Bombelina Goldwasher

"Celestial Gale" Set

“Celestial Gale” Set

Bombelina Goldwasher

Class: Shaman
Specs: Restoration/Elemental
Favorite Titles: the Wakener (just like coffee!), the Crazy Cat Lady (for obvious reasons)

Bombelina took up Restoration for three reasons: the job market was better, the pay was higher, and healing ensured more fighting bodies between her and trouble.

Normally, Bombelina is the impatient “Yeah yeah yeah, get it over with” type who doesn’t have the time of day for any sort of sheeyit.  Squishy tanks?  No thanks, she’s busy.  People blaming other people for wipes?  Gawd, get OVER it already, she’s got things to DO here!  If the interpersonal party problems are insurmountable and she has to heal while angry, she likes to imagine that she is constantly throwing enormous buckets of water at people.

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