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Because Life is Ironic or Something

I spent some time debating whether or not possessing just a couple pieces of agility gear was enough to start beartanking with.  On the one paw, OH MY GAWD I AM TANKING IF I DIE WE ARE PROBABLY EFFED.  (This IS a position of responsibility.)  On the other, Daschela’s only level 40 and it’s not like anybody can visually check her near-total lack of agility heirlooms since RAWRRR she’s a bear.  I’ll just pray that the healer doesn’t inspect her, amirite?

Therefore, Daschela said to hell with it and decided to test out her skills in a super low dungeon first – just in case.  She recruited a tolerant healer friend and they headed out just to see how badly things could go.

I May Be Putting Something OffI'm pretty sure I'm going to kill my heals, even though I'm level 40 and going to a level 20something dungeon.

I May Be Putting Something Off
I’m pretty sure I’m going to kill my heals, even though I’m level 40 and going to a level 20something dungeon.

I talked myself into actually going eventually.

Beartanking is Easier if You RoarSee?  Here's some proof.

Beartanking is Easier if You Roar
See? Here’s some proof.

RIGHT.  So after shifting her skills around a bit and getting over the initial OMGWTF feelings whenever she /roared as a bear but a night elf woman’s voice came out, Daschela felt ready to queue.

Her first honest-to-Gawd beartanking experience turned out to be the one and only Dire Maul.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the first thing she noticed just happened to be the fact that she was fighting alongside a completely naked worgen.

I Guess I Can't TalkIF ONLY I had thought to quote "No shirt, no shoes, no service" at him.

I Guess I Can’t Talk
IF ONLY I had thought to quote “No shirt, no shoes, no service” at him.

Apparently, he was just having fun by running around naked.  In Dire Maul.  Also, the healer was a shoeless dwarf, but next to the naked worgen, who’s looking?

The Dwarf's Got No Shoes EitherI expect the mage to start stripping next.

The Dwarf’s Got No Shoes Either
I expect the mage to start stripping next.

So basically, the message for me in all this is: you’re level 40, who the eff cares about your gear because LOLZ!  If you show up to tank in healer-type leather, there’s going to be a naked worgen FOR NO APPARENT REASON so it seriously JUST DOES NOT MATTER.

Despite our total lack of gear in some cases, it went ok.  Look at Daschela holding aggro like a pro!

Daschela Keeps AggroON ALL TEH THINGZ

Daschela Keeps Aggro

It’s ALMOST like I know what I’m doing!

Quittin’ the Chikin

Baby BoomkinLet's be clear here.  I am not this cool.

Baby Boomkin
Let’s be clear here. I am not this cool.

Dear Boomkin,

I chose you as an alt spec for two big reasons and a bunch of little ones.  I’d only have to get one set of gear, which would be nice considering my limited bag space and all, AND I could have the option to make endless chikin jokes.  I discovered a glyph to make me sparkly and slightly transparent instead of feathery, which I thought was nice as I rather like the night elf casting animation.  Really, I thought you’d be awesome, like a NATUREMAGE or something.  I really did!  But I was wrong.

Maybe I’m not giving you enough credit, boomkin.  Maybe you’re just not awesome at level 40 or so, but you get awesome around level 90.

If that’s the case, though, eff that.  I’ve got my life to live!  I’ve got like fifty levels left to go and I’m sick and tired of my most damaging abilities taking nearly two and a half seconds to freaking cast.  By the time I’m ALMOST done casting, the mob that everybody’s been focusing on is dead, and then LOLZ!  MY CAST HAS FAILED.  If it weren’t for my instant cast crap like Faerie Fire, you’d think I was doing absolutely nothing in dungeon runs.  I am – but it seems like unless its a boss that’s up for more than five seconds, I never get a good spell off.

I’m just tired of waiting for you, boomkin.

I hate how my lunar-looking abilities give me solar power, and how my sun-looking abilities give me lunar power.  I’m baffled by how sometimes, I can screw myself over by casting the wrong thing and causing my Eclipse meter to go back towards zero, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to make a darn bit of difference.  Actually, I’m actually kind of baffled by Eclipse in the first place.  It makes my buttons shine and a thingie pops up on my screen, but it’s not like my abilities cast any freaking faster or do anything cooler, or do way more noticable damage.  WHAT’S THE POINT?

So I think we have to break up.  I know, I know, we’ve only been together as an alt spec for ten levels and I’ve healed through at least half of that, but you’re just no fun to be around.  We’re not right for each other, boomkin.  You like taking things slow, and I like more button mashing action.  We’re just heading in different directions.

I’ve met a new alt spec, the dancing beartank.  This alt spec promises to at least be entertaining and action filled, even if it’s probably full of teh dramaz.  I won’t forget you, boomchicken, but I’m getting a new set of gear and I won’t look back.


p.s., the awesome chicken picture is from this blog about chickens, thanks to the magic of Google.

The Bear’s Dance Party

I can’t sleep until I post this!

So, as you may recall, I had visions of dancing bears.  Because I often suspect that the only person you can trust to show up is yourself, I went ahead and made a wee little Alliance druid named Thirabel.  Her sole goal in life was to achieve bear form and /dance on that statue in front of the Keep, because if that isn’t a worthy goal, I don’t know what is.  This, of course, was slightly more effort than anticipated.  1.) I’ve never successfully leveled a druid past … oh, maybe level 23 or so, and 2.) OMFG!  OW DYING SHEEYIT CRAP OH GAWD leather isn’t as protective as plate, or having someone wearing plate tanking for you.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

Deaths happened, possibly due to a lack of shoes since none dropped and she was too broke to buy them, or alternately due to how Thirabel left Teldrassil a little too early for comfort.  (It could also be related to the fact that I don’t know WTF I’m doing when it comes to druids.  CASTING?  CAT!?  WHAT??)  Finally, despite the troubles, bearform was achieved.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Can’t Touch This

Do you see the demented glee in her glowing eyes?  Of course you do. It was a gleam that was somewhat diminished by the realization that, at level 15, she had absolutely no way of getting up to the top of that damn statue.  But all was not lost.  Her friend Tab was inspired by Thirabel’s dogged devotion to the beardance cause, and she pulled out her old Alliance characters to save the day.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
You’re a warlock, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

A quick stop by Niremere enabled Thirabel to use a warlockian mode of travel to transport herself to the top of the statue.   Let the beardancing commence!  At first, Thirabel and Tab thought that people visiting the King might take notice of 1 and a half bears dancing on top of the statue and choose to dance themselves.  That didn’t seem to be working, however, so they had to change their tactics.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Adjusting Tactics

Yeah, we totally put out repeated calls in General and Trade for bears, people who wanted to /dance, and/or assist in adding to the AWESOME now taking place.  As it happens, if you shout it, they will come.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
And so it began!

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Dignity be damned!

But the good times could not last forever.  No, people began to depart, and so Thirabel thanked them and tried to write down their names.  (Thanks to Overide, Nemox, Lilliee, Vaeleria, Christafer, Klimma, Kheane, Tiiranes and others of Wyrmrest Accord.  And thanks, Tab, for making it possible for Thirabel to get up there in the first place.)

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Now what?

Now what do I do with her?