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Old Ladies Raiding Guild Don't be fooled by the name, gentlemen, we're open to all!

Old Ladies Raiding Guild
Don’t be fooled by the name, gentlemen, we’re open to all!

The Old Ladies Raiding Guild conquers old school instances in the name of transmog every Saturday evening.  If you’d like to join us, please contact Matty at her blog!  We are an equal opportunity derper, so men, youngsters and people who don’t know how to raid are all welcome.

Is Typically: the Head Honcho and primary organizer, as well as being the good Samaritan who willingly goes out of the instance to summon latecomers
Character(s): Luperci, Mataoka, Momokawa
Blog: Sugar & Blood

Is Typically: Tanking, because the rest of us can’t take a hit without going and dying or something
Character(s): Briege, Gurdrid
Blog: Tiny WoW Guild

Is Typically: Drinking coffee, because we party hard at possibly the worst hour ever for her
Character(s): Cym
Blog: Bubbles of Mischief

Is Typically: Being the best panda monk she can be
Character(s): Audine, Debnoc
Blog: WoW > Work and Other Musings

Is Typically: Doing all the damage Prinnie wishes her own shadow priest could do
Character(s): Helke
Blog: N/A

Is Typically: Doing something!
Character(s): Tumunzahar
Blog: Amateur Azerothian

Is Typically: Healing or freaking out about bosses being hard because OMFG WAT IF WE DIE
Character(s): Niremere
Blog: That Was an Accident!

Is Typically: A lot quicker on the Release button than the healers are on the Res
Character(s): Kinevra
Blog: Kamalia et alia

Is Typically: Healing while simultaneously dealing with Prinnie’s gravity issues
Character(s): Kerick
Blog: Reputation Grind

Character(s): Gijaina
Blog: ???

Is Typically: Playing “Portal Roulette” with the entire raid
Character(s): Taikutta
Blog: ???

Character(s): Razikiel
Blog: MoMaR

Is Typically: On fire, one way or another (because that is what we call awesome)
Character(s): Cimmeria, Catwynn
Blog: Tome of the Ancient

Is Typically: Pulling something – wait, you didn’t want to pull yet?
Characters: Tyledres
Blog: Frost and Claws

Is Typically: Shooting all the things in the face and looking good doing it
Character(s): Tyltherion
Blog: Plenty of Paladins

[Prinnie’s Note: If you’ve attended the OLRG events in the past and I’ve left you off the list, please let me know either via comment or game!  Omissions were inevitable, given that I typically forget things about two days after they happen and don’t have nameplates showing in screenshots.]

7 thoughts on “OLRG Directory

  1. Cymre

    LOL, that coffee comment made me laugh. It’s actually not too early or late for me (at least from what I’ve noticed lately) but it’s true, I do love my coffee in the morning. Nice rundown of all the usual members though. 🙂


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