Ailabeth Blisswell

"Engineer of Damnation" Set

“Engineer of Damnation” Set

Ailabeth Blisswell

Class: Priest
Main Spec: Shadow

Once an average soul now profoundly changed by death, Ailabeth would best be classified as an ambush predator.  She is no longer as sure with the Light as she once was and much prefers to spend her time in Shadow; healing is difficult, as it often calls for a sense of unity that she no longer shares with most of the world.

Those who live are too much under the sway of passion and have motives that are suspect at best, but Ailabeth generally lets the breathers continue in their ways because this offers her convenience.  No one trusts her – but this is expected and even desired.

She is not normally affectionate.  If she seems to be responding to romantic advances, it would be best for the suitor to desist and leave her presence at once, before becoming dinner.

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