Glass Half Full, Isle Half Empty

Wyrmrest Accord, where the majority of my characters live, is a high population server (to state the obvious).  We even suffered the indignity of login queues at peak hours from Christmas or so on until February!  Drenden, where Yynsia and Splattini currently reside, is about as far from a high population server as I can imagine existing.  It’s probably not actually close to the bottom at all, but it sure feels like it when you’re used to being surrounded.  (This one time I logged in, the population was listed as Medium.  Seriously!)  Drenden’s supposedly being combined with Arathor (wat? There’s a server named that?) today, so we’ll see if that changes anything.

A generally low population isn’t an issue for Splattini, who remains stuck in the 60s (I hit the BC Wall).  I level her via LFD, and I haven’t drawn up any mog sets for her yet, producing no need to purchase things off the AH.  Yynsia, though, she’s got problems.

Sigh.  Being an idiot, I thought that the AH on Drenden was going to be so much better than the one on WRA.  I mean, it’s not an RP server!  Therefore, people would pay less for the crap that’s really only good for transmog/RP!  And since there were less people, surely the prices wouldn’t be so freakishly high!  (I swear to Gawd everything on WRA jumped by a couple hundred gold when MoP went live.)

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.  The market is even more jacked up.  You still have the AH addons/gurus/people with disturbingly deep pockets controlling everything, but since there are fewer of them and less stuff, it’s easier for them to literally control every last freaking item!  True, people will pay a pretty penny for platekini on a RP realm, but at least there’s a little bit of competition to bring prices down.  Kinda.

Glyph prices?  Way higher.  One of the reasons I ditched leatherworking/skinning to take up herbing/inscription was the Allianceside glyph market – when you’re not in Mists level content, you simply don’t make enough via quests/dungeon runs to buy the useful ones.  (The other reason would be the simple fact that skinning makes me horribly OC.  I canNOT move on until all the mobs on the ground have been skinned.  Otherwise, I’M LEAVING PROFIT JUST LYING THERE.  This is enormously problematic in places like Blackrock Spire or Sunken Temple.)  I haven’t even LOOKED at enchants/gems yet.  I’m scared.  If a Jade Spirit enchant is like, 4k on WRA … I … I can’t do it.  I can’t.  I need somebody to hold my hand.

Many boosted 90s are, shall we say, still figuring out their class – myself included.  The sad truth is that I’m pretty incompetent at Enhancement (super dinky offhand weapon doesn’t help), since I usually run Yynsia as Resto (and Bombelina’s geared enough to heal while in Elemental).  As a result, there are a lot of chests on the Isle with potential tokens in them on the that I just can’t get to.  I require other people to kill the mean, nasty mobs around them first!

WELL NOW WHAT I can't kill them fast enough!

I can’t kill them fast enough!

On WRA, this usually doesn’t take very long.  (If somebody doesn’t intentionally kill said mob, they pull it while running, which means I get a nice window of opportunity to loot and run.)  On Drenden?  Well, yeah.  I’m not waiting for that to happen!  It’s not that I don’t see people at all.  It’s just that I haven’t seen anything like peak times on WRA, where pretty much everything is already tagged, dead, or respawning.

What with Yynsia’s gear and my poor understanding of Enhancement, somebody else has to hit the rare first because there is no effing way she is surviving.  Problem is, there aren’t a whole lot of people who will do that.  On WRA, strength in numbers counts for something.  Players that might otherwise not touch a mob first get impatient and do, knowing that enough help will arrive in time to save them.  Drenden?  Well, I just have to wait longer for that moment.

It is incredibly mind-boggling to me to see Evermaw just … happily swimming around the Isle, all chill and stuff.  I can follow him around, thanks to Water Walking.  I imagine him filtering all the Pandarian plankton with a whaleshark smile, safe in knowing that he’s not going to get chased down and brutally murdered anytime soon.

16 thoughts on “Glass Half Full, Isle Half Empty

  1. wowstorylines

    LOL, I’ve tried the same thing of going onto another realm to do some “searching” and leveling. AHs are usually controlled like no other places I’ve ever seen – I’ll just keep most of my guys on Wrymrest where I know what the competition is likely to do.

    As far as Lost Ise – I have another character away from Wrymrest that invites me over so that I can run the Isle pretty much unhindered on my Alliance side characters.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      My problem is that on WRA, I play mostly Horde. Only two out of eleven chars there are Alliance. This means that even if my friends could invite Yynsia the spacegoat via my Battletag regardless of faction, I probably don’t want them to precisely because of faction.

      1. wowstorylines

        The majority of my characters on Wrymrest are Horde in a guild called Safehaven – get in touch sometime – my Alliance characters are based in Haven – both are vanity guilds since I tend to solo most content.

  2. tomeoftheancient

    I was really happy with our server merge. The only upside before the merge was there were a lot of critters on the Isle to kill but no sure thing you’d get help with a rare. I have much platekini sitting in the bank as no one here will buy it. Looks like my Worgen Death Knight might have to step up and wear it.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Nobody wants to buy the platekini Yynsia’s got hanging around either, but I don’t have a plate wearer on the same server to wear it. I guess it’ll just have to go unappreciated while I persist in being broke.

  3. PlaidElf

    I wish you luck with your server merge! Hopefully it’ll help a lot of the population problems. Seish’s server was low pop before being merged with two others and it’s definitely made a difference on the AH and the Timeless Isle. Of course lots of people on the Isle isn’t always good when it’s a pvp server and a ton of them are coin farming, but at least I get help with rares.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      PvP server baaaaaaaaad. Nooooo PvPPPPPpp safj;sldfkja;slfkja;slf

      /makes protective hand gestures while retreating, hides in corner, cries

      I rolled on a PvP server once, when WoW was new. I ragequit after like a week and didn’t recover until after Cata had come out.

      1. PlaidElf

        Yeah. I can’t afford to transfer off so I’m kinda stuck there, but I definitely don’t roll any new alts on pvp servers. I am bad at pvp and don’t really like it. But Seish has gotten really good at using Ra’sha’s Sacrificial Dagger to ensure that people who try to kill him get no bloody coins. (Suicide awards no coins XD)

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      That’s where Splattini is! I haven’t been playing her much since she hit the 60s – Burning Crusade content seems to be about the spot where leveling is no longer a “whee!” feeling, but more of a “ogod wat have I done” sort of thing. That, and I gave up (temporarily, I say) relearning how to Disco.

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          Why thanks! I gotta convince myself to start leveling Splattini again. Let’s see …

          Level 60 is more than halfway to 90! Kinda!
          Even Burning Crusade content comes to an end!
          Today, Auchenai Crypts all the time – tomorrow, Utgarde Keep all the time instead!
          I can get more strength and agility gear to vendor from those bags! Goblin priests love gold!

          … this may take some work.

  4. R

    Huh, my little alt server Arathor is merging with the server home of BOTH Prinnie and Rades? Eventually, maybe, someday (SOON(tm))?

    Exciting times! 🙂


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