Ignitine Jenkins, the Ebil

"Spelltwister's Desire" Set

“Spelltwister’s Desire” Set

Ignitine Jenkins, the Ebil

Class: Warlock
Main Spec: FIYAH Destro

Ignitine is studying the process of brain implosion and whether or not awareness of impending brain implosion affects how it works.  In order to do this, she needs to set up a study of at least 1,000 victims participants, of whom half will have their brain imploded at random without any sort of warning, and half will know what’s coming.  What do you mean, this isn’t a good study?  It’s very well designed!

In general day to day life, Ignitine has absolutely zero common sense and is prone to charging on ahead when she’s convinced that the rest of her party is stupid, which is often the case.  She once experimented with setting her felhound permanently a-fel-flame so it would look more like the dogs in the Firelands, but it didn’t work out so well.  The felhound is fine, though.  Really.

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