The Team of Winnarz Actually … Wins?

Over inertia, at least!

Once upon a time when Wow-kemonz were new, I started a level 1 team of three Prinnie-approved pets.  While you should keep in mind that my endorsement has absolutely nothing to do with special skills, pet battle theory or in fact much at all, my selection nonetheless successfully (and somewhat indiscriminately) slew opponents from the shores of Durotar to the forests of Pandaland.  I like to think it’s the power of Awesome in action.


Still, pet battling did not become a top priority in my day to day doings.  It was more of an “oh look, I just happen to be in an area with opponents of the same level range!” kind of thing, or a “well crap, the DPS queue is going to take an hour” type survival mechanism.  So it was rather surprising when this recently happened:

Acheesements Twice as shiny because I wasn't paying attention beforehand.

Twice as shiny because I wasn’t paying attention beforehand.

Whoa.  You mean they’re like … maxed? 

Wait just a second.  AN IDEA IS PERCOLATING HERE.

Yes, at that precise moment, I had an epiphany.  I realized that leveling a crapton of pets to 25 is now no longer so huge an undertaking, as long as I pick pets that are, you know, closer to 25 than they are to 1.  BUT THEN AGAIN, I could also put a super lowbie pet into a WINNARZ battle convoy of sorts!  As long they survive A SINGLE FREAKING ROUND, they get EXP – why, any one of the Winnarz could then take over the actual job of viciously smacking my opponents.  (Like Crabcakes, for example.  He may be kinda slow, but he does not take sheeyit.)

But Gawd forbid I choose anything based on expectations of performance or useful skills.  Surely not!  That would be almost LOGICAL.

Ailabeth Does Not Care Not now.  Not later.  NEVER.

Standards?  Ailabeth Does Not Care
Not now. Not later. NEVER.

So now I am leveling MOAR.  I will get 400 unique pets!  I shall Safari all the continents!  I shall never attempt to level an undead and an elemental at the same time again!  Maybe I’ll even beat the Celestial Tournament WITH CHICKENS (highly unlikely but MIRACLES DO HAPPEN).  I will … I dunno, but I will.  You know, eventually.

16 thoughts on “The Team of Winnarz Actually … Wins?

  1. wowstorylines

    ROTFL, yes, you will get there. I just rediscovered my pets and pet battling again. Oh, it’s not like I don’t have plenty of other things to do but I seem to have acquired quite a few that I didn’t even know I had – so, it’s onward and upward again- to the pet battles again. 😀

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Okay, I’ll admit that the last time I tried a PvP battle with them, I got my face chewed off by a rabid singing sunflower. BUT. That does not in any way diminish the awesomeness that their names possess!

  2. Leit

    Disclaimer: may be out of date. 😛

    Bizarrely enough, what you went and did was pick an almost perfect team for PvE battles. Sure, it looks a bit… uh… sketchy, but flyers are poison against common wild types and don’t have many natural predators, crabs are brilliant tanks with a good anti-critter package, and mech types just win at everything forever.

    Basically: the pet designers seem to want really wacky pet teams, and who are we to disappoint the poor dears? 😀

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I’m down with the “really wacky pet team” idea!

      Another way to tell that the Team of Winnarz was a decent combo: it seems like leveling critters, elementals and undead are kinda painful in comparison to the Team of Winnarz.

  3. Helistar

    Ah yes, reminds me of “I’ll try this pet battle thing”…..

    …fast forward to 100(? how do you count them after the 75 achievement?) top-level rare pets….

    I’d suggest to be careful. And afraid. A bit maybe. 🙂


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