About “That Was an Accident!”

How Prinnie Sees the World

Wut haz teh intarwebs dun to me?

Most of the things that happen to my goblins are accidents.  Most of their ideas are, too.

This blog probably counts as another one.

Written and badly Photoshopped by Prinnie Powah, also known as Beth.  “That Was an Accident!” is part transmog, part adventure and mostly silly.

18 thoughts on “About “That Was an Accident!”

  1. Vickie Kious

    I just found your blog today, quite by accident 🙂 Googled “what addons are best for lfr healing” and your site was near the top – who knows how or why! I have been nearly in tears the rest of the afternoon reading your material. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I am definatly bookmarking this page. Thank you! This has made my world a little bit brighter today and I suspect for many days in the future.

    ps. still don’t know which healing addon I should be using but I feel a little bit more brave about attempting to heal lfr 🙂

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you like the blog. As far as addons go, I guess the only thing left is trial and error to see which one you like! I’ve gotten so used to Vuhdo by now that I literally cannot heal without it. I get all confused about having to press buttons on the keyboard.

      Best times to heal LFR: Tuesday/Wednesday
      Best person to bring with: someone with a sense of humor who preferably does high DPS and/or tanks, which will make you think that at least you are balancing your karma out, kinda
      Best LFR to do: Anything NOT Siege, or Forgotten Depths/Halls of Flesh Shaping

      Alternately, if you’re on US servers, let me know your Battletag thingie and I can help out.

  2. Sun

    I downloaded the free to play client to have a look around and didn’t see anyone online. I broke my computer 2 years ago and just built a new one. So much has changed. I’m a noob again o.o

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I dunno if the free to play client can do battletag thingies, so in the next few days, I’ll likely spend most of my time on Bombelina, Thermalix, Betheki (all Horde) or Niremere (Alliance).

  3. Sun

    They do have it actually, I already added Mechalis. I’ll go ahead and add the others and hopefully catch you on so we can chat real time -_-

  4. Sun

    well I messed up, I reactivated my old account and didn’t have you send the res an old player or whatever its called

  5. thetuskedsquires

    Like the person above, I don’t know where else to contact you… but yeah, I just wanted to ask, how did you manage to get your blog popularity when you started out? I’m starting up a WoW blog of my own and I’ve managed to get a lot of viewers on my two latest posts, but none of them have followed me or anything like that 😛

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I’d say the two biggest things are regular updates and constant commenting on other WoW blogs – in essence building up a reason for people to read and links for them to get to you for that purpose. I’ve noticed a distinct drop in traffic that I associate with posting less these days (not as much reason for people to check in). Posts getting comments seems to help attract attention to them. For a period there, I was also linking to other blogs in my blogroll and commenting on a post of theirs, saying, “Hey, I’ve linked you if that’s ok. If not, let me know!” or something like that.


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