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Gonna Go Pew Pew Pew

So I started another druid.  Yeah.

This time around, however, I scraped together some heirlooms and I seem to be getting farther as a result.  I’m not really sure where or when levels 15 through 17 happened, but they certainly did ’cause now I’m level 18!  (Or was that 19?)  While I can’t claim to have made it past my previous level as a druid, which would be somewhere in the Shadowfang Keep range, I think I’ve figured out part of my issue with druids in general.  I feel like I can’t choose between personalities.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde All Over Again

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde All Over Again

I mean, if I can’t stick with one class (Exhibit A: my ninety billion alts), how the heck am I supposed to make up my mind with a druid that could do it all (Exhibit B: four mother trucking specs to choose from)?  The best I could figure was to have Daschela here go restoration/balance so I can use the same gear AND have faster queue times when my impatience calls for it.  Plus, pew pew pew.  I almost want to make a macro that says pew pew pew, but I think that would definitely annoy others, and it might annoy the snot out of me too.

In any case, let’s talk about stag form some.  I missed the epic stacking of the stags issue (alas), which was apparently unintended and quickly corrected.  One thing that I think needs to be corrected is the inability to use stag form in some indoors environments, like caves and whatnot.  If shamans can use that ghost wolf form in Wailing Caverns, for example, why can’t I run around as a giant deer of doom?  Do the developers think my antlers might get caught on something?  “Sorry guys, can’t heal you.  Stuck on a stalactite, gotta hearth.”

What Do You Mean, You're Not Joking?

What Do You Mean, You’re Not Joking?

Yeah, Daschela’s a night elf, because I couldn’t get over troll toes or Tauren fingers, and I can’t touch Worgen with a ten foot pole.  I wonder how long she’ll last?  While she’s taken up skinning and herbing, her real money making plan is to dance on mailboxes – in bearform.