A Letter to the Devil

Dear Leatherworking,

I think it’s time we discussed the consequences your incessant demands have on our relationship.  I know I’m not blameless here.  My frustration is partially my own fault as a result of deleting that old level 80 rogue, who just so happened to have her leatherworking skills up to Cataclysm levels.  Yes, I’m taking responsibility, but only some responsibility – maybe about a quarter of the total hatred here.  I lay the rest of our problems entirely at your doorstep.

Unimpressed LW, it can't be just me putting effort into our relationship.

Unimpressed With You
LW, it can’t be just me putting effort into our relationship.  You have to do something too!

Have you ever considered how impulsive and illogical you are, Leatherworking?  According to you, five pieces of leather and some gimpy thread is enough to make a pair of pants, but if I want a belt instead, I’d have to get my hands on thirteen pieces of leather, more gimpy thread, some random potion that alchemists hardly ever make anymore and that you’ll never find on a low/medium population server anyway, and a couple of hides that can only be cured with salt dropped from mobs in level 40 dungeons that I haven’t actually been to in weeks.

Let Me Think On This Oh wait, nope.

Let Me Think On This
Oh wait, nope.  No belt for me.

There are guides out there which help me understand your capriciousness, thus enabling me to avoid the most tediously random of your recipes in my quest to know you better.  But words of wisdom from the internet cannot solve all, Leatherworking.  There’s an even deeper underlying problem, and that’s the total number of mats you require in the first place.  You are a horribly selfish, greedy, total bleeping nightmare in this regard.

For example (and this is only one example, mind you), you need 410 pieces of thick leather.  SERIOUSLY, LEATHERWORKING?  ARE YOU FREAKING BONKERS?  There’s no efficient way to meet your insane demands.  It’s not like I can buy it – it’s old stuff and my rogue is on a medium population server, so inevitably some asshat’s already purchased what there is on the market and raised the price beyond my means.  Even with the guild perk, I still get one or maybe two pieces of leather from most of the mobs I skin.  I’ve had to resort to stalking around quest hubs and skinning the mobs other people leave behind.  Do you know how embarrassing this is, Leatherworking?  It’s like, “HI GUYS, LEVEL 80 HERE, HANGING OUT IN A LEVEL 40ISH ZONE LALALALA DON’T MIND ME” and people look at you funny.  They stop looting their mobs, so you can’t skin them.

I refuse to pay for a boosted character just to ignore you.  We’ve got to work something out, Leatherworking.  Something that happens more often than Darkmoon’s profession quests.



19 thoughts on “A Letter to the Devil

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus

    I have a level 90 hunter who has the leatherworking skill capped out. But I cannot remember how I got it there over the years before Pandaria. I think my brain has blanked that out in order to protect me.

    1. Saya

      I levelled Leatherworking on a single alt – just out of curiosity at the time – and then ran as far away from it as my gnome legs could carry me. Oh, the pain. I don’t even remember if I capped it out at the end or not.

  2. repgrind

    Hahaha. I have exactly one maxed LW. Yep, you guessed it … it’s on the toon that got the free 90 boost. I don’t even care that he’s a plate wearer, I have it done!

  3. wowstorylines

    I’ve got several capped out in Leather Working, however, I have found that it’s a bust when it comes to actually making anything worthy in Pandaria that might even remotely sell on the AH since Timeless Isle started giving out gear and we won’t even discuss boosts – I have a few of those too.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I just want one for the sake of having one (and maybe profession-specific mog items), since I’m far too lazy to use any profession to make money. I know this, because I have a blacksmith, an alchemist, a jewelcrafter, an inscriptionist, etc. And each and every time, I’ve concluded that selling crap on the AH is a PITA.

      1. wowstorylines

        Some of the mid-range to high level patterns are hard to get due to the fact that, as you mentioned, you end up hanging out in some pretty strange places trying to get the mats, however, it’s still fun. 😀

        1. Leit

          Also: hanging out in weird corners of Zangarmarsh and Blade’s Edge to get the patterns that only spawn on the vendor once in a blue %$^# moon.

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  5. Kanter

    I had decided months ago to level my druid to level 60 and use my boost to get him level 90 and max leatherworking. You have made me feel much better about that decision!


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