Mechalis and Mudchewer

"In Cold Blood" Set

“In Cold Blood” Set


Class: Death Knight
Main Spec: Frost

Possibly one of the more inept Death Knights lately out of Acherus, there is a joke circulating that Mechalis got herself kicked out of the Scourge for mindless pursuit of profit over mindless purging of the living.  It’s actually true.

After failing to make it rich attempting to sell brightly colored pool ponies and the latest in interior rocketry to Scourge forces committed to black, death, and skulls, Mechalis decided she’d had it.  She’d take her brilliant ideas to people who were more flexible in their thinking – that is, after they stopped throwing things at her.  Maybe soon.

Her reputation may stink and her Eau de Formeldahyde is probably not too pleasing, but her devotion to attaching rockets to random objects and attempts to sell the resulting creations on the sly deserves at least some admiration.

She is often accompanied by her rather rotting partner in crime, Mudchewer.  He never remembers his name so well nor hangs out for much longer than a minute at a time, but she likes him and keeps calling him back.

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