I’m About to Give In

I am about two steps shy of going OMFG I NEED A SERVER TRANSFER STAT.

Logically, I know that all issues will be resolved in due time.  Emotionally, it’s more like, OMFG AT THIS RATE I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY MY MAIN AGAIN.  The longer I wait, the longer the queue gets.  IT’S LIKE BLACK MAGIC.

I’ve only been able to log in without waiting in a huge queue when it’s like, 3 a.m. in the morning.  THIS IS NOT A SUSTAINABLE HOUR FOR ME.



[Edit: Tried to do a server transfer.  Got “Error: You have a character online for this account. Please make sure all characters are offline.”  I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ABLE TO LOG IN YET]


9 thoughts on “I’m About to Give In

  1. Athie

    Right there with you. I’ve gotten into the game twice since Warlords launched. This afternoon I queued for four hours and finally got through.

    Let me just say, there aren’t many video games that can meet four hours worth of expectations. At leas I have a garrison now, but on the other hand I know that all my followers have finished their quests and I can’t send them out again without waiting another four hours to log in.

    I’m trying here, Warlords, I really am. I’m giving this a wholehearted effort even though I don’t love the macho vibe. But it’s tough to sustain optimism when you won’t even let me see my character…

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      As of Sunday, I was able to get online on WRA in the morning – rumor mill has it (I haven’t checked for confirmation) that Blizzard eased the population restrictions on high pop realms. Unfortunately, during busier hours, I am still looking at an hour-long queue. Okay, sure, it’s not two, three, four, or some other insane number, but an hour queue is still not doable for me when I only have an hour to play. Depending on how long this persists, I may just change realms because I want to play, dammit.

      In good news, if you want to see a few less orcs, I’ve learned that it’s possible to skip every intro cinema in the starter zone except for the one with Kargath – that seems to be connected with the arena in a way that prevents me from skipping.

  2. wowstorylines

    I’ve been in queues for 20+ hours, played some on Thursday, got back in today for a few hours, got my Garrison up and running. Actually got over 91 and bit before I just got too exhausted to continue on – those queues are killers and I’m too tired to play when I finally get – that’s just sad. 😦

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I simply refuse to wait in login queues that are over 20 minutes. It’s one thing if I’m in game and have a long dungeon queue as a DPS, since I can quest, mine, whatever – but if I’m trying to log in and I can’t play, then no – that’s too big a chunk of my available free time.

      I managed to get in *without a queue* on Sunday morning, so I got my main to 93 and got three additional alts into their Garrisons (though they’ve not done much if anything in them). When I tried to log in again Sunday night, it was another hour-long queue. Feast or famine, it seems.

      1. wowstorylines

        I actually got in yesterday and was able to get my Horde main to almost 93 after being in a queue for about an hour. While I was in there, I decided to start my Alliance main up and see if from that faction’s side. Amazing stuff.

        I really hope that they get this queue situation resolved soon because I have too many characters and too much time invested on Wrymrest to just chuck it all and start transferring characters, that’s pretty expensive too.

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          Yeah, I have too many alts to move them all at once. My idea was to move one of my “top three,” so that way I could play a high priority character on a regular basis.

          The Alliance garrison area is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy even the freaking raven mobs are damned pretty (must tame one OMFG can I tame it yesplz?).

          And the Horde gets snow and lava (and G. R. Martin puns), gronns and spikes because ORCS. Why don’t you add some more spiky mountains to that starting zone, because ORCS. I don’t see enough misery in the environment here, needs more, because ORCS.

          Horde storyline bias, okay, sure. Horde zone design bias? Uh, no.

          1. Leit

            It’s always like that. The horde starting zones are far more difficult – in terms of navigation and quest difficulty – in both Northrend and especially Pandaria. At least Cataclysm only had a couple of areas where the bases are wildly different. Haven’t yet forgiven them for Twilight Highlands dailies on a PvP server, though… “here, go do all this crap on top of the enemy base”, really Blizzard?

            1. Prinnie Powah Post author

              I think the orcish mindset tends to build on itself until stupidity happens. Somewhere, there’s a Blizzard employee imagining *what an orc would do*, yelling “BLOOD AND THUNDER” at the moment of inspiration, and then creating a series of difficult quests in the worst possible spot, BECAUSE ORCS NEVER SAY NEVER RAH RAH RAWR.


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