The Stove is Hot. Stop Touching the Stove.

I have a good friend with a fondness for nostalgia.  This isn’t always a bad thing, mind you, but it does tend to cause emotional burns from time to time.  So whenever she talks about doing X, Y or Z, I tell her that the stove is hot.  She knows the stove is hot.  She should stop touching the stove, because touching the stove she knows to be hot is stupid.  I find it obnoxious when people give advice they obviously don’t follow themselves, so I try to live by my own words of wisdom idioms.

I fail at this on a regular basis.

I was looking for some new way to consume my game time, since Daschela got her cloak and Niremere is stuck trying to get hers.  So about a week ago, I had a very specific dream about leveling a panda rogue.  I mentioned this to Goa, who (of course) said that it must be a sign and maybe I’d like rogue this time around!  There is something to be said to exposure, after all, since you can teach yourself to like formerly hated foods by eating them until you just don’t care anymore.  In this case, there’s the Forsaken rogue I started (and abandoned because WTF AUGH CAN’T DO ANYTHING BUT WAIT), and all the former rogues I’ve deleted.

Still, I delayed.  No rogue, I said, because the stove is hot, and I’m not touching that.  Maybe a panda shaman?  I like shamans!  But then I realized that would be my third shaman, and that could be considered just a bit class-obsessive.  Okay, so how about a panda hunter, then?  I like hunters!  Oh.  Wait.  If I made one, that would be my third hunter.  Panda monk?  No, too obvious.  Panda mage!  Meh, Arcane Explosion is still not considered a rotation unto itself.  What about a panda warrior, then?  Naw, I still haven’t finished leveling Pixelby, who’s somewhere in the 60s.  While thinking through all this, I could practically hear my subconscious cheering in the background.  Panda rogue!  Panda rogue!  Panda rogue!

Yeah.  I made a mother trucking panda rogue.

The Eyes of Hellscream are Upon You The Eyes of Hellderp, maybe.

The Eyes of Hellscream are Upon You
The Eyes of Hellderp, maybe.

And the weird thing?  I … I liked it.  Kind of.  Assassination is more fun than Combat, as long as I don’t blow all my Energy at the beginning of combat (which I often do).  I dunno, I like the character for some reason.

There are still some issues, like positioning:

How Do I Rogue in a World Like This Logic is capricious

How Do I Rogue in a World Like This
Logic is capricious

And the lack of AoE is a real bummer.

The other weird thing is that healers don’t seem to like me much.  There have been several parties where every other member’s health has been topped off but mine was left at far less than full.  Is it because I am a rogue?  Is it because the perception of my DPS depends on the other DPSers in the party?  (That is, if there are other players in looms, I’m screwed.  If I am the only one in looms, however, I look great.)  Does “Nioma” mean something bad?  If so, oops.


12 thoughts on “The Stove is Hot. Stop Touching the Stove.

  1. khizzara

    CAN’T UNSEE! XD lolololol

    No word of a lie, I just about died laughing, and then had to explain to my husband what I was laughing at.

    Oh, continent monster, why are you so derpily adorable?

          1. Matty

            Dear Prinnie,
            Thank you for your letter. Yes, and often he’s drunk, sometimes on power, sometimes on Fizzy Faire booze, so hard to understand.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Speaking of bad, why is Recuperation so bad? I use it sometimes, and I’m like, that was a nice red kinda glowy effect for a second there, but *nothing seems to be happening.*

      Combat was awful. Just “nope nope nope.”

      1. Leit

        Recup heals based on the CP you dump into it. Think there’s a glyph that boosts it as well. Found it to be a pretty decent heal, but no idea if that’s still the case… yes, you need to throw away your finishers to run recup. Love rogues so much. ❤

        There's a poison talent that adds life leech. Not sure when you get it though. Take that and you're sorted for levelling.

        Lies. Combat is like



        oh goddamit is the boss dead already? What do my finishers even *look* like?"

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          Sure, but four or five points worth of Recuperation still isn’t all that much. I don’t have the glyph, I’m afraid – everything rogue starts at 50g and up, and I just don’t have that kinda cash.

          1. Leit

            Yeah, the turnaround time on rogue glyphs is awful because few play them to max, so the prices are OTT on almost any server. Wait ’til you start checking the prices on BoE ‘mog gear.

            Not sure, maybe it’s one of those skills that has odd scaling because PvP? Feel like a poser making concrete statements tho’, given the whole quitting thing.


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