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“Black Sheep” Set

"Black Sheep" Set

“Black Sheep” Set

“Black Sheep” Set

Class: Rogue, Monk, Druid

H: Rayne’s Mask | S: Hide of the Lone Hunter | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Vest of Discovery (Antiseptic Soaked Dressing) | Wa: Wolf Rider’s Belt | L: Warbear Woolies
G: Heavyhands’ Gloves | Wr: Excavation Bracers | B: Prospector’s Boots

1h Sword: Shadowrend Longblade (x2)

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Nothing amazingly unexpected here in terms of gear.  The “Discovery” set is one of my favorite low level leather getups*, so I obtained a few pieces of it for Alexalis.  What WAS unexpected was how well it suits her.  She looks pissed, and this is awesome.  It’s like she hasn’t had her morning coffee – EVER.  It’s as though the entire world makes her think of things like under-eye circles, arthritis pain and dead baby birds.  She’s found her center – it’s just that her center is in the midst of stabbity punchy death that everything that ever existed sometimes deserves.  Even her Armory image came out cool, by gosh, and how often does that happen?  Not often for me, at least.

Alexalis, Armory Version

It’s like she’s super unimpressed by everything you say.  It’s the moment of the pause right after “yeah, and …?”

For better or worse, this is the getup she’ll be wearing until the mid 70s/80s, mostly because I managed to completely overlook the fact that the Living Crystal Breastplate, which is made by leatherworkers, happens to be bind on pickup.  Therefore, Bombelina gets an unexpected new outfit …

* Gotta say, “favorite low level leather getups” is not a phrase I ever thought I’d utter in any form.


“Sunny Side Up” Set

"Sunny Side Up" Set

“Sunny Side Up” Set

Class: Rogue, Monk, Druid

H: Expedition Hood | S: Mok’Nathal Champion’s Shoulderguards | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Wild Draenish Vest | Wa: Mighty Girdle | L: Guardian Pants
G: Guardian Gloves |Wr: Not shown | B: Bogwalker Boots

1h Sword: Whistling Sword (x2)

Status: Finished

Thoughts: This time around, the competition’s theme is “Spring,” more in the sense of “lots of horse races with crazy fashion and champagne yaaaay” than in the season itself.  This contest was more baffling to me than trying to turn a goblin into a druid.  At first I went “the bigger the better” route when it came to hat brims and totally went with cloth (the Vicious Fireweave hat is enormous, amirite?), but I couldn’t cook up a set that I actually liked.  I tried smaller hats.  I looked at turbans.  I gave mail a shot.  I pulled the chest pieces that I have never matched with anything out of Void Storage, hoping for some inspiration, but nothing struck me.

Finally, I changed my approach.  I said, “I should aim for ‘obnoxious.’  How can I, Prinnie, fail to come up with something obnoxious?  I can’t!”

Thus, Bombelina got a second chance to represent the goblins because she wanted to wear something crazy – for a rogue, that is.  You see, while wearing all black gives rogues a +5 to sneakiness, she was tired of that.  EVERYBODY wears black, and that’s boring!  Bombelina wanted a happy, perky rogue-inating outfit that better represented her overall personality.

I didn’t want her to wear white mostly because I have a sneaking suspicion that as a color, white is designed to attract trouble, tomato sauce and any beverage that isn’t water.  As a rogue whose main purpose in life is to open up boxes (while looking ADORBS!), Bombelina doesn’t need any more trouble than she can handle – which isn’t much trouble to begin with.  So what color do I go with?  YELLOW.  Yellow isn’t just happy.  Yellow is HAPPY.

I apparently won by virtue of there being zero competition!  As a goblin at heart, I’m totally cool with easy victories – and there was no bribery, blackmail or explosives involved!  Yay!

“Goblin Prospector” Set

"Goblin Prospector" Set

“Goblin Prospector” Set

“Goblin Prospector” Set

Class: Can be donned by any leather wearer, but really only works for a Rogue

H: Clever Hat | S: Rageclaw Shoulderpads | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Bard’s Tunic | Wa: Belt of Appeasement | L: Scouting Trousers
G: Fuzzy Gloves |Wr: Scaled Leather Bracers | B: Bard’s Boots

1h Mace: Shovel of Mercy (x2)

Status: Finished

Thoughts: The latest transmog contest I’ve jumped into has a “Mother Nature” theme, which is very evocative of all the druids I’ve never successfully leveled and the shaman that I totally deleted in a fit of patch-induced rage.  I like the challenge of these contests all right, but what the heck can I do with this concept?

I was stumped for a while, but in a blast of irony, I abruptly realized that goblins love nature.  Though I hear you guffawing now, I can assure you that they really do!  After all, nature is merely untapped profit potential.  To prove my case, let me introduce the Goblin Prospector, as portrayed by Bombelina (who is a rogue, fittingly enough).  She’s out and about in the wilds of Stranglethorn, seeing gold gold gold in all things great and small.  (Always remember, there’s pretty much a market for everything: what an orc won’t buy, an ogre surely will.)

Those trees?  Profitable, in so many ways.  There’s surf boards, toothpicks, forts, 2x4s for hitting people with, and more!  That dirt? Profitable, baby.  Rich in nutrients and crap.  Gardeners love that stuff.

What about the Venture Company, you say, since they’re already there?  While they may have established themselves in Stranglethorn first, the situation is still profitable.  Combine lax security with multiple opportunities for highway robbery and other business schemes?  Heck yes!  Steal all their stuff and sell it!  Or kill them all and use their facility to start a new company (“Bombelina Pyroelastisplosirene Company,” maybe) without any of the associated startup costs!  Wait, you’d still need somebody to run the place.  Never mind on that last bit.

p.s., I totally recruited a druid (a.k.a. the ever-suffering Tab) to cry in the background of the full picture, seen at the contest location.  BRB FAILING HARDCORE

Transmoggination Trove Update: “Monorogue” Set

"Monorogue" Transmog Set

“Monorogue” Transmog Set

“Monorogue” Set

Scaled Leather Headband | Spaulders of the Hero | Silver Thread Cloak | Scouting Tunic
Bandit Gloves | Vigorous Belt of the Wild (really) | Scouting Trousers | Bandit Boots

Curved Dagger | Blackwater Cutlass

Status: Finished
To Find: Maybe prettier daggers?  Do lowbie daggers come in black?

Thoughts: I decided to transmog Bombleina’s armor because I have a transmog problem her armor was exceedingly ugly and mismatchy, and because rogues really ought to wear black.  Black gives rogues a +5 bonus to Sneakiness!  Also, when you’re level 30, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot you can transmog with, so options for “pretty” don’t really exist.  I had the tunic and boots to begin with.  I don’t really like the cloak, but it was the only thing I had handy and that Bombelina had the level to wear.