I Don’t Know If I Can Do It

Also known as, “More Muttering About Models.”

The nice thing about playing mostly goblins is that my “mains” had no surprises in store for me.  I’ve been sitting on the fence about some other characters, however.  (I’ve also been browsing any and all “OMFG I HATE THE NEW MODELS” threads with avidity.  Look, somebody had problems worse than mine!)

I loved Ailabeth’s old harlequin face.  To me, it was a smile fixed in place by rigor mortis, a mask resembling her old self that barely covered the motivations of her present unlife.

Ailabeth's New Model Hair apparently does grow in the grave, as does general annoyingness.

Ailabeth’s New Model
Hair apparently does grow in the grave, as does general annoyingness.

With the new model, the brows have been raised and the mouth has been made much narrower*, which gives the harlequin mask a rather pinched smirk.  It makes me want to punch the wearer every time I see it.

On the upside, her hair is fab.  I am ultimately unsure what to do with Ailabeth, but may leave her as Forsaken, since she doesn’t see a large amount of playtime these days.  For now, I’ve changed her face to something that makes me a little less irritated.

*Not that the mouth being made much wider helps, necessarily.  Exhibit A:

Forsaken Eek! Originally posted by Gentlebreeze on the forums.

Forsaken Derp Transformation!
Posted by Gentlebreeze on the forums.

Daschela and Yynsia
I just can’t with the eyes.  Why do they seem so big, when they didn’t before?  Why are they so goddamn turquoise, when they weren’t before?  Why are they so freakishly bright?

Dasch's New Model Nicely defined horns.  Freakishly flat eyes.

Dasch’s New Model
Nicely defined horns. Freakishly flat eyes.

Yynsia's New Model The new bright eyes seem even BRIGHTER on dark skins.

Yynsia’s New Model
The new bright eyes seem even BRIGHTER on dark skins.

Have you seen how the new face looks on the Armory for female draenei hunters?  I THINK YOU SHOULD.


>: |

I’d like to keep them Alliance, so that I am able to switch factions as desired to play with friends.  I’m leaning towards racechanging Daschela, the hunter, to a night elf, since the name originally applied to a night elf druid that later became Betheki the troll.  As far as Yynsia the shaman goes, I’ve been tossing around the idea of changing her either to a dwarf or panda.  On the one hand, I really like the panda casting animation.  On the other, pandas all have sameface syndrome, and I already have one panda.

Alas, the changes to the human female hit me like a ton of bricks.  What bugs me the most about the human female faces is how it feels like Blizzard took the same approach they did with pandas: change the colors on the same face and call the resulting variations “different!”  Every face has the same eye shape, just in different colors.  (Speaking of eyes, they gave gnomes a face with mussed up eyeliner. What happened to the smudged eyeliner on my human?)  Every face has pencil-thin brows arched halfway to the moon.  Because of the shading on the upper lip, they almost all appear to be doing the duckface expression if you look at them straight on.

This image is a good example of how the human female faces could, you know, actually resemble the originals in more than eyecolor:

Original, live, and edited versions Originally posted to the forums by Vro of Evenfall server

Original, live, and edited versions
Posted to the forums by Vro

I think I could get used to the human female faces if I made a new character, but the problem with Niremere is that she has a history of sorts, a story in which her old appearance made sense but her new one makes no sense at all.  Niremere’s personality was even-keeled, stern and straightforward, and she was a competent badass who took no sheeyit.  Since the new face only superficially resembles the old one (is it just me, or does it look down), this is not the vibe I get from it.

Nir's New Model She grew a couple inches and several helm sizes.

Nir’s New Model
She grew a couple inches and several helm sizes.

This thread is of interest to me (despite how fast it got derailed by the “I don’t see what’s wrong just suck it up” camp) because the OP used the same face I did and has the same problem with the new model results.  One reply in the thread struck a chord for me as well:

“The human the OP posted, she looked pretty fierce. But with the raised eyebrows, tilted eyeballs, and lack of makeup, she looks pretty derp. And very different.

Still pretty, yeah. But she’s not the same character that was originally created.”

And that’s pretty much the crux of it.

I can’t see race-changing her, to be honest.  “Niremere” is human.  But I can’t see myself playing her much, either.  I’ll probably just leave her sitting as is for a good long while, until my idea of “Niremere” fades and I can pick a different face to go with a different character.

Other thoughts of note:

  • Interestingly, all the “old faces” have been mostly smoothed and dewrinkled
  • Re: gnomes.  People were complaining about female gnomes being too damn cutesy, so it looks an awful lot like Blizzard overcompensated by making them pissed off instead.
  • New Model Thread Catalogue – contains info on how to contact the lead character artist.  Debating actually doing it, because (as shown above) the human females can be made far more faithful to the original models.


14 thoughts on “I Don’t Know If I Can Do It

  1. wowstorylines

    I have to agree with what you said here too because I was shocked silly when I had my Worgen switch to her human form – OMG, I almost fell out of my chair. Allize usually changes from Worgen to Human anytime she is near a community to avoid the usual snorts and whatnot – now, I may leave her in Worgen form. Fugly Human look – she looks like a rather hefty housewife that eats what she bakes.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      With the thin, raised eyebrows, pursed lips and comparatively skinny form (as compared to, say, pandas), I’m reminded more of the “stereotypical sorority sister” than a housewife. I really hope they’ll make some modifications like lowering the eyebrows, tilting the eyes back up so they look out straight instead of downward, and maybe adding in some of the makeup that the old models used to wear.

      1. wowstorylines

        I may end up doing a sex change on Allize if they can’t fix the human form, or I may just use the old models until they can come up with something better.

        A Death Knight is a hard thing to play as a worgen, however, in character, she felt more comfortable in her human form when she was visiting a city – now, I just don’t know. 😀

  2. kamaliaetalia

    I’ve felt like the order of the faces got changed somehow — as a hypothetical example, the face that I originally chose was face 3, but now the face that matches my old face the best is face 7, or somesuch. I don’t think my Worgen originally had Niremere’s face in her Human form, but I just logged on with her to check the face of her Human form, and it looks to me like her new face would be a decent match for Niremere’s original face. But then, my tolerances for face matching seem to be less stringent than many other people’s *shrug*.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I’m pretty sure the new human faces correspond with their predecessors. Here’s an image somebody put together of all the new versions: https://mechalis.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=5280

      I did, like a derp, forget to write down who posted it. However, it shows that there are two “angry” faces, if you will, one in the top row and one in the bottom row. The top row one matches the “old lady angry face” that human females used to have, which means the one I ended up with (bottom, third from right) is indeed considered the match.

      In terms of actual expression, eh, none of ’em are really an exact match thanks to the super high eyebrows, so top row, fourth from left looks the closest to Nir’s original expression to me – serious, but without the seriously forced eyebrow arch.

  3. Neri (@nerisanda)

    I’m slowly learning to live with my Draenei eyes. Now that I’ve had a play with their faces, they’re -just- tolerable. I think Kama above is onto something, though. I’m pretty sure the face orders are messed up. I went from having a fierce face to the most passive, ridiculous face ever!

  4. bhagpuss

    Just from the “Before” and “After” shots above, as an outside observer I’d say that the new models are universally less aesthetically pleasing than the old ones. In every case the new face looks more bad-tempered, annoyed, miserable, angry or otherwise psychically off-key than the older version. If the intent was to fill Azeroth with irritable, unsettled-looking characters then mission accomplished.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      It ultimately depends on the models, I think. The new troll models are fantastic (even if everybody still has the same damn face). Orc females are amaaaazing. The dwarven women look almost universally sleepy, but I could deal, I think – if only because none of my characters were dwarves.

      I find the new eyes on draenei to be dissonant with their overall color scheme – the previous eyes seem slightly smaller and more of a periwinkle shade, which worked with their relatively muted, mostly purplish color offerings. The new bright turquoise is too green and too intense, and for me, it stands out like a trainwreck – especially on Yynsia’s darker skin.

      The human females, I just can’t even. It’s like they got the basics accomplished, and then forgot to fine-tune the details. Some faces had makeup, some didn’t – now none do. Faces had different eye shapes before – now none do. Nobody seems to have noticed that putting eyebrows halfway up the forehead utterly changes their expression. To me, it looks like they possibly rushed, or stared at the new models too long without looking at something else (kind of like when you smell something odd at first, but you keep on trying to smell it, and suddenly you can’t anymore because your nose is used to it), or both.

      I would really be thrilled if they’d lower the damn eyebrows, make the characters look straight on instead of slightly down, and add in makeup to differentiate between the faces, since their original expressions have been toned down.

  5. tomeoftheancient

    I would have been happy with that edited version posted by Vro. I’ve been unhappy with most of the models but the human female? How could anyone think those eyes are alright. Thinking of maybe a sex change for her my but I’m afraid it will turn out like the barber shop. I change and change back and change and change again still not happy.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I think the edited version is fantastic. The eyes have the new clarity, yet the shading (or smokey eye makeup if you prefer) and lip color are clearly drawn from the old model. The lowered eyebrows makes the model seem far less surprised/worried/apprehensive/whatever. I could deal with the flatter hair as seen in the live version – but I am disappointed by the lack of fidelity to the original faces. Just changing the eye color, stretching the eyebrows and moving the lips a little does not a new face make.


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