Do Blogs Have Terrible Twos?



On this day of days two whole freaking years and a day ago, “That Was an Accident!” came into being with a post about the Amazing Instabucket – just add water, and bam, you got a bucket!  It holds water like nothing else!  After a few more inventions, I switched to screenshots, and then eventually admitted I had a transmog problem from which I could not recover.  I documented my WoW life alongside the symptoms of this disease.  (I have completed 70 sets.  There is no cure.)

Now, the blog is sitting pretty at approximately 43k views.  It’s a hair shy of 2k comments (half of which are me – I’m my own top commenter), and has approximately 80 followers.  These are tiny numbers compared to other blogs out there, but I’ll be darned if they aren’t the biggest numbers I’ve ever seen.  Because of the blog name and the fact that I once posted about dancing on Varian Wrynn’s head as a bear, I get a lot of searchers looking for accidents that occurred at parties at which there just so happened to be a dancing (and probably angry) bear. 173 people have found this blog by looking for “chicken.”  And somebody once searched for “suggestions for improving attendance at happy hour social events,” but I’m gonna have defer to the OLRG on that one.

Oddly, the top post/page is the About page, which clocks in at a grand total of not quite fifty words.

Top Five Posts OF ALL FREAKING TIEM are …
(and of course I haven’t adjusted for the length time it’s been published or anything)

1. “Maybe I should just call this a transmog blog? “Royal Apothecary” Set (08/07/12)
There have to be some RPers out there that I drew in with the name of the mog set, because the post is not that entertaining.  It has zero comments to read, is not an example of my snappiest writing and is neither my best nor fanciest mog.  BUT HEY APOTHECARY

2. Can’t Stop the Transmog (07/30/2012)
My theory with the popularity of this post: innocent RPers, once again snared in my net, since I talk about not sitting on the throne in Silvermoon.  Otherwise, it makes no sense.  All I do is complain about Cav (formerly Caliverne) calling my mage “old lady.”

3. Vote Kicking in LFD (02/20/2013)
A post that talks about actual issues within WoW?  Unheard of!  I remember being amaaaaaaaaaazed by the number of people who had something to say.  It was one of a handful of times I got voluntarily linked by a podcast thinger that I had zero affiliation or bribery whatsoever with, and I felt so amazingly RELEVANT.

4. Project Platekini Part 1: “Dark Embrace” Set (02/25/2013)
SURPRISE, platekini is popular.  It’s also a good looking, relatively low level set.

5. The Forgotten Depths of OH MY GOD SNAILS (03/23/2013)
Even now, over a year later, the snails take down more players than the bosses of the first ToT wing combined!  (I just made that up, but it’s probably true.)  A sha-touched snail should also be in the Brawler’s Guild if there one isn’t already.

The least favorite post OF ALL TIEM (that I haven’t deleted out of regret) is one that sits at 2 views.  I’m not calling it out.  It knows who it is.


30 thoughts on “Do Blogs Have Terrible Twos?

  1. Erinys

    Happy Blog Birthday! That’s one celebrating cat gif up there. Looking forward to many more years of exploding transmog sets (we really need some of those) and other such dangerous things, hopefully with tentacles attached.

  2. udderlywild

    grats on blogthday! I always love your interpretation of our raids with the Razors and view in general. Thank you for the inspiration!! Hoping for another awesome year!

      1. wowstorylines

        LOL been playing since Vanilla myself – however, I always still feel like a youngster myself. Love your blogs and enjoy your descriptions of everything – keeps me roaring with laughter most of the time and keeps me enthused about the game.

  3. Matty

    Mine were people all over the world looking for bugged-out wolf cartoon eyes, those in search of David Hasselhoff with puppies in his pants, and of course, “squirrel nuts stitting up dram.” I love your blog, adore your writing/style, spank those DJ kitties and continue to be my friend. All I could ever ask for.

  4. kamaliaetalia

    Happy happy blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts and hope to continue reading them for a long time more!
    LOL, a sha-touched Gastropod would be an awesome Brawler’s Guild boss!

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Thanks! I am still disappointed there wasn’t a snail raid boss in SoO. Yeah, there’s the one for the achieve in Thok’s room, but it’s not the SAME.

  5. thetuskedsquires

    Happy Blogday! I hope to be at your stage this time in a year and 50 weeks… remember, patience, discipline….

    Also, that cat gif made me want to host a party for my three cats. I don’t think they’d really like it but THEY’LL GET A DAMN PARTY!

  6. Neri

    I remember that Apothecary set! Back from when I used to play WoW frequently enough to blog at Neri Approves! and had money to just give away to strangers for awesome transmogs. Gosh, that feels like forever ago!

    Happy blog birthday. I look forward to many more insane gifs, great writing and awesome transmogs from you 🙂

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