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Life in the Slow Lane


Warp Speed Plz

Okay.  Now that Bombelina’s been at 100 for a bit, I’ve gotten the Silver proving grounds requirement done for her DPS spec and I’ve had a chance to run a few dungeons, some normal and some heroic.  The proving grounds weren’t bad once I remembered which waves were what mobs, as NOT GETTING STUNNED helped with polishing a wave off with time to spare, which in turn let me prepare for the next by dropping my Capacitator Combustostunulator Totem, refreshing my Searing Totem and throwing out an Earthquake for the extra damage.

Dungeons?  Well …

We've Earned It So much wiping.  So much.

We’ve Earned It
So much wiping. So much.

Grimrail Depot: Bleh.  Can we talk camera angles?  I can’t see sheeyit, which is an issue, as I’ve accidentally pulled things more than once – I’ll think that I’ve tab-targeted THAT orc right in front of the tank, but it turns out to be that OTHER orc over THERE that I couldn’t see because of some crap hanging from the ceiling.  Also, my camera zooms in and out like it’s drunk.

Should Probably Shut Up Now But what if there are WATERLANDS too!?

Should Probably Shut Up Now
But what if there are WATERLANDS too!?

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Oooh, this one is purple, and that’s my favorite color!  But dear Gawd in heaven above, Ner’zhul is killer on dungeon groups who can’t coordinate worth crap.

The Birdhouse Skyreach: I don’t know why, but I seem to be super-challenged by narrow path wind mazes.  That one priest who tried to Life Grip me out had good intentions, but he probably wasn’t predicting that the wind on the stairs would blow me off said stairs to my death.  There’s also lag there, since my computer is old and reacts to the dramatic view distance by freaking the hell out.

Everbloom: What’s going on?  Where are we?  What the hell is with all these stupid golden flowers everywhere?

BOOMERANG ROCKS Who knew rocks could return to whoever threw 'em?

Who knew rocks could return to whoever threw ’em?

Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Who let ogres have fire?  And who put a boss fight on a narrow bridge with giant stunning boulders of fiery death going back and forth?  Seriously, the only way they could’ve made that more painful for me was by placing the fight on some bridge made of STAIRS.  If I’m not getting my casts interrupted by dodging, I’m getting run over and stunned, and if it’s not either of those, then sorry, I can’t reincarnate right now, because I fell off the bridge and am in the lava.

No Invisible Wall Here Trust me, I tested.

No Invisible Wall Here
Trust me, I tested.

UBRS: Man, I so don’t remember Zaela having a batsheeyit crazyass voice prior to this expac … other than that, WE’RE ALL ON FIRE AND CAN WE KILL THOSE DRAKES OR SOMETHING BECAUSE FIRE NEVER MIND WE WIPED.

Dungeons have also made me reconsider which character I “main,” in the sense that I prioritize some alts over others.

In Cataclysm, I was so bad at shaman healing and so indifferent with elemental, I deleted my never-maxed shaman alt.  Then, I loved shaman in Mists.  Most importantly, the casting speeds were quick enough to work with my button mashing tendencies, while 300k mana meant that said button mashing didn’t cripple me when I got a little excited and went overboard – I could get my groove on with the rotation, if you know what I mean.  The rotation wasn’t too damn complex and it wasn’t overly reliant on procs that I couldn’t depend on (I HATE YOU FROST MAGE), while having just enough shiny button procs to keep things interesting.  The automatic double cast with Echo of the Elements made me feel like a default badass BECAUSE MORE CASTING.  Basically, Echo of the Elements made it like HAHAHAHAHA OMFG LAVA AND LIGHTNING EVERYWHERE HAHAHAHA.  I could use Lightning Bolt while moving, I loved my lightning elemental buddy from the SoO tier gear, and Ghost Wolf was like my next favorite thing ever. Bored while waiting for a pull, you say?  Ghost wolf and /dance!  I could DPS!  I could switch and heal!  I was versatile before Versatility existed!

Of course, the Powers That Be decreed this state of affairs wasn’t challenging enough.

I Miss Mine More Than You Miss Yours Uh, on second thought, since we died because of yours ...

I Miss Mine More Than You Miss Yours
Uh, on second thought, since we died because of yours …

Now, it feels like I am SO FREAKISHLY SLOW unless I get lucky with procs.  If we’re fighting mobs with minor amounts of HP (think the tiny trash spiders in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds), I may not even get a single cast off (depending on the competence of melee).  I’ve also noticed that my DPS has gone down the tubes to a degree that’s beyond “no longer wearing tier gear.”  Not only am I slow – I’m wimpy.  (In those cases where I am the top DPS in a dungeon, which has happened, we are totally slow and sometimes just effed, i.e., Ner’zhul.)  Is it because I don’t get as many spells off?  Is it because I hate the global cooldown triggered by Unleash Weapon when it feels like every freaking second counts if I want to get one damned cast in, and not using Unleash Weapon All The Time reduces your overall output by a crapton?  I’m not looking to be top DPS – I know that I don’t have the gear I used to.  It’s just that Shaman used to be a thing where I didn’t have to be some sort of freaking master gamer to land at #2 or #3 in terms of damage – I just had to pay attention and prioritize.  Now, even when I try hard, I’m still left way far behind.

The slow casting makes my button mashing tendencies worse because I get frustrated.  It’s a good thing that the red “that spell isn’t ready yet” messages disappear off the screen after about three of ’em or so – otherwise my screen would be covered.  I feel frustrated when a mob is already mostly dead and I still haven’t finished my first cast yet, which causes me to hit the buttons JUST BECAUSE CAST ALREADY DAMMIT.  Sometimes, my low DPS makes me irritated because it’s somehow not worth all the time I spent casting.  I also get annoyed when tanks pull two mobs instead of three, because I want the maximum number of charges on Earthquake for Gawd’s sake, HELP ME OUT HERE.

And I miss casting while moving, a lot.  I had one freaking spell I could use like that.  But nooooOOOOooooo that was TOO EASY, or something.  So now, not only can we NOT cast while moving in general (yes yes, I know, Spiritwalker’s Grace, which I use in tandem with Ascendance because OMFG does it PISS ME OFF when I use Ascendance and then have to interrupt my casts in order to move), we got a bunch of dungeon encounters where you have to move or DIE (OMFG NER’ZHUL), which means I get interrupted more often than not because I have to skedaddle.  Since I feel like my casts are slow right now, it starts to seem like getting a spell off AT ALL is something akin to a miracle.  All in the name of “challenge,” right?  Well, I call that sorta situation a PITA.

Not As Advertised Supposed to stop Fear, Charm, etc.  FAILS.

Not As Advertised
Supposed to stop Fear, Charm, etc. FAILS.

Also, dude, WTF, my tremor totem used to be, you know, USEFUL.  Now it doesn’t do a damned thing for Fear effects in dungeons, even though it says it should.  I am filled with small-time hate over that.

I know Blizzard can’t make everybody happy, and part of my problem is hanging onto the idea of the shaman as my main even when it’s obvious things have changed in a way my playstyle is not compatible with.  So my other two Horde options are Thermalix (ye old hunter), and Ignitine (goblin warlock with bad ideas).  From what I’ve seen through Dungeon Finder, neither class is derping quite as much as shaman is right now.  On the one hand, I wouldn’t have to worry about cast times or moving while casting on Thermalix.  On the other, Ignitine gets less crap simply by virtue of not being a hunter, and warlocks still have a lot of oomph.

Tangent: Can I just say I’m terrified of healing right now?  I’ve only done the Bronze proving grounds and haven’t even tried healing a real group, mostly because I’ve been watching the HP in these dungeons, and it seems clear that weaker healers struggle with the current setup.  (This goes for almost every single holy paladin I’ve met so far …)  It’s almost like the game design thought process is, “make mobs hit hard and make healing spells weaker, because keeping somebody at max health isn’t exciting or challenging!”  In practice, when one’s competence is determined by “keeping people alive” and that is most effectively done by keeping their HP as far away from death as possible, not having the same oomph sucks.  “This will limit healing to people who really want to do it,” you say.  “Only the people who are decent at it will do it!”  I guess so.  But putting the annoyance factor so high stops people from healing on the side, trying out a new spec or helping guildies/friends by healing a dungeon for ’em – and that seems like an overall loss.

Between a Lock Rock and a Hard Place

A momentary tangent on warlock spec abbreviations before we begin: “Destro,” sure, that’s cool.  “Aff” or “Afflic,” okay, whatever.  It’s “Demo” that I got a problem with, because every time I read it, I see “Demolition.” In my mind, the demolition of something equals the destruction of its existence and destruction OBVIOUSLY equals Destro, so therefore we’re talking about FIREEEEEEE, right?  Aaand then I realize that I’m so wrong.  I guess “Dem” wouldn’t be that much better, though, since I might just assume that Demonology warlocks all have liberal political beliefs or something.

Anyhoo, Ignitine’s been Destro since day one.  Many folks assured me that Destro was/is the easiest of the specs, and Lord knows I’m not about to start making things more challenging for me than they already are.  There was a brief period of time in which I tried Affliction, but  …

I CAN DO THIS Behold the power of positive thinking!

Behold the power of positive thinking!

… yeah, they were right, Destro is easiest.  When Affliction wasn’t looking like a whole lot more management than I could handle, sheeyit kept dying before I finished casting all my damn Affliction DoTs and that annoyed me.  So back to Destro it was!  YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH MORE FIRE.

Or rather, it was back to sitting in some inn, accumulating rested EXP.  Maybe it was because all the pets but the Voidwalker annoyed me one way or another, but using the Grimoire of Sacrifice was weird, because I didn’t like the lack of a pet either.  The prospect of someday attaining green fire wasn’t really all that motivating.  Now, if it was purple fire, we’d be talkin’.  Green?  Eh.  I can’t say that it appeals to me on a “I WIN AT WARLOCK” level either, because who’s not paying attention and spamming Immolation?  THAT WOULD BE ME.  I could never keep up with green fire-set expectations.

CAN'T WE TAKE A BREAK!? No, because we already did!

No, because we already did!

So Ignitine sat quietly until Goa had another altoholism flareup.  At first, while in the 70s, I still felt the mehs.  I was pretty sure I had more or less conquered my tendency to spam excessively refresh Immolation, yet I remained at the bottom of the barrel in terms of DPS.  Then, too, it’s hard to feel badass when you have to stand still for two seconds to cast and the tank has already dragged all the mobs out of range.  But then Ignitine hit 80, and quite suddenly, I was a DPS master!  I went from being the total derps of any LFD group to hitting like a ‘zerked raid boss!  (Or so I like to think.)  My skill level had not increased, nor had I quite overcome my love of hoarding all the embers so I could be on fire as much as possible, but as it turns out, Destro warlock Mastery is SUPER EFFECTIVE.

You Have Captured Level 85!

You Have Captured Level 85!

Plus, things just kind of got silly, which generally improves my feelings about a class by 10% or more.  How the hell am I on fire while underwater in Vashj’ir?  I AM WARLOCK.  I DO NOT NEED YOUR FOOLISH HUMAN LOGICS.  I hit 85 with a pet battle.  I AM WARLOCK.  I DO WAT I WANT.

Interesting Every time I go to the Valley, there's this mushan stuck in a rock.

Every time I go to the Valley, there’s this mushan stuck in a rock.

Ignitine’s now level 90, but she does face a challenge – I didn’t anticipate leveling her, so all of the cloth tokens my other characters collected on the Isle went to gear Ailabeth and Esplodine.  Poor gal has actually had to go look for the treasure chests on her own!

Gettin' Ready Soon I will be Prepared.

Gettin’ Ready
Soon I will be Prepared.

But give her time.  Then, all the things will be on fire.  ALL OF THEM.

Alts Everywhere like Whee

I’ve been superbusy, you see, not because of the holiday but because of the whole ability to mail heirlooms to different servers.  THANK GAWD FOR MORE TRANSMOG STORAGE SPA… I mean, uh, yay!  More leveling!  I’ll be damned if messing around on the character creation screen isn’t fun, so I’ve ended up with a sea of small-time alts that I may never actually do anything with.  Only one of ’em has achieved “having a spec” yet.

I’ve come up with good names for some of them, but mostly, it’s like I’ve rediscovered the joy of hitting the “Randomize” button.   Ideally, it comes up with a good name so I don’t have to think too hard, but it (perhaps unsurprisingly) delivers mixed results.  There have been some that I never would have gotten on WRA – seriously, I landed a name that was only THREE FREAKING LETTERS long on another server!  (Yes, that sort of thing is amazing to me.)  But some of the names the “Randomize” button came up with have just confused me, like this one:

How is This Even a Name Is Blizzard setting me up to be reported, maybe?

How is This Even a Name
Is Blizzard setting me up to be reported, maybe?

I swear to Gawd I did not shop that name in.


A Million Shamans

At this point, I’ve decided to “focus” on two of the alts, one Horde, one Alliance.  Splattini is a goblin disco priest, created with three goals in mind: learn how to dance Atonement heal, stalk Rep (since Rep moved some characters to that server, which isn’t PvP!), and maybe someday see her idol, Fabulor, in all his fab glory at the Shrine.  You know, someday, when she’s dressed to impress better and when she’s like … not level 13.

The other would be Yynsia, a draenei shaman who hasn’t picked specs yet.  One of them will definitely be resto, because I’ve been tempted to level another Alliance healy-type.  That way I can bring a different character to the Old Ladies Raiding Guild when whim strikes, and healers are always useful.  The big question for Yynsia is – enhancement or elemental?  On the one hand, I’d like to try enhancement, and I’ve got all the mail agility looms.  On the other hand, while you can mail heirlooms across servers now, the same cannot be said of money or, most importantly, bags!  I’m not sure if or when she’ll have the bag space to carry two sets of gear!

Lastly, when did I end up with two sets of leather agility heirlooms?  Well, you know what THAT means – TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER ALT.

You act like I got a problem.

Red Like My Raeg

My problems with rogue are pretty simple and also pretty much unfixable.  Mostly, I just suck at it, and what I personally consider to be a good rogue rotation (stealth, pickpocket, open box gleefully, rinse, repeat) is not something the greater rogue community or WoW designers agree with.  They seem to want me to engage in combat and crap, but I JUST WANT THE GOLD, GAWD.

SCREW YOUR STANDARDS I jump how high I want!

I jump how high I want!

Cav and Goa have both leveled rogues and have tried to help me in the past, but rogue is not really their true calling.  Cav is the Eternal Warrior, for although he might play other classes from time to time, he always, always comes back to his one true love.  Goa would be the same, if he didn’t have that alt-itis problem.  Even so, he rocks Warrior.  Beating crap up is what they DO.


So yeah, they wore me down.  Cav promised to make a rogue to level with me (seems ironic, somehow), but refused to go goblin (too short), so we settled on the only race we both like: Forsaken.  My warrior is Arms, even though the DPS queue will take forever.

This Look Is Tragic MOG ME NOW, PLEASE

This Look Is Tragic

Oh, c’mon now, it’s not that bad.  The looms are “classic!”  Stop hiding your face.

Well, I Guess Uh, on second thought ...

Well, I Guess
Uh, on second thought …

Oh.  Well.  Y’know, since he’s not exactly leveling the rogue and a guildmate wants to make a goblin, I think I’m going to make a goblin too …

PIXELBY PRESENT YEAH I like how the goblin /flex is like, three times longer than anybody else's.

I like how the goblin /flex is like, three times longer than anybody else’s.


Cav Does What He Wants Screw your concept of warrior tanks!

Cav Does What He Wants
Screw your concept of warrior tanks!

Anyway, I’ve heard people say that things are kinda stinky for warriors, and that people think warrior tanks are kinda stinky too.  I can’t speak about warrior end game or raiding, so here’s my theory as to why there might not be many low level warrior tanks: it really sucks at low levels.  So you DPS instead, and then after awhile, that’s exactly what you get used to.

I had a suspicion that lowbie warrior tanking would be a big bad pile of awful, because I did a bit of it back in Cata.  I hoped that maybe it changed with all the patches since, but no – I did one dungeon (Deadmines), and I ran screaming.

Some of it was old hat sorta stuff, the kind I just didn’t feel like dealing with for 90 levels.  The hunter was pulling some of the things.  The healer was pulling the rest of the things!  There was no point to telling them to stop, since I’d never see them again and the next party would just be more of the same.

But those old hat problems contributed to the lowbie warrior tank problems.  I could not Charge any of the things once they got pulled because THEY WERE TOO CLOSE, and if I tried to charge before they got pulled by other (ranged) people, THEY WERE TOO FAR.  Charge has a cooldown too, of course.

Perhaps worse, you don’t have any sort of AoE when you start, so you end up with mobs all over the damn place, and I couldn’t get them back.  Warrior tanks don’t get their first multiple-target thing (Thunder Clap) until level 20, by which time you’ve already felt like shooting yourself in the face for taking this up.  (WTB Avenger’s Shield, which hits three targets and which Protection Paladins get at level 10.  SUPER UNFAIR.)

Tab targeting in Deadmines is a crapshoot because you’ll often tab target totally useless explosive barrels halfway down the hall.  (Actually, tab targeting in general is a crapshoot because you’ll often select the mob standing a bazillion feet away that hasn’t aggroed instead of the mob that happens to be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, trying to kill you.)  As a result, trying to switch targets to Taunt was totally futile because by the time I selected the RIGHT target attacking the healer, the thing was already dead.  After while I stopped bothering, under the “you yank it, you tank it” philosophy.  HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING INTO.

What also made it difficult as a noob was how I couldn’t freely use what skills I had.  Not only did I have to deal with cooldowns, I had to deal with generating Rage first instead of consuming something already available like mana, which is a New Thing for me as a tank.  (p.s., not Charging means 20 less Rage right off the bat!)  Rage regeneration in Defensive stance felt too slow to keep up with all the chaos of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.  Screw that.  Seriously, man, I’m not touching that with a 20 foot pole that’s got a skunk tied to the end of it.  Maybe in the future, tank-type warriors can start off with full rage or something.  You know, like they’re always angry, and the only way to make them less rage-faced is to let them beat the crap outta something.

NOBODY DESERVES GNOMEREGAN Remember, friends don't Gnomeregan friends.

Remember, friends don’t Gnomeregan friends.

p.s., So deleting the rogue enabled me to rename Electrika to use the rogue’s much cuter name (Bombelina).   Sure, my blog tags and categories are confused as hell with all the renaming, but eh, who actually reads all the old crap anyway?

Pretty Fly for a Super Low Leveled Draenai?

Poor, poor Daschela.  At first the name was given to a night elf druid, who has since been faction-changed and renamed Betheki.  (It was the perfect pun on “Beth” and it sounded too troll-y to pass up.)  Then Violaryn, my blood elf paladin, was namechanged to Daschela, as I liked the name too much to lose.  (This, by the way, confused the bejeesus outta everyone, including me.)

And then I said, man, blood elves.  It’s just not … it’s not me.

For the record, I don’t mind that blood elves are Very Pretty People.  In fact, I make a point of flirting with all long-haired male blood elves I find in LFD/LFR, just to see what the Very Pretty People will do.  I don’t mind that blood elves are practically 3/4ths of the Horde when lorewise, they really ought to be but a fraction.  No, it’s the emotes.

Every time I laugh, I want to stab things.  Every time I /silly as a blood elf, I feel like I’ve poured acid onto my soul.  The female blood elf emotes make me think, “Sheesh, I really ought to go back and play more as a Forsaken.”  I just can’t stand the female blood elf emotes.  Their existence prevents me from ever really liking being a blood elf.  Even though Violaryn-turned-Daschela made it to level 87, I could NOT get past the meh.

See, normally, alts that have the “meh problem” die somewhere before I hit Burning Crusade.  Violaryn-turned-Daschela existed for one purpose only, and that was skimpy transmog – one set in particular.  Because Transmog Trumps All and the ONLY boots that would do required her to be level 85, she survived long past her expiration date.  Once the desired set was done, I still didn’t like her.  Hell, it was worse – I just didn’t CARE anymore.

She has been deleted so that I might try Holy paladerping from the ground up, as Daschela the Draenai Derpadin.

Hmmmm She's so full of the Light, she sees shadows everywhere.  Mysterious shadows ...

She’s so full of the Light, she sees shadows everywhere. Mysterious shadows …

I Love the 90s

This Could Be A Sign A sign of an alt problem.

This Could Be A Sign
A sign of an alt problem.

Does this mean I have a problem yet?

While I’m trying to get some alts more acceptably/powerfully geared, I am trying to avoid the same kind of single-minded, dailies-based effort I devoted to Thermalix.  I do have Commendations for most Pandaland reps, so if I DO decide to grind one on an alt, that’ll be a bit easier than before.

Logic, We Haz It Because RNG has burned it into our souls.

Logic, We Haz It
Because RNG has burned it into our souls.

#1, Thermalix
Current Gear Score: 497
Current Spec: Beast Mastery

Thoughts: Loot specialization for a class that is all DPS all the time makes me laugh.  JUST GIVE ME A BOW FOR GAWD’S SAKE I DON’T CARE ABOUT SPECIALIZATION UNLESS I CAN SPECIALIZE “WEAPON” OVER “ARMOR.”  If you need me, I’ll be in my corner crying.

Therm’s the one who gets asked to do stuff, solely by virtue of her gearscore.  It doesn’t mean she really helps in any way, though.  One thing that IS nice about having a gearscore near 500 is that her armor is pretty stable – I’m not replacing pieces all the time, so enchanting/gemming/reforging costs are lower.  One bad thing is that I often forget to do it.

#2, Niremere
Current Gear Score: 468 equipped
Current Spec: Protection

Thoughts: I’m most interested in improving Nir’s gear right now.  I simply don’t spend as much time Alliance-side, so I’m not as connected with her guild members as I would be otherwise.  Unfortunately, social bonds are what makes old school raid runs happen – you can’t just log on one day and announce “HEY GUYS, LET’S GO TO THE SUNWELL,” because nobody will move an inch.  So if I want transmog gear from this place or that, I’m really on my own – and I want Nir to be as independent as possible.

I also want to suck less as a tank.

Niremere is able to run the first part of Mogu’shan Vaults, but I haven’t done so for a number of reasons (including LFR stage fright).  She’s mostly enchanted/gemmed, but I refuse to spend 3k on a weapon enchant for a heroic sword that I’m going to drop at the first possible chance.  Wait, given how long Therm’s had her heroic bow, that may be dumb.  On third thought, I actually don’t have anywhere near 3k gold on Nir, so … NEVER MIND.

It feels like she’s in a hugely awkward phase gear-wise right now.  I have to reforge pretty much EVERYTHING to Hit and Expertise.  Before I did that, her hit was around 2%.  TWO.  PERCENT.  Sometimes I lose stats that I don’t care about, but a lot of the time I’m giving up tanky-type things like Parry and whatnot just so I can HIT THE DAMN MOBS and hopefully keep a bit more aggro.

Healing me seems to be way difficult.  Subpar healers can’t keep me up.  If the healer is good, I still manage to suck their mana dry unless they’re geared in crap from Throne of Thunder.  Part of it is relearning the heroics from a tank perspective instead of ranged (FOR GOD’S SAKE MOVE, YOU’RE GOING TO GET STUNNED), but I worry that some of it is my bad gear and the insane reforging for hit/expertise.  But if I don’t hit crap, then I have an even WORSE aggro problem.

Starting somewhere around late Cata and continuing into Pandaland, I’ve been having a lot more trouble holding aggro – I no longer have the huge aggro margins I used to easily sustain.  On bosses, I’m thrilled if I can keep it around above 100%, but I often can’t.  I have to yank aggro back from the top DPS frequently.  I’ve even been putting Hand of Salvation on whoever gets aggro from me, but it doesn’t help much.  It’s time not spent on using skills that build more aggro, so he or she just pulls it right on back.  Sometimes it’s trash, sometimes it’s bosses, but quite often the mob is yoyo-ing back and forth.  It’s REALLY bad when I have DPS in Throne of Thunder raid gear, bad enough that I sometimes give up on trying to get the aggro back.  They outDPS me by twenty miles.  I’m using all the skills I got and I just can’t keep up.

This is probably the biggest reason I haven’t taken Nir into LFR.  I KNOW what the response will be if I can’t keep the boss’ attention, I just don’t know how they’ll phrase it – and I don’t want to find out.

#3, Alexalis
Current Gear Score: 463
Current Spec: Windwalker

Thoughts: Not much for some reason.  Probably because I’m more obsessed with Not Being a Failtank on Nir.  Has most of the farm unlocked, though, if only she’d use it.

#4, Mechalis
Current Gear Score: 468
Current Spec: Unholy

Thoughts: Look at this picture.

Gawd is in the Irony Starshatter is a really nice looking sword, you gotta admit.

Gawd is in the Irony
Starshatter is a really nice looking sword though, you gotta admit.

Mech has run Vaults three times.  That’s right.  Three, and lo, there was A WEAPON.  WTF RNG?  WTF!

Anyway, fights are much harder for me as melee because … well, because I’m not ranged.  Crap keeps moving out of range, or I have to move out of something that I’d normally never be anywhere near.  I’m used to moving some, like for Flanking Orders, but melee has to move ALL THE TIME.  Move into this one attack.  Move outta that one attack.  Tank drags the boss over there for some unclear reason?  Gotta move over there.  Add?  Gotta run all the way over there, then gotta run all the way back to the boss.

Alexalis has the running easier, what with the way monks roll.  For some reason, though, I prefer the DK’s self healing (it feels more effective).  I like self healing A LOT.  This is because when you’re not one of the top DPSers, healers don’t really give a crap about you.  You gotta keep your own self up when the going gets tough and the mana gets low.

Her heroic tanking set is almost complete.  I wonder if I’ll have the same kind of aggro problems …

#5, Ailabeth
Current Gear Score: 441
Current Spec: Shadow


All A Matter of Perspective Cal's got my type down pretty well.

All A Matter of Perspective
Cal’s got my type down pretty well.