Therm Broke It

Therm Broke It Yet, it's goblin-appropriate.

Therm Broke It
Normally, these things don’t show up with fire … yet the fire is SO goblin-appropriate.


2 thoughts on “Therm Broke It

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Thanks! I still don’t see why I couldn’t do the healing challenge, what with my spirit beast and all. I guess Chi-ji just doesn’t see things the hunter way. Yu-lon wasn’t bad once I gave up on avoiding the adds. I tried Feign Death (they did a hotfix that caused the adds to ignore Feign Death, they hit you anyway). Tried my splendid Ice Trap and disengaging backwards for more kiting distance (the adds speed up). Tried to go on the terrace area as recommended by several guides (the adds spawned there). Gave up and shot the adds dead in their blobby little nonfaces, then won.


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