Doomed to Repeat History

You’d think that I would have remembered just how bad I suck at rogue-ing.  I’d made it to level 80, after all, stubbornly stabbing things as best I could while other people actually did the killing DPS.  It sucked.  I sucked.  I was worse at rogue than I was at ret paladerping!

Forsaken Atmosphere Come for the culture, stay forever.

Forsaken Atmosphere
Come for the culture, stay forever.

But no.  I did not remember.

Since we beat the Challenge modes, Kash’s guild has the fancy cute pet thing that, alas, you have to be Revered to acquire.  As I am not able to finance a transfer at this point in time, I decided I’d just level up another alt – not like altoholism is a new problem for me or anything.  I had a full set of leather agility looms no longer in use, as well as one agility heirloom sword thanks to leveling a monk.  So I got an heirloom dagger, went Combat rogue, and have since regretted this choice utterly.

It’s like, DUH, self, DUH.  Didn’t you see this coming?  If I can’t be bothered keep up that Inquisition thing for ret paladerping, it stands to reason I am certainly not going to want to keep up Slice and Dice for rogue.  Especially not when building up combo points takes too @#$%king long to be useful in the first place!  I can generally get up to two or three of them if I can Ambush, which is so not guaranteed, and if my fellow party members are equally incompetent so the mob lives long enough.

Let’s assume I can Ambush, which means I succeeded in 1.) getting into Stealth in the first place, which is sometimes impossible because CHAIN PULLING, and 2.) getting behind the mob before it dies thanks to positional requirements.  P.S., the latter is only possible when the tank is a nice PvE person and not a PvPer, since PvPers continually whirl mobs around like some sort of paranoid drug addict on a high.  THIS IS NOT THE LUMBER MILL HERE, PEOPLE.  The next problem is that Ambush costs 60 energy, but I only have 100 energy max.  So let’s say the next thing I want to do is Revealing Strike.  Since Revealing Strike is only 40 energy, I can do two things in a row oh boy howdy!  But then I’m at absolutely zero energy and have to wait forever to do ANYTHING other than autoattack.  Oh, so Revealing Strike gives my Sinister Strikes a chance to generate an extra combo point?  Well, that’s just freaking SWELL, because Sinister Strike is a grand total of 50 energy – HALF MY ENTIRE ENERGY POOL.  You know how often I get to do that on a regular mob?  Like never.  I can use it maybe two or three times on a boss if the other DPS suck just as bad or worse than I do!

So you know what a low level rogue does?  ALMOST NOTHING.  Yeah, this is real fun!

And OoooOoOOooOo Combat rogues get Blade Flurry!  Sounds useful for low level dungeons, since people pull mobs en masse!  ONLY IT ISN’T USEFUL AT ALL, because it reduces your energy regen by 20%, which at this point is so laughably painful I just can’t even.



I was trying to get some levels in via LFD, since higher level questing gives you more gold – which I will need to purchase the pet –  but yeah, screw that.  I’m going to just quest.  Actually, I may just make another class.  Or maybe I should leave this rogue alive as a testament to how I can’t rogue – SO I REMEMBER.


16 thoughts on “Doomed to Repeat History

  1. Sol

    Glyph of Deadly Momentum!

    Go whack the first mob with Revealing Strike a few times, hit Slice n Dice then chain pull to your heart’s content.
    If you want to be nice to your healer in a 5-man, do the same on the second mob but with Recuperate.

    They won’t drop off until you are handing your quests in at the end.

  2. repgrind

    You’ll actually get guild rep a LOT faster by just questing. Buy yourself one of the guild reputation tabards on one of your main characters and mail it over, too, they help a lot. I leveled an alt in another guild to get the pet before you guys finished the challenge modes, and she was revered by level 12 just from questing through Kezan …

  3. PlaidElf

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is an utter failure at rogue-ing. I have a level 90 rogue, through sheer stubbornness and the desire to open lockboxes without wasting ghost iron on keys, but she does the same thing in Mists that she did in Cataclysm. Hit max level and hang around looking nice in her transmog. I don’t understand and I am not cruel enough to subject people to my attempting to dungeon. I think she’s the only 90 I have that hasn’t even visited Timeless Isle, because that thought was far too painful to contemplate. Energy makes the Slice and Dice thing -much- more obnoxious than inquisition, and every time I try to play rogue I hear ‘I don’t have enough energy’ often enough that I think they must have some kind of deficiency.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I dunno about you, but I think I may have a narcoleptic rogue with a sleepstabbing problem. It explains how she can fight but seem low on energy all the freaking time.

  4. khizzara

    Huh, that’s strange, I’ve been having a lot of fun on my lowbie rogue. Of course, she is wearing a full set of enchanted heirlooms, so she hits like a truck. In the dungeons I’ve run I’ve been able to one-shot non-elites and take out elites in 3-4 hits and the tanks haven’t been able to hold aggro on me. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of Evasion…

    However, I have been mostly questing on her, because I’ve decided that I want Loremaster eventually, so all my alts have to go through new zones getting meta achievements, and also because the story in the Forsaken zones is AMAZING. So she’s generally been killing things a lot lower than her because she out-levels stuff so fast.

    I know people suggest taking Glyph of Deadly Momentum, but I’m finding stuff dies so fast that Slice and Dice/Recuperate barely matter. So I took Glyph of Stealth which gives Stealth a 2 second CD. That helps with the chain pulling idiot tanks, since I can essentially hit Stealth immediately, and is hella useful when questing solo.

  5. wowstorylines

    I still get out one of my two rogues and keep bashing away – one day, I may make it to Pandaria, however, I don’t know that it will be before WoD drops. *stabbitystab*

  6. Helistar

    That “waiting” thing is the whole point of resource-limited classes. Rogue, like feral druid, has something like 40-50% wait time in their DPS “cycle”.
    I say you should make good use of that time to look at the surrounding scenery, examine the tank’s transmog or some other relaxing activity 🙂

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