Niremere Lane

"Wings of Heaven" Set

“Wings of Heaven” Set

Niremere Lane

Class: Paladerp
Main Spec: Holy/Protection, depending on her mood

Niremere is calm and even-keeled to the point of seeming emotionally unresponsive, and is sometimes teasingly called “The Lady Lane” for her serious demeanor.  She has a crush on King Varian Wrynn because he expresses all the emotions she cannot – literally.  What an admirable angry face that man has!

She believes in the Light far more than she believes in her fellow humans (or fellow Alliance members, for that matter).  When catastrophe strikes, she tends to blame the actions of individuals.  It isn’t that the Light itself failed any one or any thing in particular.  As far as she’s concerned, tragedies are the result of others acting in a way that ultimately conflict with the Light.

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