So Tired. So, So Tired.

There’s been a lot of stress in my life lately, but I’ve found that WoW does not provide the escape or the entertainment that it used to.  At some point, I stopped having fun, and I started having a routine instead.  Sure, there have been moments here and there, but things just don’t seem hilarious the way they once did.  My gametime feels … tedious.

Bear-ly Making It How WoW feels lately ...

Bear-ly Making It
How WoW feels lately …

More blah blah blah after the cut!

What Has Caused This?

1. Changes to LFR, maybe?
I used to do a lot of LFR, but I’ve hardly done much with it at all since Draenor came around.  True, there’s always a momentary bit of joy when the queue pops, but then it’s gone like a sugar rush.

The atmosphere changed a lot once LFR became playable for ages 3 and up.  As we all know, there are even fewer mechanics that you have to pay attention to these days, which is actually worse than LFR being too challenging.  You just run in, smack sheeyit, collect loot you already had if you’re lucky or gold you didn’t need if you’re not, then leave – all without saying a word.  (Let’s admit that by now, most people are not there for the plot.)  Nobody asks about the fights.  Nobody even makes stupid jokes!  Nobody rolls on greens because greens don’t drop, which means nobody pipes up about how stupid that is.  Nothing at all is said unless the group wipes, in which case folks spend a bit of time insulting others (HOW CAN YOU FAIL SO HARD THIS IS LFR EL OH EL BADDIE) to make themselves feel superior.  This pattern repeats until the group wins, or two stacks of Determination are reached, or everybody quits – whichever comes first.

And then, of course, the lack of most mechanics is an issue in terms of entertainment value.  As a tank, I still have to pay attention.  As a healer, probably, because people are dumb.  But as DPS?  I go in, and suddenly, I’m so freaking bored.  When I first enter an area, I’ll think to myself, “oh hey, this looks neat!”  But by the time the first boss fight is over, I just want to go to sleep and it’s a struggle to bother mashing buttons right.

Man, I even miss the trash mobs dropping gold and whatnot.  Maybe it was the goblin in me, but I perked up a bit seeing the little bits of silver land in my pocket, and every roll on a green provided me with an opportunity to eyeroll and think how I would never do that.  Every snarky person who said something provided me with an opportunity to reverse-snark at them.  BUT NOW THERE’S NO SNARK BECAUSE NOBODY TALKS.  WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!?

Wake Me Up After Whatever the Third Boss Is I just can't anymore.

Wake Me Up After Whatever the Third Boss Is
I just can’t anymore.

It’s probably my gear + class/spec, too.  Back when I regularly landed in the top 10 DPS, I always felt this pressure to stay up there.  I had to represent, yo, and I had to do my utmost to make sure we killed Durumu before the first maze phase killed the rest of LFR.  Even though we complain about purples being handed out like candy, let’s be real – with 645 garrison mission gear/crafted crap and a class/spec that’s not top of the line right now, you end up on the lower end of the scale, even on a good day.  When I’m #15 or below on DPS, something in my brain shifts from “MUST DPS ALL THE THINGS” to “does it even matter anymore?  My DPS is so low, it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference to the outcome.  I’m only here out of a self-interest that I won’t really get to indulge because of my rotten luck.”  That’s just … that’s just  … depressing.

2. No Real Raiding Tiem, maybe?

I Got the Brain Power Just maybe not the application.

I Got the Brain Power
Just maybe not the application.

You want mechanics?  Go raid in real raids, you say.  Well, sorry, I still don’t have the free time to spend at least three hours, three nights a week, dying repeatedly.

Actually, I think part of me just hates the pressure.  My guild recently implemented new rules for loot distribution.  While I logically understand that clear rules are good for any successful group, reading the list of what gets you points and what gets your points taken away just leaves me utterly cold.  Raiding doesn’t sound any fun anymore, in no small part because derping is actively penalized.  I try hard not to derp, but if we’re honest here, derp is my natural state.  Sooner or later, I’m going to stand in shit and get us all killed, and @#$% it, I don’t want to be punished for accidental episodes of derp by the chosen system reducing my chances for gear, since gear is usually the primary reason I raid.  The way I see it, the wipe is already punishment enough.  The wasted time!  The wasted food!  We’ve got to do this all over again!

Socially, this is a problem for me.  Since I’m so far behind on gear, I can’t raid with my guild, and as a result, I’m no longer very involved.  This turns into one of those self-perpetuating spirals.  Since I’m not raiding, I feel like a stranger.  Since I feel like a stranger, I’m talking less.  Since I’m talking less, people talk to me less.  Since there’s less chat I can participate in, I’m less interested in hanging around online.  Since I’m not online as much, nobody bothers to greet me when I do sign on.  etc. etc. etc.

3. Just general changes to The Way Things Are, maybe?
I thought the idea of silver for heroic dungeons was ridiculous and wouldn’t stop the stupid, and I was right.  I was also right when I guessed I’d be unable to complete silver on my derpier alts.  I do miss casting while moving a lot, possibly more than flying.

Even though I make more than 1 piece of whatever-it-is a day (oh look, I just made 8!), I hate how crafting recipes take 100 of whatever-it-is to make.  It still feels like forever and it seems ridiculous.  Seriously?  It takes 100 pieces of hexweave cloth to make the new bags?  How damn microscopic are these scraps!?  You’re telling me a belt takes 100 pieces of whatever-it-is?  What, do I mess up repeatedly or something?

4. Could be Garrisons, maybe?
Lots of people point to garrisons as a source of woe.  In truth, I gave up on “maintaining” my garrison mines and herb gardens shortly after I got a second alt to 100.  It’s been awhile since I figured out that the maximum number of garrisons I could “run” (as in handling missions and profession dailies only) was about three.

For awhile, I was doing general stuff and garrison stuff.  Then that somehow became just garrison stuff.  I’d do my profession cooldowns, then start the clickfest of seeing whether my followers failed their missions or not, clicking clicking clicking, then logging out and going to the next alt to do the same.

When I no longer needed to learn recipes or felt that the number of whatever-it-is was just too damn stupid to bear, I stopped doing the profession cooldowns regularly.  Why bother to do them at all?  By the time I get all this crap made, new gear will be out, and my efforts will be for naught.

So now I log in and click my way through one or two finished follower missions, and then I just sort of forget about the rest and start talking to people instead.  It’s probably because the people are more interesting.  Or because I stopped caring about missions, or they stopped giving me something I needed.  Or all of the above.

See, I don’t want to recruit just anybody.  Since I can’t have a goblin themed garrison, I only want goblin or mechanical followers.  When I don’t get any suitable candidates from the inn for a stretch of some weeks and the followers I do have are maxed out, that means all the EXP missions that show up are useless.  Since my characters are decked out in 645+ gear and I can’t send the gear tokens to alts, any missions for 630 or 645 tokens are pointless.  (Sometimes I do them anyway, make the item, and then vendor it.)  I basically only do gold missions, Legendary Questline item missions (as I’m not inspired to do LFR), and that’s about it.

My Followers During Downtime There's more of it lately.

My Followers During Downtime
There’s more of it lately.

5. Getting more apexa-whoza-whatzits, maybe?
The endless search for Moar Valor and Justice Points was somewhat depressing but something I could handle, because I could use them to purchase mog gear from a variety of vendors.  I could use them to get Honor, which was downright swell as I hate to PvP.  Sure, being able to buy all those old mog items for gold is nice, but since transmog is out of the currency equation, I stopped caring about apexis crystals a long, long time ago.  (Pets and toys don’t seem to be enough to encourage me, because it’s literally impossible for me to complete either collection.)  Besides, I know full well that I don’t work on getting apexis crystals regularly, so the number needed to acquire anything worthwhile seemed beyond common sense.  After all, they’ll come out with another patch right about the time I finally get enough together, which will turn the rewards into crap.

p.s., I don’t bother with followers-for-Apexis because followers are on a per-character basis, and there’s no way I’m grinding out rep and currency on more than one alt.

6. The legendary questline, maybe?
Hooray, I got 125 rocks by killing ogres and stealing their piercings or something!  Am I getting to the good stuff yet?  Oh look, Garona, this must be a plot point!  EL OH EL SHE THINKS SHE CAN KILL M … well crap, I need to use an ember tap or two because of that poison.  I mean, DAMN.  Why can’t I get my rogue some of that?

Awww, she’s gone and she’s not dead.  I was trying so hard to kill her, too.

Now I gotta get some absurd number of a different kind of rocks.

I do like rocks, but …

7. Bad RNG, maybe?
I could point to LFR, but I already did.

So let’s say I muster the effort needed to get out of my garrison.  I hearth to the Shrine in Pandaland to take the portal to Shattrath.  I fly to SerpentShrine Cavern, and then I slowly swim down the pipe to the raid entrance.  I run in there, go down the elevators, do some more running past trash mobs, and then I kill bosses that don’t drop what I want – AGAIN.  (It’s what, the 11th time in a row now?  I can only do one kill a week, of course, so that’s like … months of repetition.)  Stupid stinky naga in their stupid drippy hole in a lake.

On one Black Temple run, Ignitine was there for the pets.  She didn’t get a single one, which figures.  I was about to write the whole trip off when, for the first time EVER for me, Illidan dropped one of his legendary glaives.  OMFG YAY!  Oh wait.  Ignitine’s a warlock … OMFG NO!!  At first I hoped the situation could be salvaged – it’s a one-handed sword, which warlocks can technically use.  Alas, they made it so warlocks can’t use THIS particular one hander.  Mother freaking trucker.  Had to vendor it.  Mother freaking trucker.

No gear, no mog, no pets, and a freaking legendary on one of my alts that can’t do a damn thing with it other than store it or hand it over to an NPC.

At some point, it’s just better to say forget it.

What To Do …

Since I’m not raiding, or mogging, or doing dailies or rep grinds, or even collecting more rocks like I should, I feel at a loss for how to spend my time in-game.  As a result, I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf instead, because at least there I can get stuff done, decorate my place the way I want, and rule over my adorable villagers with an iron fist – and I can do it all while sitting on a comfy couch instead of at a desk.

As far as WoW goes, things are kinda just sitting around in a state of blah.  I put my account on auto-pay long ago, and nothing’s fired me up enough to stop it from going when it goes – but nothing’s really pulling me into the game either.  I just don’t care one way or the other, and that’s the weird thing.  Even the flying brouhaha isn’t working me up.  I think no flying is stupid, and I think that strongly enough to state it online, but it does nothing in terms of motivating me to stop my account.  On the other hand, no flying does absolutely nothing to make me feel like playing more.

I’m honestly debating dropping my sub for a bit, a la “Distance makes the heart grow fonder?”

It’s not like I’m getting much good out of it.

Is This The End? Dunno, really.

Is This The End?
Dunno, really.

13 thoughts on “So Tired. So, So Tired.

  1. tomeoftheancient

    Yeah, flying was kind of the last straw for me. I’ve never been this bored this early before. I finally woke up and stopped my sub. I have about a month and a half left but about all I have to do is old raids for flying mounts. Not really feeling motivated to do that.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Man, just thinking about that kinda gives me the bad RNG shivers. The ONE TIME I saw the Kara mount drop, I lost the roll.

      I’m leaning towards deactivating my sub, but since it’s the only way I talk to a couple people, I’d have to find out some contact deets first.

    2. khizzara

      Same here.
      My downward spiral went something like this:
      1. Realize that all my playtime is being taken up by logging into each character in succession, checking their garrisons, and then oops! it’s time to sleep.
      2. Realize there was no point in bothering with my alt’s garrisons because my main didn’t need the professions they had been providing.
      3. Log on once a day to check main’s garrison. Look at list of things she could be doing, notice most of them involve fighting through hundreds of mobs she doesn’t need because of no flying. Say meh, and log off.
      4. Log on only for raid.
      5. Log on only for raid, about 10 minutes after raid was supposed to start, because I really didn’t want to log on.
      6. Finally decide to quit raiding at the same time everyone else seems to come to a similar conclusion. Our raid team goes on official hiatus until 6.2, which I plan to come back for.
      7. Realize several weeks have gone by without my logging into WoW at all. Realize I haven’t missed it. Realize I have lots of stuff in real life that I’m enjoying instead, as well as a couple of new games.
      8. Hear that Blizzard is planning to never allow flying in new content again, except for maybe in very special places. Wonder how much time is left on my sub. Check and see there’s only a month left on sub.
      9. Cancel sub.

      1. Leit

        I quit long ago, but still hang out with old guildies. They’ve described an arc very similar to this, and many are in the same slump – having quit raiding, quit LFR, quit period.

        Tanaan hasn’t helped at all… seems the design team decided to try and make it feel “dangerous” by dumping spare barrels of eau-du-raid-floor all over the place, and the effort was decidedly not appreciated.

        It’s kind of weird seeing this pattern so widespread.

        1. Prinnie Powah Post author

          I used to write down big patch or expac release dates on my calendar BECAUSE IMPORTANT, but this time around, I haven’t even bothered to log in and check out Tanaan yet. It’s probably a sign.

          1. Leit

            Pity you don’t play FPS’ (um, as far as I know?). Came to check out what was happening here after being reminded of your humour by a youtuber who focuses on the game I currently play.

            An example:
            (she’s mute, so she uses text-to-speech, hence the voice track)
            (also a bit more “hur hur” humour rather than flailing)

            Get the feeling you could really get some mileage out of flailing around as a “skilled” ninja commando.

  2. Bodhi Rana

    I, fortunately (or is that unfortunately), have alts to spare. I think I log into my main once or twice a week to see if the raid token mission is available to get more gear for him. Otherwise, I just pick an alt that I want to do some leveling on and spend an hour or so on that toon. I’ve given up on the chores (unless I’m leveling an alt’s professions, then I’ll send ores/herbs/skins/cloth from any that can spare it). The chores just aren’t worth it.

    I’ve also created a couple toons on RP servers, just to get a different slant on the game. Moonguard isn’t just for pervs.

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I have sooooo many alts. So many.

      I had everybody maxed out by this point in Pandaland, I think, or nearly so. This time around, of the 11 characters sitting on WRA, I’ve gotten 4 to max level. I’ve been doing something similar and picking an alt to level for a little bit, so she’s hit 95. The rest are just sort of chilling there in their teeny tents at level 90, picking up garrison resources and biding their time. There are a handful of lowbie alts scattered around, including – you guessed it – a random Tauren alt on Moonguard! Her name is Moolastrasza. She is the Aspect of the Cowflight (or the Derpflight depending on my mood). And someday, she will lead a guild called the Moo Guardians, if someone hasn’t already made it.

      To be honest, I’ll stick with normal PvE or RP realms. I will never roll an alt on a PvP server just to see “what it’s like,” given that very scenario is how I ended up exploding in a storm of nerdrage and quit back in vanilla.

  3. Talarian

    We only raid 3 hours a week, and managed to get 10/10 N and 4/10 H so far in BRF. There’s literally no need to be in a super hardcore raid group. Most of us actually only log on once a week for that 3 hour raid. We have progression, we have our derps and our laughs, and still down raid bosses and collect loot. Granted, we don’t have a complicated loot system (1 main spec item an evening, unlimited off-specs. Folks just /roll against each other), so that definitely helps.

    There are raid groups out there who have light schedules. Finding them, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily easy. And if you’re not particularly motivated to play in general, I doubt finding one will be likely, even. But otherwise? Yeah, there isn’t a lot else in WoW right now motivating me outside of raiding.

    Good post!

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      And here I thought raiding (even when you have fun with your group) is SRS BISNIS.

      At this point, it feels so late in this patch, I probably wouldn’t bother even if I WERE motivated. I’d just wait until I could start aiming for higher LFR gear or something that would catch me up a wee bit faster.

  4. Saya

    Speaking from experience, I can tell you that even raiding with a group doesn’t do all that much to keep the boredom out of the game right now. While I was raiding I noticed that guildies logged on only at raid times – and everyone had the same issue – there wasn’t much to do outside of it.

    I just logged on less and eventually stopped altogether. It was a full week before I noticed I ran out of game time (which says a lot) and at that point, I just decided to go elsewhere for fun. I don’t know what their direction is but I’ve stopped caring sadly. I’m in FF XIV at the moment, playing super slowly as usual, but atleast it’s interesting and fun for me (yay story!).


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