Liebster Award A fun connection or the blog equivalent of chain emails?  It's up to you to decide, but SEND THIS TO THIRTEEN PEOPLE OR YOU WILL DIE TOMORROW.

Liebster Award
A fun connection or the blog equivalent of chain emails? It’s up to you to decide, but SEND THIS TO ELEVEN NEW PEOPLE OR YOUR BEST FRIEND WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH TOMORROW.  Or something.

Who is (or was) Liebster?  What is a Liebster?  I kept trying to follow the chain of links backwards to the source, but to no avail.  So while I’m totally not sure, I’m gonna take it as a compliment – Myriade was kind enough to call me one. I knew there’d be an advantage to finishing last someday in my life!  When I’m the only one left, whatever it is will fall to me eventually for lack of other options.

It looks like the intent with this thing is to create eleven questions and then tag eleven people to answer them, in essence asking someone to talk about his/herself and giving them the opportunity to do so without seeming too vain.  I mean, uh, creating new connections and introducing new blogs to others!  Yeah.

[Edit prior to publishing: looks like I got tagged by Kamalia as well!  Now I kinda feel like I gotta answer all 22 questions …]  Read on for Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know™ about Prinnie, games and the blog!

Myriade: Favourite race/class in WoW and why?

I THINK THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS Racial distribution for the current cast as of 04/01/2014.

Racial distribution for the current cast as of 04/01/2014.

Originally, I didn’t care for goblins.  They were weird and had freakishly long arms (the fact that I played a troll with a face freakishly similar to that of everybody else apparently didn’t concern me).  Making a goblin also required me to purchase the Cataclysm expansion, which I resisted doing until I learned I had to if I wanted to fly (which, of course, I really really did).  One day, I made a goblin death knight as a joke.  Death knights are supposed to be terrifying, right?  Not this one!  My death knight was short, pretty far from intimidating and was essentially the epitome of failure, as detailed in her profile.

Yet somehow, being a goblin grew on me.  I racechanged my troll hunter to a goblin (OMG I CAN SEE MY SHOES).  My goblin problem got worse – I began creating goblin after goblin, churning alts outta Kezan like a machine and subsequently deleting many of them around level 50.  At this point, I have seven goblins, of whom five are max leveled (none boosted).

Can't Stop the Pure Awesome Oh baby, don't even try.

Can’t Stop the Pure Awesome
Oh baby, don’t even try.

You see, unlike many races of Azeroth, we’re allowed to have a sense of humor.  We’re not the beautiful people, burdened with RP.  We’re not the important people, smothered in lore.  We don’t have tradition, tranquility or morals weighing us down.  So despite having had an effed up start, we just have some freaking fun being alive!  Or we have fun removing others/ourselves from such a condition.  For Science, you know.

Delving Into the Vaults

Delving Into the Vaults

We’re far more acidic than our Alliance counterpart, the gnomes.  The gnomes were always too damn adorable and sweet for me.  Goblin activities and engineering have environmental consequences, for example, unlike the gnome areas, which may be cluttered but are usually clean.  Plus, as long as gnomes use the old models – only we goblins have kneecaps.

Myriade: Achievement/Title you’re proudest of?

My collection passed the 400 unique battlepet mark not long ago, and I landed Venus as a result.

Myriade: What’s in your bags (any character, or all of them)?

Mostly transmog gear, sorted by slot. Void Storage is busting to the nonexistent seams.  I’ve heard that Blizzard does not have databases which can handle bigger bags.  Fantasy defeated by reality, yet again!

Myriade: Favourite expansion/instance/boss fight?
Even though I wasn’t present when it played through the first time around, Wrath of the Lich King is my favorite expansion.  For me, it has the deepest emotional resonance.  (I might’ve been more terrified by Cataclysm if I’d started it when you could still be unexpectedly roasted to death by Deathwing.  But alas, he was chilling in the raid by the time I came back.)  No, it’s just your character, an endless army of the dead, and the unadmitted fear that you might wind up fighting amongst them instead of against them.

The Culling of Stratholme and Escape from Durnholde dungeon always grab my attention, even now.  You walk away, and you miss opportunities.  You could have changed this.  Why do we have to protect Arthas, but let Taretha die?  Why do we save the timelines of some, but conclude that others walk a path that is hopeless and can’t be helped?

As far as favorite boss fights go, Thok has become my favorite despite my earlier terrors.  So much justice is served when he noms on all the know-it-alls, jerks, elitists or other vocal asshats in LFR.  It is especially sweet when they tell you how to do the fight or say that your way is wrong, only to explode into parts.

MORE NOMS PLZ One goblin is not nearly enough.

One goblin is not nearly enough.

Thank you, Thok, for doing all that I cannot do.  OM NOM NOM.

Myriade: Pet peeve in WoW?
LFR IS NOT NORMAL.  HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS?  SHUT UP ABOUT HOW YOU DO IT IN NORMAL ALREADY.  So basically, keyboard warriors who insist on being right and having the last word in the LFR, even when it doesn’t really freaking matter.  (We’re in Mogu’shan Vaults and smashing everything before us.  Why are you complaining about the DPS?)  Or keyboard complainers who insist on whining about LFR while in it.

Myriade: What inspired your blog?
As previously mentioned, I made a goblin DK as a joke and ended up liking goblins.  As a result, I came up with a number of very bad inventions that I fancied goblins would make or care about, such as the Instabucket, Rocket Rocks, and Rocket Camels.  I decided to make a blog for this kind of foolishness.

I needed a unique URL of course, and normally I’d choose this based on the title or ideal content.  But I had no idea what to call the thing or really what I would put in it beyond my handful of innovations.  As you might have guessed, I was playing Mechalis at the time, and that’s why the URL is, and not something more obvious, like omfgaccident or whatever.  It was unique and available.

You Act Like It's My Fault Let's talk about projecting blame.

You Act Like It’s My Fault
Let’s talk about projecting blame.

The name eventually turned into “That Was an Accident!” after I realized that’s really what happened to me most often.

Myriade: Favourite blog-related moment?
A couple folks linked me in their comments on a WoWInsider article about blogs.  It was almost like being internet famous or something!  I had a record number of views, unmatched since, which made looking at my stats a totally surreal experience.  THE NUMBERS.  ALL THE NUMBERS.



Myriade: One thing you can’t live without?
Mocha Frappuchinos.  Step aside, or die.  You think I’m joking about this?  This is neither a joke nor a drill, and I will beat you upside the head with a glass bottle if I have to.

Myriade: Place you’d most like to visit?

Sleeping Bear Dunes Did you know this is in Michigan?

Sleeping Bear Dunes
Can you guess where this is without Googling it?

Myriade: Favourite fictional character?

Miyazawa Yukino from KareKano.  I think it’s a personality thing.

Miyazawa Yukino Says one thing, probably means another.  Sometimes profoundly regrets things.  Probably plotting.

Miyazawa Yukino
Says one thing, probably means another. Sometimes profoundly regrets things. Probably plotting.

Myriade: Soundtrack to your life?
I’m actually deaf in one ear and as a result often have trouble deciphering the lyrics to songs, so whatever my mythical soundtrack is, it’s probably instrumental.  Or maybe it would be the “Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom” song on endless repeat, because once I get the one word in that, I got ’em all!  I do hear the last minute or so to the War of 1812 Overture in my mind every time I go into LFR and things go wrong (which is frequently).

Kamalia: Tell me about a game or games — video or table or both! — that you are really enjoying right now.
Given time constraints and budgetary concerns, I generally play only one or two games at a time.  Currently, that would be WoW and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  They both possess a slightly out of whack sense of humor that is in tune with my own.

Open to Interpretation

Open to Interpretation

Oh No He Didn't! Never teaching villagers how to say "oh snap" again.

Oh No He Didn’t!
Never teaching villagers how to say “oh snap” again.

Garden Gnomes Have Rights This is incredibly important.

Garden Gnomes Have Rights
This is incredibly important.

Kamalia: What classes, races, or roles do you find yourself most drawn to in RPGs, whether in D&D, a single-player video game, or an MMO?
I tend to pick races that are either the average or somehow comical.  I will generally turn out to be a caster who dreams that being melee is better, or a melee who wishes she could cast spells for greater explosions.  Did I ever tell you about the time I derailed my friend’s D&D campaign by insisting that I be allowed to play a sentient tonberry hellbent on world domination?

Kamalia: When you make your first character in a new game, do you try to make a character that is in some way an avatar of your RL self, or do you make someone entirely different?
My FFXI character in days of yore shared a similar haircut to my own, but in terms of looks, I typically make something completely different.  That can’t be helped much given that I’m neither green, nor super short.

Kamalia: Describe a typical session of playing your current favorite video/computer game.
I first begin with a motivational speech.  “Dear Self: You are going to sit down and do a dungeon run for the rep bonus.  That’s one, Self.  Just one. Then after that, you are going to get up off your ass and go to the grocery store, because I swear to Gawd there is nothing left in this apartment but oatmeal and garbanzo beans!”

Next, I see that healers get those fancy satchels if they queue for LFR, so I queue for every LFR EVER.  My plan for productivity is instantly doomed.

Kamalia: What was the very first computer/video game you ever played? How old were you?
It was some sorta pinball game for the regular Nintendo.  Shortly thereafter we got the Legend of Zelda, but wouldn’t you know it, my mother got addicted to it, not me.  She got to the point where she made her own world map by drawing each “zone” on a piece of paper and then taping them all together.  (They hadn’t figured out the whole market for strategy guides yet.)  Then the game got saved over and she never touched it again.

Kamalia: Do you have more than one blog? If so, what is/are your other blog(s) about?
I have a bad blog making habit.  There’s “Dancing for Broke,” my newly created and still updated ballroom dancing blog, documenting my slow, slow attempt to learn how to shake it like a Polaroid picture (eventually with way more rhinestones and glitter).  There’s my personal blog, but that’s long and boring because I spend too much time thinking too hard in it, and it’s only updated about once a month.  So no link, because I prefer that you think of me as a fascinating, interesting person with a dynamic life!

Then there are the assorted semi-comatose blogs, like “Growing in the Shadow of Winter,” a WoW fanfic I still haven’t finished but kinda sorta hope to at some point.  “Newdood News,” my blog for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, is also mostly dead but maybe not completely so.  And then there are the really really extremely dead blogs, like my blog for my default Harvest Moon character (clocking in at one whole entry), or my Animal Crossing: Wild World blog (which is where “Prinnie” and my prinny icon come from, actually – the icon was my town’s flag).  And then there’s the transmog planning blog, which is seriously out of date and probably dead forever now that I’ve discovered Mogit.  I think that’s most of them …

Kamalia: Name three non-WoW/game-related websites that you visit frequently.
The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, BECAUSE OMG KITTENS SO CUTE, because old photos are cool
Google, because sometimes I need to pretend I know stuff

Kamalia: What was/is your favorite animal to see at the zoo?
This may make me a bad person, but I just don’t care one way or the other for zoos and thus almost never go by myself.  If somebody wants to visit one, it’s like, ok, sure, whatever.  They wanna drag me along?  Okay, sure, whatever.  I like penguins.  I just don’t feel a need to observe them up close and personal.  Where’s the refreshment stand?  Do they have one?  Please tell me I can get some cream for this.

Kamalia: Cake or Pie? What is your favorite flavor of your preferred dessert?
CAEEEK, of any type.  Cupcakes also acceptable.  Cream cheese frosting preferred.

Kamalia: What toppings do you like on a pizza? on an ice-cream sundae?
Pepperoni for the pizza, and more ice cream for the ice cream.

Kamalia: What is your favorite writing instrument?
The good ol’ keyboard.  I periodically try to keep a physical journal and/or write Actual Letters to people, but writing things out by hand has several disadvantages.  Namely, since I’m left handed, I smear most inks everywhere, and the result doesn’t look all that romantic anymore.  My cursive is neat and clean, but not very romantic looking either.  Writing is much slower (I type around 104 WPM), and it’s hugely difficult to make edits, which I do frequently and often.  (WordPress will often stop giving me the number of revisions.)

Eleven Random Facts About Prinnie
Some versions of this Liebsterism have it, some don’t.

  1. I’m missing one permanent tooth.  It wasn’t pulled – it literally never existed.
  2. As a small child, I wanted to be a cheerleader.  My mother sent me to a cheerleading camp, which completely cured me of this desire and revealed an inner cynicism somewhat surprising in someone who hadn’t even achieved a double-digit age yet.
  3. After that, I wanted to be a dentist.
  4. As a Serious Adult doing Serious Adulting, I am neither.
  5. When I was a kid, I hated writing.
  6. I have kept a personal blog in one location or another for about thirteen years now.
  7. I really hate the idea that all that writing will vanish when I die, because if no one knows about it, then it doesn’t exist on the internet.  I started combining and editing entries a couple years back, but then thought that self-publishing my journal in hopes that a sole copy might turn up in a couple hundred years is probably a bit weird.
  8. My grasp of life is much better than it was back as a Young Prinnie and I have more sheeyit to write about as a result, but I am convinced the quality of my writing has gone down since my high school days.  Figures.
  9. I’ve come up with characters, locations, plotlines, etc. for a novel that I can’t ever write because somehow, I can’t think of any conversations for them to have.
  10. I once tried Irish step dancing.  I hated it.
  11. Despite my goblin-ish personality, I’ve only built one rocket in my life.  It ended up on the roof of my elementary school building, which is where it presumably still lies.

My not-quite-11-of-em nominees aaaare, in no particular order:

  1. … wait, everybody on my reading list has been nominated?  Craaaaaaaap.

Yak of Death I'll take "How Do I Get Out of This Alive" for 800, Alex.

Yak of Death
I’ll take “How Do I Get Out of This Alive” for 800, Alex.

Your questions, should you choose to accept them (and anyone can – answer in the comments if you’d like):

  1. What’s one thing (other than sheer inertia) that could make you stop blogging?
  2. What’s your favorite word, and why?
  3. If you could choose to never ever write about a particular topic again, what would it be?
  4. Does your family know about your blog?  If so, what do they think of it?
  5. What’s the least realistic goal you’ve ever set for yourself?
  6. Have you ever played a game so much your eyes glazed over?  What game was it?
  7. Let’s say I gave you 100 cupcakes that are super delicious.  What would you do with them all?
  8. Find the closest object to your right that has text on it.  Find the third word in the first sentence.  Tell us what it is, and then write a new, amazing sentence for it.  (If it’s “the,” or something like that, I may cry.)
  9. Is a bad idea better than no idea at all?  Why?
  10. What’s one thing you’d like to write about on your blog, but probably never will?
  11. What’s the dumbest question you’ve ever been asked?

7 thoughts on “Liebsternated

  1. tomeoftheancient

    I remember those inventions! I’m surprised your Goblins aren’t living in a mansion off the proceeds. Maybe they are and are just being crafty and keeping it quiet. Cause yeah, I might try to hit them up for a loan.

  2. myriade

    I knew you had a lot of goblins, but that pie chart… I think you win Trade Princess by default.

    Aaand I’ll confess to googling, but only ’cause I needed to know if ‘Sleeping Bear Dunes’ was a real thing. It’s amazing. Now I wanna go too!

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      And that poor pie chart doesn’t even include the goblins who once existed but have since been deleted (some of them got into the 70s/80s prior to deletion, even).

      It is amazing! I want to go back there.

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