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I Don’t Know If I Can Do It

Also known as, “More Muttering About Models.”

The nice thing about playing mostly goblins is that my “mains” had no surprises in store for me.  I’ve been sitting on the fence about some other characters, however.  (I’ve also been browsing any and all “OMFG I HATE THE NEW MODELS” threads with avidity.  Look, somebody had problems worse than mine!)

I loved Ailabeth’s old harlequin face.  To me, it was a smile fixed in place by rigor mortis, a mask resembling her old self that barely covered the motivations of her present unlife.

Ailabeth's New Model Hair apparently does grow in the grave, as does general annoyingness.

Ailabeth’s New Model
Hair apparently does grow in the grave, as does general annoyingness.

With the new model, the brows have been raised and the mouth has been made much narrower*, which gives the harlequin mask a rather pinched smirk.  It makes me want to punch the wearer every time I see it.

On the upside, her hair is fab.  I am ultimately unsure what to do with Ailabeth, but may leave her as Forsaken, since she doesn’t see a large amount of playtime these days.  For now, I’ve changed her face to something that makes me a little less irritated.

*Not that the mouth being made much wider helps, necessarily.  Exhibit A:

Forsaken Eek! Originally posted by Gentlebreeze on the forums.

Forsaken Derp Transformation!
Posted by Gentlebreeze on the forums.

Daschela and Yynsia
I just can’t with the eyes.  Why do they seem so big, when they didn’t before?  Why are they so goddamn turquoise, when they weren’t before?  Why are they so freakishly bright?

Dasch's New Model Nicely defined horns.  Freakishly flat eyes.

Dasch’s New Model
Nicely defined horns. Freakishly flat eyes.

Yynsia's New Model The new bright eyes seem even BRIGHTER on dark skins.

Yynsia’s New Model
The new bright eyes seem even BRIGHTER on dark skins.

Have you seen how the new face looks on the Armory for female draenei hunters?  I THINK YOU SHOULD.


>: |

I’d like to keep them Alliance, so that I am able to switch factions as desired to play with friends.  I’m leaning towards racechanging Daschela, the hunter, to a night elf, since the name originally applied to a night elf druid that later became Betheki the troll.  As far as Yynsia the shaman goes, I’ve been tossing around the idea of changing her either to a dwarf or panda.  On the one hand, I really like the panda casting animation.  On the other, pandas all have sameface syndrome, and I already have one panda.

Alas, the changes to the human female hit me like a ton of bricks.  What bugs me the most about the human female faces is how it feels like Blizzard took the same approach they did with pandas: change the colors on the same face and call the resulting variations “different!”  Every face has the same eye shape, just in different colors.  (Speaking of eyes, they gave gnomes a face with mussed up eyeliner. What happened to the smudged eyeliner on my human?)  Every face has pencil-thin brows arched halfway to the moon.  Because of the shading on the upper lip, they almost all appear to be doing the duckface expression if you look at them straight on.

This image is a good example of how the human female faces could, you know, actually resemble the originals in more than eyecolor:

Original, live, and edited versions Originally posted to the forums by Vro of Evenfall server

Original, live, and edited versions
Posted to the forums by Vro

I think I could get used to the human female faces if I made a new character, but the problem with Niremere is that she has a history of sorts, a story in which her old appearance made sense but her new one makes no sense at all.  Niremere’s personality was even-keeled, stern and straightforward, and she was a competent badass who took no sheeyit.  Since the new face only superficially resembles the old one (is it just me, or does it look down), this is not the vibe I get from it.

Nir's New Model She grew a couple inches and several helm sizes.

Nir’s New Model
She grew a couple inches and several helm sizes.

This thread is of interest to me (despite how fast it got derailed by the “I don’t see what’s wrong just suck it up” camp) because the OP used the same face I did and has the same problem with the new model results.  One reply in the thread struck a chord for me as well:

“The human the OP posted, she looked pretty fierce. But with the raised eyebrows, tilted eyeballs, and lack of makeup, she looks pretty derp. And very different.

Still pretty, yeah. But she’s not the same character that was originally created.”

And that’s pretty much the crux of it.

I can’t see race-changing her, to be honest.  “Niremere” is human.  But I can’t see myself playing her much, either.  I’ll probably just leave her sitting as is for a good long while, until my idea of “Niremere” fades and I can pick a different face to go with a different character.

Other thoughts of note:

  • Interestingly, all the “old faces” have been mostly smoothed and dewrinkled
  • Re: gnomes.  People were complaining about female gnomes being too damn cutesy, so it looks an awful lot like Blizzard overcompensated by making them pissed off instead.
  • New Model Thread Catalogue – contains info on how to contact the lead character artist.  Debating actually doing it, because (as shown above) the human females can be made far more faithful to the original models.


Six Point OH CRAP

The Day of Reckoning All of us less attractive types knew our day would come.

The Day of Reckoning
All of us less attractive types knew our day would come.

So, the pre-orcfest patch has landed.  Most importantly, the Horde has been beautified to a degree where the blood elves no longer stand out as the paragons of good hair and platekini.

Speaking of beautiful people with gorgeous hair, can we talk about the background for the thingie?  Can we change it?  My monitor’s a bit on the small side, so all I really see of Grom is his nipple ring, which is rather unappealing.

Grom's Nipple Ring Once you notice it, you'll never unsee it.

Grom’s Nipple Ring
Once you notice it, you’ll never unsee it.

Prinnie’s Top 4 AMAAAAAZING Things About the Patch

1. The Toy Box
OH.  MY.  GAWD.  I have the Skymirror on all my characters now.  Let me repeat that.  I have the Skymirror on all my characters now.  And all the random toys I stuck in Void Storage?  GONE!  MORE MOG SPACE IS MINE!  IT’S BRILLIANT!

That's Amazing

That’s Amazing


New and Improved Seriously!  On the old model, you could look straight up its backside and out the mouth!

New and Improved
Seriously! On the old model, you could look straight up its backside and out the mouth!

I need this hydra and that purple one and that other hydra and this one too plzkthx.

Nobody’s repeatedly choking that one banker in the middle of the Valley of Strength bank anymore!  Hooray!  No more listening to NPCs repeating themselves while I ponder my transmog organization.

Prinnie’s Top 3 Most Hated Things

1. Unleash Weapon
Wait wait wait.  So you mean that in order to maintain optimal DPS, I gotta hit this stupid button every fifteen seconds?  Are you kidding me?  There’s a reason I hated Inquisition, the mage playstyle and so on.

2. Blue Bug Eyes
Why, exactly, are female draenei eyes blue?  It’s kind of creeping me out.

3. Wait, Wat
Niremere used to have an angry face.  Then she got duckface.  I’m not entirely sure what happened, but maybe I’ll get used to it.  If not, to a barbershop we go!

Never Noticed These Before They make me feel ... concerned.

Never Noticed These Before
They make me feel … concerned.


My goal before WoD drops is to get a fancy new mog for the front-line team.  WE GOTTA LOOK GOOD.

A Letter to the Devil

Dear Leatherworking,

I think it’s time we discussed the consequences your incessant demands have on our relationship.  I know I’m not blameless here.  My frustration is partially my own fault as a result of deleting that old level 80 rogue, who just so happened to have her leatherworking skills up to Cataclysm levels.  Yes, I’m taking responsibility, but only some responsibility – maybe about a quarter of the total hatred here.  I lay the rest of our problems entirely at your doorstep.

Unimpressed LW, it can't be just me putting effort into our relationship.

Unimpressed With You
LW, it can’t be just me putting effort into our relationship.  You have to do something too!

Have you ever considered how impulsive and illogical you are, Leatherworking?  According to you, five pieces of leather and some gimpy thread is enough to make a pair of pants, but if I want a belt instead, I’d have to get my hands on thirteen pieces of leather, more gimpy thread, some random potion that alchemists hardly ever make anymore and that you’ll never find on a low/medium population server anyway, and a couple of hides that can only be cured with salt dropped from mobs in level 40 dungeons that I haven’t actually been to in weeks.

Let Me Think On This Oh wait, nope.

Let Me Think On This
Oh wait, nope.  No belt for me.

There are guides out there which help me understand your capriciousness, thus enabling me to avoid the most tediously random of your recipes in my quest to know you better.  But words of wisdom from the internet cannot solve all, Leatherworking.  There’s an even deeper underlying problem, and that’s the total number of mats you require in the first place.  You are a horribly selfish, greedy, total bleeping nightmare in this regard.

For example (and this is only one example, mind you), you need 410 pieces of thick leather.  SERIOUSLY, LEATHERWORKING?  ARE YOU FREAKING BONKERS?  There’s no efficient way to meet your insane demands.  It’s not like I can buy it – it’s old stuff and my rogue is on a medium population server, so inevitably some asshat’s already purchased what there is on the market and raised the price beyond my means.  Even with the guild perk, I still get one or maybe two pieces of leather from most of the mobs I skin.  I’ve had to resort to stalking around quest hubs and skinning the mobs other people leave behind.  Do you know how embarrassing this is, Leatherworking?  It’s like, “HI GUYS, LEVEL 80 HERE, HANGING OUT IN A LEVEL 40ISH ZONE LALALALA DON’T MIND ME” and people look at you funny.  They stop looting their mobs, so you can’t skin them.

I refuse to pay for a boosted character just to ignore you.  We’ve got to work something out, Leatherworking.  Something that happens more often than Darkmoon’s profession quests.