ROY G. BIV Transmog: Green

Previously on “ROY G. BIV Transmog,” our intrepid transmog team had a difference of fashion sense and a dramatic reveal of truth, and a moment in which Prinnie rolled over and admitted Warlock Logic is the Best Logic.

Prinnie: I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop here, you know.

Ignitine: But I’m wearing both of them.

Prinnie: That’s not what I mean!  I’m just sayin’, it looks like you’re plotting something, and I just don’t think it’s going to end well for anyone.

Ignitine: My plots always end well for me, though.

Prinnie: Where’s Esplodine?  She’s a fashionista!  I should get her to do this month’s contest. It would be safer.

Ignitine: Oh, I sent her a bunch of greens and told her to put them on the AH for great profit.  She doesn’t use any sort of AH addon, so we won’t be seeing her for awhile.

Sweet, Sweet Profits Don't wanna wake up 'til it's real.

Sweet, Sweet Profits
Don’t wanna wake up ’til it’s real.

Prinnie: Wow, well done.

Ignitine: Damn straight!

"Swamplight Conjurer" Set

“Swamplight Conjurer” Set

The “Swamplight Conjurer” Set

Class: Warlock

H: Savage Gladiator’s Felweave Cowl | S: Savage Gladiator’s Felweave Amice | Cl: Swamplight Cloak
Ch: Gladiator’s Dreadweave Robe | Wa: Glyph-Lined Sash | L: Not shown
G: Gladiator’s Dreadweave Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Conjurer’s Shoes

Dagger: Midnight Sun
Offhand: Festering Primordial Globule (LFR)

Thoughts: So here’s a goblin gone green(er).  This is Ignitine’s subtle set.  Warlocks get a lot of nuclear snot green options for obvious reasons …

… aaaaand now that I’ve thought of “fel green” as nuclear snot green, I can’t unsee this mental picture I have of green fire actually being gobs of irradiated mucus, sneeze-hurled from the sky by some giant, invisible nose.  If you can’t shake the image now either, you’re welcome.

In other news, Ignitine made a new friend in Siege:

Gooey Sha-ling One finally agreed to go home with the goblins.

Gooey Sha-ling
One finally agreed to go home with the goblins.

9 thoughts on “ROY G. BIV Transmog: Green

  1. kamaliaetalia

    Ignitine, you continue to impress! That is subtle indeed.

    Hmm, that image of a giant nose sneezing reminds me of something from Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy… I think it was a culture/religion that belived that our universe had been blown out in a great sneeze and they were anticipating the end of the universe as being wiped up by a giant handkerchief.

    Grats on your new buddy from Siege!

  2. Navimie

    I like subtle. Wait till you see the glaring green thing I’ve got on that makes you realise what sunglasses are for. ooh and grats on non green pet 😀

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      “Subtle” is not usually my method of operation, so I won’t need sunglasses – it’ll be normal!

      I think the sha-ling makes a slightly greenish splash around him.

  3. wowstorylines

    ROTFL glad to see that there are others that have read Hitchikers Guide as well. That image is now forever stuck in my mind.

    Great transmogs they all look so awesome. It’s mind boggling how you come up with all of these outfits. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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