be hard to do. The second is more of a combined effort – if I’ve succeeded in making something REALLY funny or interesting, then that gives people a reason or an interest in commenting. The ball is then back in my court to respond, and see where the conversation – the continuation of interestingness – goes.

      If I struggle to write something, chances are good it isn’t funny. If nobody responds, then it was “nice” to read, but didn’t have the oomph to get out of boringness.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Thank ya. I’m thinking Niuzao might come across better if he rephrased his Wise and Enlightening Message. Maybe he needs to hire a publicist or an editor or something.


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